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 Minutes from 04/21/08

Approved 06/16/08

The numbering system took on a life of it's own.  I fixed it twice, it wanted to be this way ... this is the way it will stay numbered :-)

  1. Call to Order (Ed)  7:02pm  Monday April 21, 2008
    1.  Establish Quorum (Ed)  All Riverwatch board members present (Ed, Bill & Evelyn(Ev)) Tony from Ameri-Tech
  2. Meeting minutes from 3/18 (Ev)  Bill motioned to accept, Ev 2nd.
  3. Financial report (Tony)
    1. We are "ok" we have 7 to 10k yearly available for landscaping.
  4. Delinquencies:  March 31st, there were 28.  As of today (April 21st, 20 have not paid)
    1. Next step lawyer (come on people, work with us here - 45 days from the date of the demand letter (which was registered) an automatic lien is placed against your home - we don't want that.  PAY your dues :-)
  5. Violations Status (Ed / Tony) 1975 in foreclosure, owned by Duetche Bank.  ***
    1. Old Violations
      1. 1701 - an offer has been made on the home, but the owner doesn't think it was for enough $$$, so she declined.  The offered was raised.  She still declined, and is now talking of filing a suit for people trying to take advantage of old people ... ? ...
      2. Vehicle signs - has been resolved :-)
      3. Weekly summaries of violations noted by Ameri-Tech (Tony) will be e-mailed (weekly) to all board members and Barb W.
        1. NOTE to Tony:  CC Ed and Evelyn on ALL RiverWatch Business
    2. Violation Questions
      1. Can cars be parked in a driveway blocking the sidewalk?  No (as far as we know) ***
      2. Is there a limit to the number of cars that can park in a driveway?  No, as many as will fit (safely) without blocking the sidewalk may be parked.
      3. Parking on the road - there are several places people regularly park (against deed restrictions) what can be done?
        1. Call or e-mail Tony
      4. Conversation turned to the fact there have been flagrant violations by several home owners (renters) for months. ***  What can we do?  Legal - if needed is expensive.  But we can not continue as it has been.  Other option - a fining committee.
        1. Minimum needed for a fining committee - three
          1. John D. Kerry Z. Pete C - raised hands ... two are married to board members ... can they serve on the committee? ***
          2. Frank ?. Rosemary?. - volunteer as well
        2. Pictures and video of violations - what can be done with these? ***
          1. Homes, yards, cars
          2. Speeders and Stop Sign runners
  6. Old Business
    1. Current long standing legal litigation is still with old attorney, all new issues are with the new attorney.
    2. Current long standing legal litigation is as it always has been, in appeals.
    3. Pond inspection permit status:  The water is dropping so will be able to be done soon (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED?)
    4. Playground - $8,000 has been paid for the playground.  We are waiting until it is certified until paying the second half.
      1. Roof still needs to be installed.  Light brackets were sent, then heavier duty brackets.
      2. Mulch for the playground - we need a GeoWoven fabric as a barrier between the sand and the mulch.  Without the barrier, the mulch will be a waste of money as the sand sifts up through the mulch.
      3. Garbage Can (Tony) Tony found one for $350  He will scan and e-mail to us. 
        1. Discussion followed that $350 is a lot for a trash can, BUT it needs to be heavy duty and harder to vandalize (you know the bumper sticker "Mean people suck" well so do a few people who use our park :-( Only WE can make them stop ... and we can :-)
    5. Dock Bumper Stickers:  Evelyn has the stickers.  We prefer stickers to be given out at board meetings (good way to bring up attendance) but can work around to get them to our members other ways.
      1. The sticker goes on the bumper of the trailer with the boat.  If the trailer is temporary, put the sticker on the bumper of your vehicle.  If the vehicle may change ... put the sticker or " "STICKER NUMBER" - "UNIT NUMBER" " on a 3x5 piece of paper and place near the center of your dashboard.
        1. ONLY those members with THAT sticker (and the members who have "the cheat sheet") know the correct combination.  ALL other vehicles WILL be TOWED. 
        2. Members who "Sticker Number"-"Unit Number" is found to be abusing our docking privilege will have that privilege revoked.
    6. New Owner / Renter Board Review (Tony) ***
      1. 85% of the membership (136) must agree to the change to the by-laws.  What this change would do is:
        1. Before a new owner or renter could "sign on the dotted line" that they have read our deed restrictions, by-laws, amendments, etc - and they agree to abide by them, pay their dues on time.  The consequences are fines they agree to pay.
    7. Dock Maintenance - the screws have been replaced.
    8. COMMUNICATION - we need more ... what are we getting for how much ... we can't keep getting by on handshake deals when one thinks we have been given the sky and the other thought it was a one time hourly rental ;-)
    9. Landscaping Bids
      1. Ed has two outstanding bids
      2. Bill pointed out we voted on Nik as our landscaper last month
        1. Ed brought up concerns
          1. Bill motioned for a 60 day trial period, Evelyn Seconded - motion passed.
    10. Sprinklers by the pond - Evans was doing his last cut ... not sure if it was repaired.
    1. RiverWatch Center - Renee Vincent is on vacation until Tuesday 04/22/2008  As is Richard Hague.
      1. Wall - height and extension ... when will it be extended south?
    2. EXIT of RiverWatch - ONLY vehicles TURNING INTO RiverWatch should be approaching Vehicles attempting to exit RiverWatch. 
      1. Instead, vehicles trying to "beat the traffic" are flying at 50mph PLUS in the turn lane, driving north, blowing past vehicles exiting RiverWatch.  It is only a matter of time until a north bound driver in the turn lane connects with the front end of a sitting vehicle :-(
  8. Maintenance Report:
    1. Dock - screws replace
    2. Culverts - cleaned out, Nik will do clean up of the culverts (from "the clean out") as needed ... but the work he did cost us only $1000.  Other bids were higher.
    3. Emergency entrance, exit from Phoenix to RiverEdge has been filled with construction materials and garbage thrown over from the Phoenix side.
  9. Architectural Report:  New RiverWatch member has volunteered for the Architectural Committee :-)  We NOW have three :-)

*** Tony to follow-up with appropriate source and relay to board

*** Fining committee relationships, can members be married to board members?  

*** What can we do to press banks that own foreclosures to keep the properties up? 

*** New Owner / Renter agreement to abide by the deed restrictions By-Law amendment. 

*** Statutes for blocking sidewalks and cars parked on the road way.

*** Letter to the community:  To Include (do NOT send until final approval from Evelyn) 

THE WEBSITE & Riverwatch Graphic in the header of the letter, Bumper stickers and how they work, ALL DOGS Must Be on a leash (lead, rope, whatever) when off the members property, STOP signs mean STOP!  What we are doing with the by-laws, fining committee and how that works, architect committee and how that works ...

I also want all information on the website set up in a "Frequently Asked Question" type format.


At the entrance of RiverWatch:  ~  NO OUTLET  ~  NO SOLICITING  ~ 


Meeting adjourned at 8:28 pm (Evelyn made motion, Bill 2nd)




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