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November 19, 2007

Tarpon Springs Florida



Home Owners Association Meeting


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1)   Call to Order Establish Quorum      


2)   Review and Approval of September Meeting Notes   


3)   Financial Report       


4)   Old Business       

    A)    Maintenance Updates     

       1)    Lawn Pest Control    

       2)    New Sod     

       3)    Cost to Install Sod    

       4)    Cost for Removing Cuttings   

       5)    Contract to Cleanout Culverts   

       6)    Scuppers     

     B)    Playground      

       1)    Funds Available (15K + Community Donations) 

       2)    Kelly Foss advised of Playground Equipment Sale Ending November 07

     C)   Status of New Lock for Dock, Dock Keys, Bumper Stickers  

     D)   Progress of Legal Matters      


5)   New Issues       

    A)   Certification of Ponds     

    B)   Background Checks for Renters     

    C)   Lawn Maintenance at unoccupied homes    

    D)   Board Email Communication    

    E)   Web Site      

    F)   Annual Meeting & election of new board, held in February

    G)   Date for Payment of Dues     

    H)   Property Inspection Summaries to Board