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RiverWatch Housing Association 

Notice of Board Meeting 


Date: 06/15/2009

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

1.      Call to order – 7:00pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – All board members (Bob S., Bob M., Bill P., Ed Z., Evelyn C.) and property manager (Tony T.) present 

3.      Read and approve minutes from 05/18/09 Board Meeting – notes and minutes from meeting 5/18/09 are posted to the website.  Bill motioned to wave reading, Bob M second.  

4.      Financial report – we are currently running an impressive surplus (the amount I have written is $4360 spread over various accounts – Tony can I get a breakdown?) however, cost overruns in one line item can quickly deplete any surplus – so caution will still be used. 

4.1.   Delinquencies – we have 18 delinquencies. Two have been liened, one is in mortgage foreclosure. 

4.1.1.      These home owners not paying their home owner dues will cost every other household an additional $82.00 if we do not stay under budget.  

5.      Violation Status  

5.1.   Growing violation Tony is seeing, Cars parking overnight on the street. 

5.1.1.      One violator wants “proof”            Please send photos to Tony. 

5.2.   One unit has been sent to the fining committee. 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Landscaping update (Nick of Nik’s) The dock area has been de-pepper treed.  

6.2.   Website update (Evelyn – no input but mine and I got a lot ;-) please send feedback 

6.3.   Dept of Transportation roadway (entrance / exit RiverWatch) update – Dan at the department of Transportation said they are looking into installing a QuickCurb north of our entrance, south of our exit. This consists of three foot high poles with reflectors. 

6.3.1.      Colleen S. pointed out this has been discussed for years and doesn’t think it will come to fruition now either. 

6.4.   Benches for gazebo  

6.4.1.      looking into composite decking type materials (lasts forever)  

6.4.2.      Tony will get pricing for frames we can add the composite material to. 

6.4.3.      Nick will check into the composite materials and what are the options. 

6.5.   Playground  

6.5.1.      To replace the stolen roof will cost $1400 (whoever took the roof – Bring it back. That IS your choice … choose well, it will be remembered) 

6.5.2.      Tony will see what assurances any roof the company sends will be safe. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Organic garden proposal – No interest in pursuing from the majority attending the meeting.  If this were a proposal to pursue it would need a 75%(?) approval from the general membership of RiverWatch (75% of 159 homes) 

8.      Maintenance report 

      8.1.   Rusted picnic tables under gazebo at the playground were removed (see 6.4 above) 

9.      Architectural report – none (however a house was painted?) 

10.  Open questions from the floor: 

10.1.                    Playground 

10.1.1.  Why are we spending money to replace a stolen roof?        Because some residents want it “completed” as we paid for it to be. 

10.2.                    Anclote Vista owner is concerned about the residence of one of their neighbors. Code enforcement will be called and utilized as the violations FAR outweigh that of just RiverWatch. 

10.3.                    Dead tree at the Anclote Pond – Nik’s will address 

10.4.                    Boat Dock – WE NEED THOSE WHO USE THE DOCK  

10.4.1.  For sale boats in dock parking-not allowed, but someone is doing it 

10.4.2.  Overnight boat parking at the dock-not allowed but someone is doing it 

10.4.3.  Unauthorized boat ramp access-not allowed, but antidotally it is being done 

10.4.4.  Jerry W volunteered to chair a committee to bring ideas and suggestions to the next board meeting. 

10.5.                    What is up with all the rust through-out the neighborhood? 

10.5.1.  Rust through-out the neighborhood MUST be cleaned up and those with wells need to ensure their no rust *thing* is working 

10.5.2.  This needs to be addressed, measured and violators fined for clean-up if needed. 

10.6.                    Lawns - can something be done about the residents who allow their yards to go to weed? 

10.6.1.  This is where violations should be addressing the issues.        MORE OVERSIGHT WITH VIOLATION ACCOUNTABILITY NEEDED              Evelyn requests again for the weekly report from Tony. 

10.6.2.  Emergency access road between playground area and Anclote Vista, the poles on the Anclote Vista side are static poles, if an emergency necessitated vehicles using this access, the first vehicle through would have to crash through the steel poles.        These need to be removed and the poles matching the playground side installed. 

10.7.                    Entrance  

10.7.1.  Susan D. volunteered to form a painting committee to paint the rails along RiverWatch Blvd green to match the playground. 

10.7.2.  Our RiverWatch sign is beginning to fade 

11.  Adjourn meeting 7:48pm Evelyn motion, Bill and Bob M seconded J  




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