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December 17, 2007

Tarpon Springs Florida


Budget Meeting


  • Budget for 2008 approved.
  • No increase in dues.
    • Same as last year ~ $557.00
    • Due same time Jan. 1 2008
      • Grace period of 30 days approved by board Nov. 19, 2007
      • Dues must be recieved by Ameri-Tech No Later Than Feb. 1, 2008
        • Deliquent accounts PLEASE be CURRENT by then, the legal machine is icky and it isn't right for the rest of our nieghbors to continue to pick up your slack.
        • During the home owners meeting each month your neighbors know who you are by your unit number :-(   and some of you by your profession  :-( think about it ... if you were selling my house ... LOL!!! ok, well you did.
  • Yea, yea, yea ... I'll remove the last bullet if it is brought to my attention ;-)



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