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Monday November 17, 2008 RiverWatch HOA meeting

1.       Call to order:  The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm sharp

2.       Establish Quorum:  Bill, Ed, Evelyn and Tony all present and accounted for … quorum established

3.       Meeting minutes from September 15, 2008 – Bill motioned to accept, Evelyn seconded (Evelyn to format minutes for posting to the website) October 20, 2008 meeting missed due to board member in the hospital.

4.       Financial Report:  

4.1.    We are currently looking at approximately a $4000.00 short fall for the year.  This is due to a budget line item (that line item is Legal) that has cost us WAY more than anticipated L

4.1.1. Where will we pull money from for the shortfall?  Prior Years … I would have to pull out my accounting books for the definition.

4.2.    Delinquencies – we currently have four (at least two of which have been foreclosed.  When the property is eventually sold the dues will be settled … depending on the lien – 6 months or 1%

4.3.    Preliminary 2009 budget status – the proposed budget will be sent in time for the December meeting.  The mailing will include the budget, two voting issues (1) occupants and owners must sign off they WILL abide by the Rules & Regulations of RiverWatch and have read the covenants etc.  (2)  Background checks for renters (protect your investment)

4.4.    Litigation status

4.4.1. Long standing issue:  we are at least 90 days out from the next step in our never ending story L legal expenses are very expensive, and unfortunately it appears one can appeal until the cows come home – and rant removed J positive thoughts … it was supposed to be over LAST year … a year and a day J

4.4.2. Another possible issue.  A member has brought forth concern the board acted improperly by replacing the old playground equipment with a new playground set.  Legal counsel advised the board summer of 2007 and again in the fall of 2008.  If the issue is to be pursued further, it should be council to council as any document is open to interpretation (see 4.3.1) to the nth degree.  L 

5.       Violations:

5.1.    Old violations-code enforcement – one resident is going before the fining committee.

5.2.    RiverWatch walk 53 notices sent – 16 calls received for the notices – 8 addressing the issue(s) and what the time frame is … and 8 who said … basically “go to hell” L   L   L  I’m glad one isn’t my neighbor … is one your neighbor?  I’ve been thinking about adding pictures to the website … wouldn’t that be cool?

5.3.    Awareness committee … has lists of stuff that needs to be done, given to her by neighbors.

6.       Old Business

6.1.    RiverWatch / Riveredge Crack – no change since monitoring by city began

6.2.    Speed limit / Stop sign study – 30 mph is very fast for our neighborhood, but doesn’t warrant a change because the people who did the study don’t think people really go 30 – it just looks like it (swear to goodness – that is what I heard L ) Tony said if we wanted to pursue it, we could petition the members – and even then … L

6.2.1. It was asked when the study was done – Tony said the box is really small.  Colleen said she was stopped by an officer who told her when stopping at a STOP sign – one must stop and then spell S-T-O-P … not like STOP – but S-T-O-P ~ become one with the sign ~

6.3.    Playground inspection – because of cut-backs inspector get to areas (our *area* is Orlando) every 4 to 6 months,  the next time they will be in our *area* is early December … Amanda at Playmart said if they don’t inspect then, she would suggest a local inspector

6.4.    Amendment change vote – voted to send rules and regulations review and background checks for renters to our by-laws.  The votes (and proxies) will be sent early December.  The mailing will include the budget, two votes, board nominees, website information …

6.5.    Pond inspection – we have an estimate for $750.00.  We are waiting for two more estimates. 

6.5.1. It was asked why it wasn’t done when Ed offered to do it.  We need a minimum of three bids a member pointed out.  The bids will be gotten.

7.       New Business

7.1.    Wall repair and paint adjoining Crest Ridge Association:  The president of that association has been made aware of the damage.  She asked what we are going to do about our wall along their street (Phoenix Ave.) 

7.1.1. The issue with the wall is the plants on the RiverWatch side that are growing up over the wall and discoloring it … possible fix for the future … RiverWatch neighbors – take care of your yard J

8.       Nominating committee – RECRUIT board members … we’ve had only three board members for a very long time.  Three board members are the bare minimum … without a MINIMUM of THREE board members present a board meeting can NOT be held. 

8.1.    Two months in a row with no board meeting – the city CAN step in and take over management of a HOA … the cost is ~$60k a year … they do the BARE MINIMUM, hold no meetings, members have no say… to help raise funds, the boat dock could be opened to the public for a fee … and so very much more. 

8.2.    We have a great community …

9.       Maintenance Report

9.1.    Fence repair – emergency exit – see 7.1.1

9.2.    John D is looking into different fence protection methods.  He will have some suggestions by next meeting.

9.3.    Work that needs to be done … how to do it if we have no money to spend?  Hmmm … we do it.

9.3.1. Can we?  Oh Yes We Can!!!  December 6th, 2008 Saturday 9am … we are meeting at the playground.  We will address pepper trees, Spanish moss & vines, the block wall along the entrance … what else can we get to?  We decide J

10.   Architectural report - none

11.   Open from the floor

11.1.Who pays when a unit is foreclosed?  Past dues are settled when the home is sold and before the title is cleared.  The homeowner pays the dues  - then same as 4.2

11.2.What happens if we go into the red for 2008?  Special assessments  LLL

11.3.Liability issues for volunteers: Community members do so much, what happens if someone gets hurt? 

11.4.Someone is locking OPEN the RiverWatch boat dock – what to do?

12.   Adjourn meeting:  7:56pm  Bill made motion, Evelyn second

To Do’s – Work in Process – Task’s – Pick List 




Mailing to members 


Compile mailing to RW HOA members to contain: Letter to the members (Board to build framework) Proposed 2009 budget, two separate votes and proxies (1)reg & rule read and will abide by (2)background checks for renters, 

Liability coverage for volunteers 


If a volunteer is injured while working on RiverWatch property, are we covered? To what extent?

Website – Community Day 


Update website with the information for a community day to be held Saturday December 6th 2008.

Meeting minutes 


Take, first draft (Evie speak) you are reading, edit as needed, format and post to the website.

Website – mailing to members, equivalent  


Explanations to members what is what and why is the website so dad-gum important … cost zero, nothing, no thing … cost of ONE mailing to our membership … who will put up the notice for the special assessment?

Community Day 


December 6th 2008 meet at the playground at 9am.  Be prepared to take out pepper trees, Spanish moss & vines, we hope to have two pressure washers for wall cleaning (a neighbor has volunteered to do it for borrowing for their drive way … J) and more as volunteerism happens.

Boat Dock 


Red Line needs to be painted

Boat Dock 


Someone is locking open the gate to the dock ( we know of at least two occasions)




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