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RiverWatch Housing Association 

Board Meeting 


Date: 07/20/2009

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689


1.      Call to order 7:01PM 

2.      Establish Quorum Bob S, Ed Z, Bill P, Evelyn C, present (absent – Bob M) 

3.      Read and approve minutes from June 15th, 2009 – posted on the Internet, everyone read?  Feedback? – Bill Motioned to accept and waive the reading, Bob S 2nd 

4.      Financial report – currently 80% of budget (uncollected delinquencies and over expenditure on a one line item could take a bite out of this) for the year. 

4.1.1.      Delinquencies – 11 @ attorney, 1 liened, 1 in foreclosure (once sent to attorney it out of our hands – and all expenses to collect the dues owed are tacked on to what the delinquent RiverWatch member must pay – just like in the minutes from months ago)  

4.1.2.      Reserve Items – Dock, ramp, dock parking area, gazebos, playground, culverts and drainage systems, well.            Tony proposes setting up 2010 budget with each reserve item with its own line item instead of pooling the reserves.                  Evelyn asked what happens if a particular reserve item goes over its allotted reserve.                        Special assessment      I thought this was why we changed from line item reserves to the pool.                  Reserve issue work in process for 2010 budget. 

5.      Violation Status  

5.1.   Report Spreadsheet will begin to be utilized with unit number violation(s) noted what step it is on and any notes. 

5.1.1.      I will post as much as I am able to the website. 

5.2.   Code Enforcement – said backyard is not in their jurisdiction – it must be in plain view – the weeds growing as high as the play equipment (a yard FULL of weeds about NINE or TEN feet tall) in the backyard of the house for sale on Sawgrass ARE in plain view.  

5.2.1.      Tony will bring this to code enforcements attention. 

5.2.2.      Member asked about real estate agent who has the house listed, is she not responsible for something? DEFFINATELY not a way to sell a property. Talk about staging K            Possibly contacting listing agent’s broker (?) 

5.3.   Attorney update – Riveredge home with exterior issues will be going to mediation. 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Playground Roof: 

6.1.1.      Options: Skip the roof, cap the posts (approx. $30) http://www.playmart.com/products/p/64/NORMANDY_CATALOG_2D.html & http://www.playmart.com/products/p/5/STAR_CHUTE_SLIDE.html  

6.1.2.      Fabric roof (approx. $250.) 

6.1.3.      PlayMart roof meant for the equipment (that was stolen-police report filed, when it was stolen) and have it installed by the company (waiting on quote for this)            Also need to know what we can do if we go over our $1,000. Deductible for insurance purposes. 

6.2.   Gazebo Benches  

6.2.1.      Member suggested Home Depot picnic tables            Tony said his experience is they start to splinter fairly quickly. 

6.2.2.      Pete C. checking SamsClub – tables are folding for portability L not what we were looking for.

6.2.3.      Bob S. is got price of $848 for a 6 foot and $919 for a 7 foot picnic table - beautiful I say.  six foot picnic table for riverwatch gazebo

6.3.   Dept of Transportation update – the lines have been painted at our entrance.  DOT is waiting for the Quick Kerb to come in and they will install it J Take THAT people who think it is an extra get home or Northern Tool lane – it isn’t this is how we enter and exit Riverwatch. 

6.3.1.      Watch for signs around the entrance to RiverWatch. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Boat Dock Report – Member put together ideas of how we may put controls on the boat dock area.  Will be e-mailed to the board … Evelyn will post to the website when I get it for member input. 

7.2.   Landscape Report – Nik’s is making progress through-out the community.  

7.2.1.      Brazilian Pepper trees at the dock have been cut down and removed. 

7.2.2.      Nik’s will lay mulch at the entrance this month. 

7.2.3.      Nick will submit a “suggestion list” of items/area that should be addressed (over and above) and month by month extras will be done as funds permit. 

8.      Maintenance report 

8.1.   Reporting Spreadsheet – same type spreadsheet as the violations – watch Evelyn’s suggestions on the website for how to convey … PLEASE give feedback. 

8.2.   General Updates – Metal pole painting along RiverEdge after the entrance and before the dock will be done shortly.  The color will be of a blue color. 

8.2.1.      Suggest wire brush off any rust, treat, and paint. 

9.      Architectural report – none  

10.  Open questions from the floor: 

10.1.                    Shouldn’t ALL delinquent dues be liened by now? 

10.1.1.  They will be shortly        Once delinquent dues have gone to the attorney – the cost of not paying your dues rises very quickly – and you are no longer dealing with a management company, but a lawyer who charges for every minute. 

10.2.                    Speed limit signs – are they in the best seen places? 

10.2.1.  Hmmm – some think so, some think not … Tony checking this. 

10.3.                    What about the members who live around the home for sale on Sawgrass with the weeds almost as tall as the roof of the house. 

10.3.1.  Tony will check with Code Enforcement again. 

10.4.                    Member asked about adding a bocce ball play field to the playground area. 

10.4.1.  To add/change anything beyond “normal replacement” we need 80% of the general membership’s approval.        Doing research on what Bocce Ball is – it doesn’t appear anything would need to be changed, dug up, removed, added or whatever.        If people want to get together and play Bocce Ball at the playground … we can play Bocce Ball at the playground :-P 

11.  Adjourn meeting 8:04Pm Evelyn Motioned, Bill Second 




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