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January Board Meeting NOTES 

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Date: Monday January 24, 2010

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689

Room: 7:00 PM


1.      Call to Order: 7:01 PM 

2.      Establish Quorum – Ed, Bill, Evelyn all present ~ Tony ~ Ameri-Tech Property Manager 

2.1.   Community Volunteers – Kathleen R & Frank H have stepped forward to volunteer for the board (YAY!!!)  Evelyn motioned to bring them on the board now (ensures we have a meeting next month if either Ed, Bill or Evelyn are unable to attend) Ed 2nd - two voted for, one voted against ~ We Have FIVE Board Members for the rest of the 2010 year. 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from 12/20/10 – Bill motioned to waive, Evelyn 2nd – Waived reading of the notes which are now minutes. 

4.      Financial report – with the pre-pays paid in 2009 for 2010 we finished the year great!  

4.1.   Delinquencies – as of meeting 1/24/11 – 66 not yet paid (but we did give a break until 2/1/11 … 15 day late letters will be sent out at the 15 days from 2/1 … Demand letters will be sent 30 days later … 30 days later the notice of it being sent to the attorney will be received (the costs go up substantially at that point) and we may begin foreclosure proceedings.  PLEASE pay your dues promptly.  Thank You. 

4.1.1.      Our documents (being the clear as mud documents that they are) seem to give an out to BANK OWNED properties and if the dues are two, three, four (or more years) in arrears ~ the bank only has to pay ONE year dues when they take possession of the property … we must address this in our documents (means 75% of home owners MUST vote YES to change it ~ and the amount of BANK OWNED properties is increasing) 

4.1.2.      To protect the association ~ we are moving forward putting into place support to foreclose and rent delinquent properties on a month to month basis.  Ameri-Tech has a department that is handling this.            We currently have 4 properties that are two years delinquent and 2 properties that are three years delinquent.  We will have this corrected within a few months of renting out the properties.  Funds received after delinquent dues have been paid go to the RiverWatch bottom line. 

4.2.   Budget – we are in great shape, but with the current economy we must brace for it possibly to get worse before it gets better.   

4.3.   Timing of budget meeting for 2011 (Nov or Dec) We will discuss 2012 budget issues in the October meeting and vote on it in the November meeting. 

5.      Website – InfoLinks: $15.48 (pay-out is $50)  Google Adsense: $10.47 (pay-out is $100)  We are averaging 20 visitors a day.   

6.      Violation Status  

6.1.   Vehicles parked on the street overnight – Tony has bright orange/red super sticky window stickers.  After the violation letters have been sent and disregarded, the sticker will be easier to remember “driveway is for parking, street is for driving”. 

6.2.   Rust on sidewalks and mailboxes – NEED TO ADDRESS  

6.2.1.      What is the device that keeps the rust out?   

6.2.2.      Rust creators ~ YOU are responsible for removing it.            When you overwater and the rust runs down the street – your neighbors aren’t thinking kind thoughts.  Thoughts are things … assist others to have good thoughts for & about you. 

6.3.   Mold on driveways and sidewalks – baby it’s cold (and windy) outside, this we know … However ~ Spring Clean Time ~ Sidewalks & Driveways ARE expected to be mold free. 

6.3.1.      I will put up a blog-post for pressure cleaning – for those who need cleaning or those who DO cleaning (and if you do volunteer work to help those who do not have or cannot afford ~ I am thinking awesome wonderful thoughts for you) 

7.      Old Business 

7.1.   Community recommendations – Entrance Sign – Contact our new neighbor who is a Sign Guy and say “Help Us Please” Bill and Ed will meet with him. 

7.1.1.      The current missing letters are due to being vandalized NOT just falling off ~ whoever did it ~ may it weigh on you ~ you are not “cool” ~  

7.2.   Garbage day issues (Turkey vultures, weather, times) – we discussed getting the obnoxious stickers for the trash can violators, but the ones who really draw those big black birds are the people who just pile up their garbage bags in front of their home (???)   

7.2.1.      We are trying the PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE when putting out your trash (Mondays and Thursdays) Recycling (Monday) Yard Waste (Thursday)            We will address this again next month ~ What to do with our neighbors who lack the sense we say is common. 

7.3.   Community wide Bi-Annual (Spring / Fall) yard sale (Tarpon Glen – south of us have an annual “bazaar” can we do this?  Food vendors, jumping castles, etc?) 

7.3.1.      Banner – Get a tall banner flag (Tarpon Blue) with RIVERWATCH in GOLD written vertically ~ this flag can be used for any occasion with a placard sign as to what we are drawing attention for.            Community Wide Yard/Garage Sales            Multiple homes having an “Open House”            When can you think to use the banner?  

7.4.   Call to Realtors and those selling their homes … I get calls from people looking for homes in our community because of the website … NOT utilizing this tool seems kind of foolish – and as I told Pete “maybe I should get my license”  PLEASE get me the information for your listing(s) even if just links to your site. 

7.4.1.      Tony will get the particulars together for what goes into a “Welcome Sheet” for realtors and I will put the screws to the Realtors ;-) PLEASE let me help you make money … please … 

7.5.   Have noise issues been addressed? (8.1 & 8.2 from 12/20/10)  Tarpon Springs has a 50 foot – no noise ordinance.  If you are 50 feet or more away from something and the noise is bothersome … call Tarpon Police, they will stop the noise issue. 

7.5.1.      It was asked if that went for US 19 … the answer is not yet … 

8.      New Business 

8.1.   Dead tree at playground pond – suggested to replace with a Jacaranda Tree – Tony to get with Nik’s about costs of a mature Jacaranda tree for the area.  The neighbor who suggested the tree has volunteered $50 toward the purchase of the tree.  To anyone who has not seen one ~ I expect you may spend more time by the playground ~ they are beautiful (in my opinion) 

9.      Maintenance Report 

9.1.   Landscape Report – meter has been installed, is operational, and all seems good with the new electric timer for watering the area by the pond on Blackrush.  Once the COLD weather is past, new sod will be installed. 

9.2.   Playground – Renting a light costs?  Feasible way to “test” if a light is a good or bad thing.  In the hands of Progress Energy to give us the particulars after they check it all out for the costs to install and such. 

9.3.   Rusting poles along entrance and gate at dock.  Awaiting estimates from two separate contractors. 

9.4.   Dock  Awaiting estimates from same contractors (to include larger heavy duty wheel on the gate) 

10.  Architectural Report – two homes have submitted to repaint – approved.  Once I have a color chart of approved colors ~ I will put up a page with all the approved color names (the colors do not show up true on the monitor) You want to see the colors as samples and submit a request. 

10.1.                    Tony has not gotten a date to be painted or color combination to be used from the NON approved paint color home.  He will contact again and let our neighbor know – the home MUST be repainted an approved color combination. 

11.  Board of Director Comments – Signs at the dock – they are still covered with mold and are very hard to read (now that they are visible) 

11.1.                    WELCOME NEW BOARD MEMBERS!!!! 

12.  Open Questions From the Floor – will the Entrance sign be done soon?  Ed and Bill will meet with our Sign Creating Neighbor. 

13.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion:   Evelyn  Second:  Ed  Time: 7:58 PM 




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