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RiverWatch HOA Meeting 

August 18, 2008 ~ Monday 


 Minutes of Meeting August 18, 2008


Present: Mike Perez (Tony on vacation) Ed Zisman, Bill Pantoni, Evelyn Conner 

Tropical Storm Fay was due the next morning as early as 6am.   


1.      Call to Order @ 7:02pm Monday 08/18/2008 

2.      Establish Quorum – all board members present 

3.      Meeting minutes from 06/16/08 – Bill motion to accept the minutes, Evelyn second. 

4.      Financial Report 

4.1.  Delinquencies – seven – all have been liened.  One unit is two years delinquent and owned by Deustche Bank 

4.1.1.     How many are in the foreclosure process?  Foreclosed?   

5.      Violations Status 

5.1.  Old Violations 

5.1.1.     Compliance issue – Lawyer sent our answer to appeal – awaiting outcome 

5.1.2.     Compliance issue – owner is complying (again) hold pattern 

5.1.3.     Compliance issue – foreclosed, car towed, under current contract (?) 

5.2.  Fining Committee – awaiting John’s volunteer sheet, then committee is set to proceed. 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.  Street speed and stop sign study status – don’t know, wait for Tony. 

6.2.  Crack status – Intersection of RiverWatch and Riveredge – don’t know wait for Tony. 

6.3.  Playground mulch – regular landscaping mulch was used in the playground.  Ramifications?  (NOTE:  Landscaping mulch is needed around the trees at the entrance)  

6.4.  Playground inspection and status, Playground Company will inspect and sign-off next week.  This is all that is needed for insurance purposes. 

6.5.  RiverWatch center wall status – completed.  Northern Tool & Equipment is now open. 

6.6.  Pond inspection – Ed said would be done by the end of September. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.  Amendment proposal (because of compliance issues) – Yes, put it to the general membership as to DO WE WANT TO PROTECT OUR INVESTMENT’S and have rental and new owner checks and agreement on their part to the deed restrictions of our neighborhood. 

8.      Maintenance report 

8.1.  Riveredge fence repair – needs to be addressed again.  A resident keeps fixing the fence, only to have it destroyed again. 

9.      Architectural Report 

9.1.  Pool application 1965 Anclote Vista – It is in Tarpon Spring’s Development’s hands. 

10. Open questions from the floor: 

10.1.                   Barb asked what became of the list of violations she gave to Tony?  In the June 2008 meeting, Barb gave 18 pictures of violations to Tony.  Mike Perez took contact information.  PLEASE CC TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com on all correspondence. 

10.2.                   Barb also asked about the mulch around the trees at the entrance.  She has been asking for some time (See playground mulch above) 

10.3.                   Abandoned homes in the neighborhood.  Pools … what’s happening?  What can we do?  Upkeep? 

10.4.                   The trees along RiverWatch Blvd. the entrance to the boat dock are encroaching on the RiverWatch View again. 

10.4.1.Community Day Possibility? 

11. Adjourn meeting – Bill motioned, Evelyn second – 7:27pm 



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