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Annual Meeting

Feb. 25, 2008

Major Goal:  Elect the board to run RiverWatch for 2008.

I am leaving the page below the line as it was before our annual meeting. 


Because I want to see our community become what it can be.  And I think it is going to take our community knowing what is going on, when and whose doing it.  LOL!!!  Remember, this is Evelyn speaking here now ...

As most will know by the time they know of this website (????????) the same board (well ... minus two people) are running Riverwatch in 2008 as were in 2007.  Now ... to fully populate our "What's Goin' On" spreadsheet :-)

And then ...

and ... then ...

What? What I want, and since I have this soap box ;-) YAY!!! (-: what I want is a list of all the things that need to be done, want to be done, wish to be done, and wouldn't it be nice if it were done ... and then research how to git-er-done ... with all the neat stuff like when it's due, who's doin' it and other really cool stuff to know.

What do you think?  TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com

Also ~ Anyone interested in volunteering for our community? 

You know the drill ~ e-mail me

And for those with complaint :-P

:-) get involved with solution or ideas (-: or forever hold your peace :-)


Believe it or not, we do not know who would like to serve on the board of our association for the year 2008.  I know Ed will continue as will I ... if there are no other choices ... cheese & rice.  

So far the only volunteers have been Ed, Bill and Me :-(

LOL!!!  One of the things I discovered during my year on the board 2007 ~ all "stuff" is supposed to be business tone/style (as per one of the meeting minutes from prior years). 

Sorry.  Been there, did that, done :-)  What you see on this site is me  (Evie the evil Evelyn) like it or not (-: and as long as I do ... that's all that really counts :-) if I am to serve another year :-P stop complaining.

OK - So after Monday Evening I ~may~ not have an official voice (-: but I still live here, and I am the one doing the site ;-) ... so I am diagramming what I want to see.

What's the project


Exp. End

Update due

Next steps



Listing of each main project (Drill down as needed) Start date Expected  end Next Update What are the next steps needed in this project - when are they due?  Who's doing it? High level notes of the project itself (detail would be drill down)

Who is the driver of the project?

Contact Info?

Outcome of the 2008 Annual Meeting will be a list of items we, as a community, will address in this new year. 

Each list item will likely spawn other sub-tasks, but this is the year we will know what is going on without having to become Sherlock Holmes to get an idea ... or wait for propaganda to be flung in our yards ... LOL!!!  But the tales and suspense are so intriguing ;-)



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