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RiverWatch HOA 

MEETING *UNOFFICIAL* Minutes of Board Meeting (creating minutes from my notes … if I can do it, anyone can ;-)  

Date: Monday 5/18/09  

Time:  7 P.M.                                                                           

Place:  Tarpon Springs Recreation Center ~ 400 South Walton Ave ~ Tarpon Springs, FL. 34689   

Ed Z              President                                                           Tony Toscano-LCAM 

Bill P             Vice Pres.                                                   Property Manager-(727)-639-1248 

Bob S            Treasurer                                                   Ameri-Tech Property Management 

Evelyn C       Secretary                                                        1799-B North Belcher Road 

Bob M          Director                                                                Clearwater, FL. 33765  

1.      Call to Order - 7:01pm  

2.      Establish Quorum - ALL Present  

3.      Read and approve notes from 04/20/2009  Did any not have a chance to read them on the Internet? No comments. Any changes? No. Bill motioned Bob S 2nd to accept minutes. 

4.      Financial Report: The lawn billing issue from 04/20/09, it has/is being corrected for a $5,200 current surplus for the quarter.  

4.1.   Delinquencies  - Current - Old Status: Current delinquencies = budget shortfall of 10k (special assessment possibility if we go into a negative ~ surplus savvy needed)  

4.1.1.           Three into 2nd year, 15 NEW added to the legal system (NEW 15 DELIQUENCIES PAY BY THE END OF MAY TO SAVE MORE CHARGES!!! They add up FAST)  

4.1.2.           TOTAL Delinquent 18 = almost 11.5% of our community = 11.5% of our budget   

5.      Violation Status – cars parked on the street overnight still an issue  

5.1.   Tony said the Jag plates are current (Maryland)  

6.      Old Business  

6.1.   Playground  Inspection - Nothing from the company.  RiverWatch is covered and will be named if anyone got hurt regardless WHO put the equipment together.  

6.1.1.           The playground area is a magnet, when will it be finished?  (roof see 6.3 of 04/20/09, tables and benches (see 7.1 below) the metal is rusted and dangerous. 

6.1.2.           Nick suggested contacting local general contractors to build a roof for the play equipment suitable for our area AND address the picnic tables and sitting benches since we have the current surplus.  

6.1.3.           It was brought up by a *contact of a member of the board of directors that misappropriation of funds for the playground has been discussed by neighbors ... if there is issue – it stops now.          Evie add for Tony to discuss with lawyer.  This issue has been kicked too many times.  My integrity is too important                  I am easy going, but sometimes one has to stand up to fear tactics & black propaganda. IF THERE IS ANY question by any neighbor, do it now.  Otherwise … STF-up (sound it out)  

6.1.4.           Request for Proposals (i.e. picnic tables, benches, playground roof, can the gazebo roofs be painted? Can the playground roof be made to resemble the gazebo roofs? etc.) bring info to next meeting Evelyn motioned, Bill 2nd            Nick to contact local general contractors            Colleen to contact playground company to see what they can do roof replacement wise 

6.2.   Evie can frame RFP’s  (editor(s) NEEDED :-) 

6.3.   Dock: Gibson Marine to place bid for reserve planning.  Gibson Marine will also see what options we have to mark the depth indicator at the launching pad.  

6.4.   Special Mention goes out to neighbor and RiverWatch Housing Association member Susan Davis.  THANK YOU for the loving care you give our front entrance.  I know most see it, but many more feel it.  Thank You Susan. 

7.      New Business  

7.1.   Gazebo Benches (see 6.1.2 above) 

7.2.   Website updates-features (WE HAVE A WEBSITE)  

7.2.1.      Let me know what you would like to see on TarponRiverWatch.com TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com 

7.3.   Landscape items: Pepper tree removal at the dock area for $500 – Evelyn Motion Bob S 2nd passed 

8.      Maintenance / Manager Report  

8.1.   Well pump - $3200.  Pump life span is ~approx. 9 years (ours lasted 14? Is that correct?)            Full (current) replacement cost is approximately $9k 

8.2.   The pump has been hit by vehicles, Nick will install steel poles  

8.3.   Reserve’s for: Dock, gazebos, playground, well, ponds planning for next years budget in process  

8.4.   Mayor's Visit – no other follow up 

9.      Architectural Report – none in process 

9.1.   Evelyn & Pete would like to replace a fence between us and a neighbor, the neighbor is on the Arch. Committee. How do we proceed? Tony said submit the form as usual.  

10.  Open questions from the floor – didn’t catch anything  

11.  Adjourn Meeting – Evelyn motioned Bill 2nd 7:41 pm  





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