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RiverWatch HOA ANNUAL Budget Meeting Minutes Monday December 15, 2008

1.  Call to order – 7:04pm Monday 12/15/08 

2.  Establish Quorum – All board members present.  Property Manager present. 

3.  Vote to roll over excess funds – passed 22 to 3 

4.  Vote to waive fully funding the reserves – passes 23 to 3 

5.  Vote to approve Section 33 – Rules and Reg Interview – Minimum votes needed 120 – TOTAL votes   received 26 (for ALL residents of RiverWatch) – failed. 

6.  Vote to approve section 34 – Background check – Minimum votes needed 120 – TOTAL votes received 26 (for ALL residents of RiverWatch) – failed. 

7.  Board approval of 2009 Annual Budget – Evelyn motion to approve – Bill second … unanimous … passed.


RiverWatch Monthly HOA Meeting December 15, 2008 

1.      Call to order – 7:35 pm (directly after Annual budget meeting) 

2.       Establish Quorum – all board members and property manager present – Quorum established

3.       Meeting Minutes from 12/17/08 – accepted with questions answered, posted on the website

4.       Financial Report – we ended the year almost dead even … voted to roll over excess

4.1.    Delinquencies – three from 2008 Bill motioned, Evelyn second – unanimous send to attorney for foreclosure.

5.       Violations Status – one violation has gone to the city for code enforcement.

5.1.    Fining Committee Meeting Place – discuss possible venues … agree fining committee will be directly after HOA board meetings.

6.       Old Business

6.1.    Playground Inspection – more layoff and cutbacks … we are to take pics of the playground according to their specs.  Once picture approved, someone will be sent down to do physical inspection and approve.

6.2.    Pond Inspection – two written quotes $750.00 $880.00 one verbal $750.00

6.2.1.  Ed Zisman will perform the inspection to be done on or before 12/31/08 for $725.00

6.3.    Volunteer group work: brush, trim, paint – special thanks to Ed, Pete, Frank, John and Bill (there was another person – what is his name?)

7.       New Business

7.1.    Back fence repair – emergency exit – pres of Crest Ridge said do what we want to do to repair the emergency fence (neighbors in the Crest Ridge community appear to be afraid of the troublemaking kids who live or visit the Crest Ridge community)

7.2.    Crest Ridge wall repair and painting – we will address the wall in 2009

8.       Maintenance Report – Nik’s gave an estimate of $15.00 per tree for trimming along the exit of Riverwatch

9.       Architectural Report - none

10.   Open Questions from the Floor - none

11.   Adjourn Meeting – Bill Motioned, Evelyn seconded, Ed adjourned meeting at 8:02 pm 




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