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RiverWatch Housing Association 

Board Meeting 


Date: 10/19/2009

Time: 6pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689


We began approximately 6:15pm:

Meet with Manager of RiverWatch Center to discuss their possible ideas for future growth. 

Present: Bill P, Ed Z, Bob M, Evelyn C and Judy Puschmann (LCAM) @ Ameri-Tech. 

We met with Jose M. Martinez who is managing the property named RiverWatch Center. 

1)      With the current economy the developer is going to let the grass grow (they have a landscaper, so if it grows too much, contact Jose @ JMMartinez@bellsouth.net and please CC TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com  

a.      The company has been very pro-active with issues such as graffiti and such. 

b.      Jose does want to retain the value of the land and the area. 

2)      Jose asked what type business we would have issue with:  

a.      Fast food – no, due to high traffic issues as it is, without adding heavy usage round the clock trying to access a fast food eatery. 

b.      Jose asked about a sit-down restaurant – not so much opposition (we felt – weigh in with your ideas of what would / wouldn’t work and why’s are great.  Goal is win-win-wins for everyone.) 

c.       Private *garden offices* we liked that idea … but then again it was just the ones who were there options.  

d.      Medical space – good option. 

e.      Bank – hmmm … not too sure 



Date: 10/19/2009

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689


1.      Call to order – 7:05 PM called to order 

2.      Establish Quorum – Ed Z, Bill P, Bob M, Evelyn C, and Judy from Ameri-Tech 

3.      Read and approve minutes from 9/21/09 – updates are in 10/19/09 notes. 

3.1.   See 5)Violations Status, 6.1) Gazebo benches and 8) Sidewalk 

3.2.   Bob M motioned to accept, Bill 2nd – unanimous to waive reading of the minutes. 

3.2.1.      They are posted online for all to read 

4.      Financial report  

4.1.1.      Delinquencies – 8 total liened, 2 of which are in mortgage foreclosure.

4.1.2.      Budget – We are showing $13,000 surplus year to date (BUT this also includes prior years – dues pre-paid that WILL be needed in the year in which they are meant for. 

5.      Violation Status – 11 notified of mold on sidewalk – see #8 for what RiverWatch is doing for the sidewalk issues at the entrance. 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Gazebo Benches – Benches will be delivered toward the end of the week to Ed Zisman’s home.  Kerry will be there to accept them. 

6.2.   Attorney update – Wants to settle for 2.5% of what he has cost our community.  AND he will allow the police to keep his weapons.  AND he will walk his dog on a lead – unless at the boat dock(?) ON LEASH/LEAD – etc is not and has NEVER been on the table – when in public – on RiverWatch communal property dogs will be on a leash, lead, etc. 

6.2.1.      Evelyn Motioned to reject the settlement offer. 

6.2.2.      Bill P 2nd            Ed asked for clarification of what we are voting on:                  The vote is to reject the settlement offer.  We want the amount Name Removed1 and NameRemoved2 owe the RiverWatch community (the amount of money this issue has cost our community AND walk the dog on a leash AND not kill people) – or auction the house.                        Bill P, motioned to reject the offer, Bob M 2nd – Unanimous … offer rejected – no settlement.  

6.3.   Playground roof – Roger Davis said the pictures sent did not show conclusively that the roof was the ginger bread roof. 

6.3.1.      Cap the posts with green caps shown at: ENTER THE LINK check the example here.

6.3.2.      It has been voted on about six times – cap the posts. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   RiverWatch Center – the stuff we talked about – see above … win-win-win. 

8.      Maintenance report  

8.1.   Quotes from $650 to $800 depending on how long it takes for the mold to be eradicated and then it will be hit with an anti-mold solution.  Ah – the joys of living in Florida. 

8.1.1.      Nick has a contact that does pressure-washing.  Nick will get the info to Tony for them to submit a bid as well. 

8.1.2.      Go with best bid and get it done. 

8.2.   Ponds are due – info given to Ed to complete (free of charge) 

8.3.   Recycle information ~ Garbage pick-up ~ Fall Clean-up ~ info ~ to be posted. 

9.      Architectural report – Ed has the plans from the home owner who wants to extend their deck (birdcage) he will forward it to Tony again. 

10.  Landscape report

11.  Open questions from the floor:  

11.1.                    Bob S has resigned from the board due to issue with how the playground issue has been handled. Open the floor to another volunteer for the board ~ John D volunteered as long as Barb has no issue, the board and all present unanimous approval of John D joining the board.

11.2.                    Next Chain Saw day – Sunday November 1st at 9 AM at the playground.  If you come later – follow the noise.  That is where the volunteers will be working to improve our community. 

11.2.1.  Community volunteerism is what helps to keep our costs down – especially with a litigious neighbor.

11.2.2.  Interested in a community day / barbeque / community yard-sale / whatever?  If so – let me know and we can do it.

11.3.                    What is the code (or suggestion) for mulch covering at the playground?  Let’s get this done. 

11.3.1.  Get information and then bids for what is needed. 

12.  Adjourn meeting 7:33 PM Bob M motioned, Bill P 2nd 




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