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RiverWatch Housing Association 

Board Meeting 


Date: 09/21/2009

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689


1.      Call to order – 7:09 PM  

2.      Establish Quorum – Present: Bill P, Ed Z, Evelyn C, Bob M and PM Tony T (absent Bob S)

3.      Read and approve minutes from 8/17/09 Board Meeting – Change #4 and 4.1.2 (have Tony check verbiage before it is marked OFFICIAL – Deals with prior years and what they mean as well as reserve items issue) any other issues? No Evelyn Motioned to accept, Bill 2nd – vote unanimous, they are official once #4 and 4.1.2 have been edited. 

4.      Financial report – reserve items Tony is using 1994 (the date of our first official documents) as the beginning year 

4.1.1.      Delinquencies – 10 are still delinquent: 9 are liened, 1 is in bank foreclosure 

4.1.2.      Budget Outlook – looks GREAT even with the delinquencies – but part of that is prior years (RiverWatch members who have pre-paid their dues) 

5.      Violation Status  

5.1.   One home is with the city code board, the city started the clock 9/10/09, they begin fining 9/24/09 

5.2.   Two homes are with the RiverWatch HOA fining committee.   

5.2.1.      $100.00 per inspection the issue has not been resolved 

5.2.2.      inspections happen once a week) 

5.3.   What to do if you KNOW you have an issue, even if you haven’t gotten a letter (yet) contact Tony at (cc )  describe the issue and what your plan is to remedy with timelines.

5.3.1.      Things do happen and sometimes issues cannot be corrected overnight. 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   General Playground Update:  

6.1.1.      The roof sent was a Gingerbread roof.            Roof we should have received is a gabled roof                  Pictures sent to the playground company                        Holding pattern to see what the company will do      IF playground company will not replace the roof – we WILL cap the posts (as voted on several times this past 14(?) months. 

6.1.2.      The inspection of the playground went well and the inspector said the team who put the playground together is to be commended.  Thank you regular crew who do. 

6.2.   Picnic Tables 

6.2.1.      We want to install two tables – aluminum is the most inexpensive and most durable for the money 

6.2.2.      $500.00 cap per table (including shipping) let’s get it done.            Evelyn Motion, Bill 2nd – unanimous  

6.3.   Landscape Report 

6.3.1.      Nick was unable to make the meeting, but for the new year Nick will submit an overview of what he feels should be done (monthly, quarterly) 

6.3.2.      Nik’s is NOT raising their fee for landscaping for 2010 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   SWFMD pond inspection 

7.1.1.      Pond inspection is due again.            Cost of lowest estimate (WITH Plans) is $275.00 – we have the plans this year due to Ed’s work last year.            Ed volunteered to do the inspection this year for no charge to the community.                  Evelyn motioned, Bill 2nd – unanimous  

7.2.   RiverWatch Center Meeting Report 

7.2.1.      Tony will see what is available for us to meet 6-7 PM 10/19009 (date of next board meeting)            The meeting with the RiverWatch Center manager will be open to all RiverWatch members. 

8.      Maintenance report 

8.1.   Tony will gather proposals for pressure washing the sidewalk from RiverWatch entry to the boat dock. 

9.      Architectural report  

9.1.   One request is with the committee for adding a screened room (bird cage) and deck extension. 

9.1.1.      Awaiting further description of work to be done and final plan. 

9.2.   Paperwork completed for house painting and has been approved 

10.  Open questions from the floor: 

10.1.                    Member asked if there is a good landscaper that can be recommended (not happy with current service) for their residence. 

10.1.1.  Nik’s - http://tarponriverwatch.com/niks.html  

11.  Adjourn meeting  

11.1.                    Bill motioned, Evelyn 2nd – time 7:42 PM 




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