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Riverwatch HOA Meeting Minutes held Monday 03/16/2009

Amended and approved at the April 20th 2009 meeting (Written in Evie :-)

  1. Call to Order: 7:06pm
  2. Establish Quorum:  Two board members not present at beginning of meeting (one on business trip one arrived later.  Ed Zisman, Evelyn Conner, Bob St. Lawrence Present. 
  3. Meeting Minutes from 12/17/2009 - the only physical copy was the one Tony printed from the website which is written in Evie speak (so oops :-) I motioned to except the minutes with that inclusion.  Bob St. Lawrence 2nd ... if any glaring discrepancies are noted please e-mail me  ... thank you (see how fun our meetings are ;-) Now SOME one will ask to remove this from the official minutes next month ... RIGHT?
  4. Financial Report :-(this part makes my gut hurt - and truly let it be known ... the MAJOR reason our dues have NOT gone up is all the VOLUNTEER labor given lovingly and without thought of reciprocation, to our community ... so blood suckers :-( those whose driver is to cause conflict JUST for the sake of conflict )-: be warned - you will be leached and you shall do it yourself :-)
    1. Delinquencies - 42 still unpaid for 2008 (Technically due Jan 1st every year and the last two we have given one month leniency so Dues ARE DUE February 1st ... and as of March 16th we still have 42 home owners who have as yet unpaid their dues :-(
      1. Four of the 42 are into their SECOND year on non-payment of dues.
      2. ONE is in it's third year of default on their dues ... the owner is DEUTSCH BANK.  I am not sure how much taxpayer bail-out they received, nor how many properties they OWN ... hmmmm ... maybe time to give some away?
    2. It was asked how many we had un-paid last year.  Tony did not know.  Nor were the three previous board members able to answer (Of which I was one ... and right now I am counting 45 ... WOW! Doing some stat follow up this week to see what the trends year over years has been :-)
    3. What happens when one is delinquent?
      1. 15 days late - Demand Letter sent (if no follow-up from home owner)
      2. 30 days late sent to lawyer to begin process :-(
        1. If not followed up on - Lien :-( don't let this happen :-)
          1. What can happen then?  Foreclosure :-( and then?  there are lots of lose, lose wins but why go there?
          2. PAY YOUR DUES
            1. If there are issues - discuss with management company (however - management company folds like a cheap suitcase for all and we all end up in some one else underwear during vacation ... do what IS RIGHT (see #4 ;-)
  5. Violation Status
    1. See #4 ... BUT using City Code Enforcement - we can let THEM enforce the law of the more difficult personal property issues and get the revenue from those fines :-)  That's right violators - stimulate our economy ... You HAVE been warned ... CLEAN UP YOUR Yard / Home / Driveway ... whatever is in our doc's that the city enforces - you can expect they will :-)
    2. Violations (some of them) parking in the street over night, parking in the dock area without proper permit, weeds in your yard (come on - if we can't have our beautiful green yards - YOU can NOT have Weeds :-) Boat Trailers ... come on folk's ... yes over the weekend (maybe) but not weeks on end ... uh ... 158 other families live here and we notice ;-)  Parking on the side walk ... PARKING on the side walk?  Yes - parking on the sidewalk - do NOT block the sidewalk - especially if that sidewalk is not EVEN touching your driveway.
    3. Nik's is doing mercy driveby mowings on a certain property (too bad the neighbors who benefit from the property don't reciprocate)-:  Oh well ... as the song say ... close the ... uh ... TMI Evie Speak *snip* :-)
  6. Old Business
    1. Playground Inspection - The playground is beginning(??? LOL!!!) to be a very old issue.  Not only the roof issue (the VERY HEAVY roof, that sat for way too long, while we waited on questionable brackets - was STOLEN ... Going some where the people responsible for it do not know where that SOME WHERE is, is STOLEN) ... should we pay to have the roof replaced - BUT it also really needs OFFICIAL certification that the playground is installed safely (even though it was installed by an extremely proficient (small) group) so we are waiting for the company to send someone ... are they still in business?
      1. There is a wheel on the playground that has been locked down to a proper locking bracket missing(?)
      2. Playground roof - do we want to pay to replace it?  Yes we have insurance.  Yes there is a deductible.  Yes the deductible is more than the cost of the deductible.  If we pay to replace the roof and anything else happens that we need insurance for - insurance will cover it ... LOL!!! see silver lining behind anything we do.
        1. John D. will get with the playground people to see if there is ANY thing we can work out with all the playground issues we have ... :-(
    2. Volunteer Group - Painting, cutting, clearing, etc.  ... Can we get some community :-)  WHOOO HOOO!!!  What a Beautiful Day :-)  E-mail   SUBJECT:  Community Day
      1. Wall between Riverwatch and Crest Ridge (Crest Ridge Side - but we DO own the wall)  Needs to be cleaned (pressure washed cost will be about $700.00 BUT why ??? if Crest Ridge residence won't do their part?)  The emergency entrance / exit of Riverwatch goes into Crest Ridge.  Crest Ridge kids have an issue with respecting others property.  The entrance/exit is usually blocked to the point emergency vehicles would NOT be able to ingress / egress ...  Crest Ridge residents are afraid of their kids .... ????? and refuse to do any thing ... :-( sadness when "evil" rules ... hmmmm ... :-)
        1. Evie the evil Evelyn (link to follow - once the site is updated) carries a camera and has a whole buncha websites ... kids in crisis and who need their un-grateful punk butt spanked I am not a*feared* of you ... I am done with that *sheet* (snip this please from the official minutes :-) ... 'cause we have some win ~ win ~ win's coming, be a part or you are NOT invited :-) ...
        2. ... Anyway ... with community ANY THING is possible - what do YOU have to offer?
  7. New Business
    1. Landscape Schedule for this coming quarter -
      1. Pepper Trees along the north side of the entrance to Riverwatch (opposite the river, side) to trim them back will cost $600 to 800.00
      2. Crepe Myrtle family trees along the north side (south of the pepper - still same side OF the pepper ... confused ;-) they are the ones that look terrible eight months out of the year, but they are currently in bloom - so please - while they are green ... my vote - leave them alone until they go dormant again ... spend our available funds on other things around the community ... LOL!!!  I can't vote here so - never mind :-)
        1. Nik's is looking into what needs to be done to take them out ... they were a bad choice when put in :-(  let's make the best choices available with the good info we have going forward :-)
      3. Oak trees along the entrance - elevate and thin
    2. Mayor's Visit (4/20/2009 @ 7:30pm) Please send QUESTIONS for the Mayor's visit at the April 20th HOA Meeting to: Tony Toscano ~ from Ameri-Tech ~ he can be reached at: ttoscano@ameritechmail.com  When e-mailing Tony - Please CC  SUBJECT: Mayor Visit Questions  PLEASE have questions in by April 7th, 2009.
      1. All in favor of Mayor coming to our meeting.  Unanimous from the board.  One general member has said she has heard enough from the Mayor and doesn't care to hear whatever she may have to say.
  8. Maintenance Report - pressure wash entrance wall (??? did I hear that)
  9. Architectural Report
    1. One home owner requesting to repaint - submit request with colors to the Arch. Committee (Forms to Come)
    2. Another homeowner has requested to widen the driveway by three to eight feet (nothing grows in this area).  In our doc's no - this can not be done.
  10. Open Questions from the Floor
    1. Do we have a form?  Yes - we do.  Who has it?  Tony.  Tony please3 send to Evelyn so she can post it to the website - thank you.
  11. Adjourn Meeting:  8:04 pm - (Bill Pantoni only absent board member) and property manager present.



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