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Riverwatch HOA


Date: Monday 4/20/09  

Time:  7 P.M.                                                                         

Place:   Tarpon Springs Recreation Center  400 South Walton Ave    Tarpon Springs, FL. 34689


Ed Z              President                                                                         Tony Toscano-LCAM

Bill P             Vice Pres.                                                               Property Manager-(727)-639-1248

Bob S            Treasurer                                                            Ameri-Tech Property Management

Evelyn C       Secretary                                                                 1799-B North Belcher Road

Bob M          Director                                                                            Clearwater, FL. 33765

1.       Call to order: 7:02pm

2.       Establish Quorum: ALL Present (and we have FIVE board members :-)

3.       Meeting Minutes from 3/16/09 (no volunteer re-writes – general consensus they are fun – warning, they are Evie speak written – when told no-no go future … sorry … do we have any volunteer’s to re-write these notes to *official* minutes to approve at May 2009 meeting?  Until that time I will endeavor to keep my comments twitter short – But this volunteer writes, and that’s what I do :-)

3.1.    15 days late on ANNUAL dues, demand letter sent

3.2.    If no follow up from home owner – 30 days sent to lawyer for lien.

3.2.1. Edits to Minutes from 3/16/09 Bill motioned to accept, Bob M 2nd :-( we months of Evie speak *official* minutes … while still having litigious people whose first thought is sue who?  LOL!!!  NOTE: Evie write’s VERY generally and if you need wonder is she writing about me ???  Well?  Am I? Only YOU know that.  LOL!!! (LOL!!! Means Laugh Out Loud OFTEN)

4.       Financial Report: We have a surplus of $2,526 so far for the quarter.  But just as we are being cautious for a particular line item, that line item was over spent last month.  For the month of March 2009 we overspent a total of $950.00 but a portion of this may have come from landscaping charges “catching up from last year”? Tony will check into this (he’s been out of town on family business and just got back in the EARLY AM 4/20/09)

4.1.    Delinquencies: As of this morning – there are 26 delinquent (Three are into their SECOND year, one is bank owned and in its THIRD) good the banks are getting their bail-out huh DUETSCH BANK.  Last year (4/21/08) we had 20 delinquent (so we have more added)-:

5.       Violation Status:  Board looked over the violations sent out … are these it? 

5.1.    Doesn’t look like enough … what about?  Broken down car with flat tires that hasn’t moved in YEARS?  It is ok?  Really?  I think there is something in the city code about this … Evie will check it out.  Yes – I love the breed of car you have there, but it’s like having a toilet as a flower pot after a while :-( put it in the garage – or I’ll see if I (the evil one) can get it towed.

5.1.1. If told it can not be done – look for an other way … I have pictures of trees (BIG trees) that have grown through boulders (I took them – and I haven’t learned photo shop … yet … so I know they are real :-) the only thing that can’t be accomplished is the one you say you can’t. And then you don’t.              Pete looked it up in the docs :-( plain as day (put link here)

5.2.    Parking on the streets overnight is becoming common – this is a NO-NO!!! 

5.3.    Commercial vehicles *exposed* in the community overnight – this is a NO-NO!!! (Unless you NEED a plumber during the night ~ or whatever) LOL!!!  I have a plumber right down the road from me – didn’t know he was until I saw him pull out of his garage one morning … gosh I love my neighbors :-) Thank you.  Can I advertise a link for his company here?  I don’t see why not …

5.4.    Community frustration is getting high.  Tony said he can’t do anything if he doesn’t know about it.  Please e-mail him at: and CC

5.4.1. Pete is reading through the documents we ALL signed when purchasing our homes … Gosh us HOA folks have been called some pretty icky names on-line – BUT from my walk around our neighborhood the afternoon of Monday April 20, 2009 – it appears almost ALL of our neighbors want to live in a beautiful, safe, WOW-n-DER-FUL community.              Evie says grow tree, GROW (see pepper tree stuff later :-)

6.       Old Business

6.1.    Landscaping

6.1.1. Front Entrance Trees – work is underway for the $$$ committed already :-) Because we have such a current surplus in our quarterly budget – Tony said we can schedule more work (Evie caveat the line item concern - noted)

6.1.2. Pepper Tree removal along the north side of the front entrance – also underway (How much will be removed?  Pepper tree is a very bad plant that sucks the native out of the surroundings it grows.  Pepper tree, one of the very few plants that will grow and THRIVE anywhere – with no care for what it destroys in the process.  Pepper Tree = plant world blood sucker. )

6.2.    Volunteers … WOW!!!!  Thank YOU those who do, and do, and do :-)  With out those who give of the most precious *thing* that is ones to give to an other … them self … and … with that, their TIME (time=life) WOW!!!  THANK YOU!!!

