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RiverWatch HOA Meeting 

September 15, 2008 

Present:  Tony Toscano (L-CAM), and Board Members; Ed Zisman, Bill Pantoni and Evelyn Conner

Call to Order @ 7:10pm Monday September 15, 2008

1.       Establish Quorum – all board members present

2.       Meeting Minutes from August 18, 2008 – accepted with change (6.5 Northern *Light* is Northern Tool & Equipment)

3.       Financial Report –

3.1.    Currently $10,000 over budget for legal expenses YTD.  Unfortunately, the long standing case that has appealed its appeals which we were told were done (done) … isn’t.  Over $5,000 was spent on this issue alone, the last 30 days of finished financial reports (August 2008 financials) This issue is going back before a trial judge AGAIN, so costs for this case are most likely to continue to climb this year.

3.1.1. Tony stressed we must be very careful NOT to go into “No Money” at the end of the year.  Tony also mentioned that because of the pending litigation with the ongoing case and the uncertainty of the final cost, currently we are looking at approximately another $5000, we will hold off on any additional spending to the grounds or other. He also added that budget is tight and we cannot take a chance on additional spending until we are more certain of the outcome otherwise the residents will be looking at a special assessment to cover any shortfalls. This is the last thing that the residents would like to see. 

3.2.    Delinquencies – five delinquents (was six, but one went to foreclose)

4.       Violations Status – this past month four (or five?) residents called Tony with various violations (some several times).  Tony is concerned with possible grudge issues.  Tony is working with Code Enforcement.  See 5.2  Currently there are 12 violation letters going out (three of which are with Code Enforcement)

4.1.    Code Enforcement  – 1916, 1101, 1975 (by using Code Enforcement, savings to the community are potentially HUGE – see 4.1 – also see: http://tarponriverwatch.com/enforce.html )

4.2.    RiverWatch Awareness Committee (volunteers?) – The RAC will be aware of areas of issue in our community, and will also be a *back-up* or *verifier* of violations.  RAC volunteers will be sent a list of violations on a regular basis (TBD if weekly or semi-weekly prefer e-mail to defray costs) upon verification the list is complete and up to date, the appropriate responses would be taken (letters, code enforcement, liens, etc) Asked if there were any volunteers, only Bob and Colleen volunteered for the RAC for at least 30 days to see if this is a solution, what works, what doesn’t – etc.

4.2.1.   Barbara W requested to know what happened with the pictures she submitted 06/2008.  See 10.1 08/18/08 meeting notes.  Tony asked if she wanted to be on the awareness committee.  Barbara W. said no.  Tony said it had been determined if general members wanted to see violations and what had been done they had to go to the office.              Barbara W continued to ask when we are going to do something with the front entrance. She continued to add that the homes of some of these places need to be addressed. Ed Zisman reminded Barbara W that these issues have already been discussed and if she continues to be disruptive she needs to go outside and come back when she can be more constructive.              Tony asked Barbara if she wanted to be on the RAC (Riverwatch Awareness Committee) and said no again. We moved on.

5.       Old Business

5.1.    RiverWatch / RiverEdge crack – Tonya will monitor.  

5.2.    Speed limit / stop sign engineering street – Gary Sherman (with the city) has the monitoring information. 

5.2.1. Tony said it is hard to get roads re-signed.  Asked Gary to look at Platt Maps and take into consideration our turns and trees and occasional cars, trucks and vans parked in the road.              Ed pointed out it is about reaction time and stopping distances.  You may not be speeding, but hit and kill a child – you still live with the fact for the rest of your life … you hit and killed a child.

5.2.2.  The school buses regularly speed through the neighborhood, and sometimes barely slow for the stop sign at Riveredge and Riverwatch, as they leave the community.              Please note bus number, date, time and report

5.2.3.   Biggest worry with *stop sign runners* are not the slow roll stops, but the ones where the driver hasn’t even taken his or her foot off the accelerator as they push it further to the floor.

5.3.    Playground inspection – Roger Davis supposed to have inspected the playground early September, but he didn’t get to it before he was called back.  He will be back to inspect by the end of September.

5.3.1.  It was asked if the roof (stolen and reported to the police) can be claimed on our insurance.  Tony will check what our deductible is.

5.4.    Amendment change vote – Two votes: one to have prospective leases and buyers to meet with a board member and sign off that they have read, understand and agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations, By-Laws, Covenants, etc. the other vote to do a criminal background check

5.4.1. Each vote needs to pass by a minimum of 75% of the General Membership

6.       New Business

6.1.    RiverWatch Center Status – No new ground will be broke until a minimum of 28,000 sq. ft is committed.  They are in talks with a fitness center – but it is only for 20,000 – so until they get something bigger, or get 8,000 more committed – no new construction.

6.1.1.  Graffitti – Prudential Realty will talk to the builder to see if the builder will cover it.

6.1.2.  Question:  Who OWNS the wall extension?  Who is responsible for the upkeep?

6.2.    Ed suggested Tony contact Renee Vincent

6.3.    Vacated home issues – according to Code Enforcement, they said we can NOT go on to private property to provide maintenance or upkeep. 

6.4.    October 20th meeting date change – no change 10/20/2008 – next meeting.  The community center HAD been scheduled for renovations (?) but they were cancelled (rescheduled?)  So no change to the meeting date for October J

7.       Maintenance Report

7.1.    Mulch at front entrance tree areas – Nik’s has given quotes of $1300 around 26 palm trees and $520.00 at the boat ramp

7.1.1.  Nick said the canopy at the boat dock needs to be addressed as well.              Community day possibility?

7.2.    Back fence repair – (Lock Combination?)  John D has tracked down the combination to the lock at the emergency fence at the end of Riveredge.  To open the lock, John had to loosen the gate.  The children on the other side of the fence (Holiday in Pasco County) had jammed the lock by filling the area between the fences with blocks, rocks, garbage, etc.

7.2.1.  Asked how it is known it is the children on the other side – another neighbor said he had pictures of them and have called the police and spoke with them when they arrived.  According to the neighbor, the police KNOW who the children are.

7.2.2.   A resident who lives on Sawgrass, their backyard neighbor is the community center of said community; said garbage, bottles and other debris is regularly thrown over their fence.

7.3.    General Update – RiverWatch Center – see 7.1

8.       Architectural Report

8.1.    Pool Request – 1965 – Approved

9.       Open Questions from the Floor

9.1.    Colleen asked if there is a tire size limit?

9.2.    No – not currently.

9.3.    Barbara asked if the mulch listed in 8.1 includes the trees along Blackrush Dr (pond)?

9.3.1. Nick said it was not part of the quote but it MAY be possible to stretch it that far.              Tony stressed the need to be conscience of finances (the issue that never goes away – see 4.1)

10.   Adjourn Meeting – 8:12 pm Evelyn Motioned, Bill 2nd




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