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March 17, 2008

Tarpon Springs Florida



Home Owners Association Meeting




Ed Zisman          President                                  Tony Toscano

Evelyn Conner    Treasurer                                   Property Manager

Bill Pantoni         Secretary                                   Ameri-Tech Property Management

                                                                             1799-B  North Belcher Road

                                                                              Clearwater FL. 33765

1.      Call to Order (Ed)

2.      Establish Quorum (Ed)

3.      Meeting Minutes from 1/29 (Tony)

4.      Financial report (Tony)

a. Delinquencies

5.      Violations Status (Tony)

a.      Old violations

1.      1701

2.      1725

3.      Weekly summary of violations to be emailed to board?

b.      Riverwatch walk???

6.      Old Business

a.      New attorney (Tony)

b.      Pond inspection Permit status, PVC caps-(Ed)

c.       Playground status

1.      roof(Ed)

2.      mulch (Kelly)

3.      garbage pails (Tony)

d.      Bumper stickers- progress (Tony)

e.      New owner or renter Board review (Tony)

f.        Dock maintenance (Tony)

g.      Law suit status (Tony)

h.      Landscaper bids.(Tony)

i.        Pest control (Tony)

j.        Repair of sprinklers on pond (Tony)

7.      New Business

a.      Riverwatch Center Status (Tony)

1.      Timing for construction of wall between facility and RW

2. When will construction be finished?

3. Soil removed at base of wall between RWC and RW

4. Repair of damage to RW lawn.

5. When will construction be finished?

6. Soil removed at base of wall between RWC and RW

7. Repair of damage to RW lawn.

b.      Keeping of meeting notes (Evelyn)

8.      Maintenance Report (Tony)

9.      Architectural Report (Ed)

10.  Open Questions (Ed)

11.  Adjourn Meeting (Ed)