6.2.1. I see Bill, I see Bob, and ANOTHER Bob, and Another :-) Thank you BOBs! And of course Ed!!!  Kerry ~ Thank you :-) and John – give ‘em hell ~ Thank You Barbara!!!  Pete ROCKS! Rosemary – whoooo HOOO!  Frank you are Awesome!  We are going to need a sign in sheet … there were so many people at the meeting last night :-) THANK YOU.  Thank You

6.3.    Playground:  Groan … Roof Caps :-) everyone will be happy.  The playground will *look* finished – and the VERY HEAVY weight factor of the (STOLEN – so we have not, and would have to PAY to replace … thieves are MORONS – sleep well – however long you continue :-) roof will all be addressed.  Roof caps :-)

6.3.1. Official Inspection of the Playground has STILL NOT BEEN DONE – I will be adding a link to the company sometime this week.  Tony said no matter with inspection or not and who put the equipment together (very responsible, wonderful volunteers; one of which is a building engineer … LOL!!!) we (RiverWatch) would be named if anyone gets hurt … see 3.2.1 above )-:

6.3.2. Table:  Can we do something about the rusting away table?  MORE and MORE families are using the playground area now.  Wonderful Community Building Area.              Tony looked at Ed to see if he was going to continue his volunteer project.  How about we make this a community event?

7.       New Business

7.1.    Proposal to pressure wash entrance walls down to docks (YAY!!!)

7.1.1. $440.00 – Go For IT!  Wait – Evie motion, Bill second – all in favor?  Yes.  Go for it!

7.1.2. Bill has about 2 gallons of white paint left over from post and fence painting

7.2.    St Pete Times article involving resident:  Nothing can be said.  Open case … LOL!!! Every one knows that.

8.       Maintenance Report:  Uh – nothing to “currently” be done … thanks to the time and self so EXCELLENTLY given to (Y)Our community … THANK YOU!!!  With Out which – we’d all just sit on our butt and complain :-)

8.1.    Emergency Access point between Riveredge and Anclote Vista – the poles … they are attached by a chain and can be picked up and laid down.  Currently they are lying down … This EMERGENCY Access Point is NOT a Drive Way!!!  Leave the poles up :-) Thank You.

9.       Architectural Report: Nothing new … Tony created a new form.  He will send it to me (Evie) and I will post it to the site. (what month is this ;-)

9.1.    Anything that is or will be visible from the sidewalk (or was that Street?) NEEDS to be APPROVED!  You NEED to have an APPROVAL form to *do stuff* (not landscaping as set forth in our covenants and declarations and *stuff*) like change the mail box or post (no – however the ONE that had been approved for the residents before … if you would like yours like ours – we’ll pay for it … if not, that’s OK … but if ever you move, would you ask new residents to consider?  :-) or stuff like paint, put up a fence, hmmm … what else?  I guess stuff IN our documents :-)  The ones we all signed before purchasing or leasing one of (Y)our 159 wonder~WoWful homes.

10.   Open Questions from the floor

10.1.Pepper Tree removal from our properties and that from around not being addressed by others in RiverWatch common areas?  SWFWMD as of spring 2007-ish Pepper Tree Eradication 100% as much as possible.  In fact in build docs for our community that as one of our approval qualifications (to the best of my interpretation during my research – and if wrong – OOPS!  E-mail me immediately, so I can remove this)

10.1.1.    Take pictures of the pepper trees (especially the bad, BAD seeds – eaten and spread by birds (ALL Birds… even the ravens and EAGLES (on the Wal-Mart land) like a plague)-:  Send or e-mail them to SWFWMD (put address and links here) and get rid of Pepper Trees.  NOTE: Around our precious water ways be so very careful. 

10.2.Bill is concerned about all the paper (and our forests) that is spent conveying information from Ameri-Tech to the board.  Evelyn is concerned about the money spent when MUCH could be conveyed using technology most of us have.

11.   Adjourn Meeting: 7:34pm - Bob M motion Bob S 2nd :-) thank you BOB's cause this was just minutes after the Mayor's arrival :-)  We Rock!!!

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