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Meeting Minutes for Annual Meeting held Tuesday 02/17/2009

  1. Call to Order:  7:10pm 2/17/09  Present-Tony Ameri-Tech, Ed, Bill, Evelyn (all present and accounted for)
  2. Certifying of Proxies & establish a Quorum:
    1. Six proxies were received. 
    2. Three board members. 
    3. Seven general members present. 
      1. For a total of 16 accounted for members. 
        1. Riverwatch consists of 159 units.  A quorum is established for the annual meeting when we have 10% representation of the membership.  Minimum of 16 member required to establish a quorum. 
    4. Quorum is established.
  3. Establish Proof of Notice: Notices were sent out mid January 2009, two notices were returned as undeliverable.  Those were (unit numbers are listed in official documents)
  4. Read or waive Minutes of Last Member's Meeting: Board members read last years meeting minutes - wow a year goes by fast!!!  I (that would be me - Evelyn (Evie) ) will post last years annual meeting minutes when I get them re-written for the web ... LOL!!! it's not quite as easy as scan and post (unless I have unlimited space ... hmmmm ... Did I mention - THESE are interim notes until approved NEXT Year ;-) ?  Anyway - we waived the reading of the minutes - I'll get them posted here with a link before the end of the weekend.  If that is not soon enough - let me know and I will scan and email them to you :-)  YAY!!!  errr ... for you to type them up :-)  Thank you (-:
  5. Reports of Officers and Committees
    1. Finances
      1. Four units dues remained unpaid for 2008. 
        1. These units are with the attorney for foreclosure (just what we need huh?) 
      2. So far for 2009 - there are 57 units dues that remain unpaid. 
        1. Mid March, any who are still unpaid will be sent to the attorney for legal action :-(
      3. $5,000 budgeted for legal (but that was our issue last year - $5,000 budget but spent over $15,000 ... yes ... some people seem to love lawyers :-( way to stimulate the economy a$$ ... hole ... anyway - $5,000 is a LOT of money to have budgeted for legal expenses for a community the size of ours.  If you know a blood sucker ... well ... ask them to moveThank you :-)
      4. Landscaping
        1. We have $12,000 budgeted for the year. 
          1. We will start a quarter by quarter bucket list of projects (must be done QTRly incase of unforeseen circumstances - see number three above). 
            1. Some we will do (to save money and assist us in building community) others we will pay others to do (because of: they are better suited for the work, we do not have the volunteers, pumping stimulus :-) into our economy ... oh ... so many other reasons we would spend $12,000 extra (-:
            2. I (Evie) will create WIP (Work in Process) and WIQ (Work in Queue :-) lists.  If you see something on the WIP or WIQ lists you would like to be a part of ... contact Evie at 
            3. Issues to be addressed:  entrance walls, sidewalks, trees, bushes, island, posts, riverwatch view, dock, boat launch, playground area (it's not just about the kids ... what do us big kids want :-)
  6. Old Business:
    1. Basketball Hoop - reimbursement check has been given to Ameri-Tech (if/when we do decide to put in a hoop ... I hope we can get it as cheaply as we had)-:  Note to ones who think to do good, be ready to return if slapped down ... LOL!!!  I wonder if that is why I do not like shopping?  ... any way ... good deal :-)
    2. Playground - Oh My GoodNESS - YAY!!!  Thank goodness this playground has become such a magnet for so many in the community :-)  We are still waiting for the playground company to come down to certify the playground (thank goodness ~again~ we had some pretty awesome volunteers who put the set together ... and saved our community $3,500 (cost of assembly) Thank You to the engineer, mechanic, electrician, fire man, accountant and what was the other profession? Who gave of their time and a few weekends :-)
      1. You are real heros :-)
  7. New Business
    1. $3,000 will be scheduled quarterly for maintenance.
    2. Emergency Ingress/Egress fence at the end of RiverEdge dr (the Court) has been damaged to the point of not being accessible - AGAIN.
      1. Issues: 
        1. Riverwatch is Pinellas county, Crest Ridge is Pasco county
        2. Crest Ridge is afraid of their children ... They are AFRAID of their children!!! 
        1. The police will not do anything unless it is a felony (per Tony at the meeting 2/17/09)
      1. Evie will be taking pictures and posting them here and other places
        1. Will the kids be proud of what they do when the pressure is they are A$$ ... holes ... and yes - Evie said it :-)  Squish like a grape if you are in my way ... I always seem to step right in it  :-)
      2. Anyway - current cost to FIX the fence AGAIN - $2,000 ... where does THIS money come from?  Evie says A$$~holes~
        1. I may have pics for sale soon :-)  LOL!!!  (-: and these are just interim meeting minutes & Evie random thoughts :-)
      3. If you see misdeeds - call 911 :-(yes-every time)-: take pics, video, whatever ... but don't let them see you ... :-( 'cause we want to catch them in the act ... yea ... whatever ... Let me catch you - ya little brat :-)  LOL!!!  Now watch me get arrested LOL!!! maybe I shouldn't be laughing huh?
  8. Open Floor for Nominations
    1. We didn't have a nominating committee.
      1. We had no one volunteer for the committee
      2. Asked for volunteers for next years nominating committee
        1. None yet (but we will get you my pretty ... LOL!!!)
    2. Anyone want to be on the board?
      1. Concern of many members - the possibility/probability of getting sued?  We do have lawyer happy neighbors :-(
        1. We ARE covered under the liability insurance we carry - but that is absurd to even have to consider this from a neighbor, But ... we do :-( the cost to our community for NOT Standing up to tyrants that try to bully others ... well we end up like those in Crest Ridge ...
      2. Community, volunteer ism, RiverWatch is pretty awesome ... anyone want to volunteer for the board?
        1. Ed - yes
        2. Bill - yes
        3. Evelyn - yes
          1. ok - we have a minimum of three ... five would be awesome - but we'll take even one more :-)
        4. Bob (Colleen) St. Lawrence (WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
        5. Bob McDonald (WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!! FIVE!!!!  We have FIVE!!!!)
          1. At that point pandemonium broke out and I think coffee stuff, community picnics, and summer fireworks were being discussed.
          2. First time in a year and a half we had more than three people on the board :-)
          3. Next year - we will have campaigning :-)  YAY!!!  Super Duper board next year ... Now to whip ya all out of the carpets ;-)
  9. Candidates have read and agree to abide by the association documents. (Documents are listed on the website - please let's make this the year we get them correct, viewable, and visible to all :-)
  10. Introduction and Q&A session for new nominees
  11. Collection of votes - Only five people total volunteer for the board - no vote needed.
  12. Election of Directors - WHOOOO HOOO acceptance speech anyone?  No ... YAY!!!
  13. Adjourn Meeting : 7:56pm  Bill motioned Evelyn 2nd

Board Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order:  8:07pm
  2. Election of Chairman of the Meeting - Ed - Bob S nom - Bob M second
  3. Election of Officers
    1. Ed (President) - Evelyn Nom. Bob 2nd
    2. Bill (VP) - Evelyn Nom. Ed 2nd
    3. Evelyn (Secretary) - Ed Nom. Bill 2nd
    4. Bob S (Treasurer) - Ed Nom. Evelyn 2nd
    5. Bob M (Director) - Bill Nom. Ed 2nd
  4. Adjourn Meeting: 8:13pm Bill Motioned Ed Second



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