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Board Meeting NOTES

Date: 08/17/2009

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689


1.      Call to order – 7:07pm

2.      Establish Quorum – Present: Bob M, Ed Z, Bill P, Evelyn C and Property Manager Tony T Absent Bob S

3.      Read and approve minutes from 07/20/2009 – Motion made to waive the reading of the minutes and was accepted.  Evelyn pointed out they ARE written in Evie speak and once we vote to approve them they ARE official (see 5.1 italics)

4.      Financial report – We are $9,500 to the good so far for the year ($23,000 including prior years ~ Prior years are pre-paid dues that have been paid *in prior years*

4.1.1.      Delinquencies – currently there are 14 delinquent home owners (8.8% of our home owners), 3 are into their second year, 13 of the delinquent home owners have been liened, 1 is in foreclosure (see 5.3) 

4.1.2.      Reserve Items – this is deferred while awaiting benchmark bids for replacement for current reserves.

4.1.3.      Report limitations of software (i.e. “current due” when actually in lien and “current rent” does not mean renter) It is what it is, software limitations

5.      Violation Status  

5.1.   Violations Report Spreadsheet – update – does the format work? Yes.  Evelyn asked if it can be posted to the website, Tony says no.  Reason – litigious issues flare from the smallest spark, when close to litigious people.  Makes sense to me. Gosh I’m a liability.

5.2.   Code Enforcement – using code enforcement, they use door hangers, if not corrected *bada bing* within two months the issue can be liened

5.2.1.      Tony will put together the procedures for liening a property (with timeline) and add it to the violation status spread sheet as well.

5.3.   Attorney update – July 24th the 2nd District Court of Appeal’s affirmed the circuit court's decision. August 6th the lawyer for Robert Wirth and Sandra Blaker filed another appeal (the courts have found for the association every time, every time Robert John Wirth appeals)

5.3.1.            Every MINUTE spent on this issue costs money.  There are a LOT of minutes in almost TEN years.  All over the need to walk a dog without a leash. We have three dog parks within five miles of our home.  I used to walk by two of them regularly ... used to :-(

6.      Maintenance report – nothing to report

6.1.   Maintenance Report Spreadsheet – update – same layout as the violations – yes that works. Can I post this to the website?  And if not, why not?  LOL!!! fear of sueing ourself ... --- ... oh ... --- ... never mind :-( nope )-:

6.2.   General Updates – None

7.      Architectural report – None  

8.      Old Business 

8.1.   Playground Roof – months ago we voted to cap the posts.  Nothing done and we are still talking about putting a roof on the playground. Bill made motion to CAP the posts.  Evelyn Seconded … Four votes Yes – passed … put a cap on it … :-| Consensus of RiverWatch Members at the meeting ~ YAY!!! ~maybe this playground issue can be completed~

8.1.1.      Playground Monkey Bar support post has a vertical crack in it.            Supposed to have a 100 year warranty.            Playground company person to be out next week to inspect the playground (finally) GREAT timing!!!

8.2.   Gazebo Benches – The plastic benches are in the $1,000's of dollars.  Ed asked why we don’t just check into metal frames and pressure treated wood … yes replacement needs would be there – BUT the cost should be substantially less.

8.2.1.      See 6.2 of September 2009 HOA Meeting

8.3.    Dept of Transportation update –  DOT has amended our entrance so vehicles can no longer use our entrance exit as a fourth lane to the light. 

8.3.1.I noticed it seems lots of people haven’t noticed them big white poles.

8.3.2.One resident said she thinks they cheapen the look of our entrance.

8.4.    Boat Dock Report – I have the document and will get this posted.  Link will be live when it’s there. 

8.5.    Landscape Report – mulch has been laid at the entrance 

8.5.1.Nick will put together a spreadsheet of his recommendations of what to attack, when and their associated costs. 

9.      New Business 

9.1.   RiverWatch Center – Manager of RiverWatch Center wants to meet with us.  He will be in town on Monday August 24th – we will meet with him then.  I will post the information as soon as we know when and where we are meeting.

10.  Open questions from the floor: 

10.1.                    Mulch at the playground is thinner than the recommended playground fill

10.1.1.  The mulch is covering the old playground fill, which is sand.  The mulch was put down to help keep the sand down.

10.2.                    What was stolen?  The playground roof – quite some time ago.  It was stolen after it was left uninstalled due to brackets that did not appear to fit the roof we received.  The company sent other brackets, but they were iffy as well (Evelyn thought the roof was different from what was expected)

10.2.1.  We have insurance – but the deductible is $1,000

10.2.2.  A police report was filed with Tarpon Springs Police Department

11.  Adjourn meeting – Evelyn Motioned Bill Seconded – 7:49PM WHOOO HOOO!!!  Is that a record?


Thank You to the Tarpon Springs Police department for their protection and service during our board meetings. 



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