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RiverWatch Housing Association 

Board & Budget Meeting Minutes  

Date: 11/16/2009

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689

1.      Call to order 7:07pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – 15 proxies received 10 in attendance – we have a Quorum  

3.      Annual Budget 

3.1.   Vote to roll over excess funds – 24 yes 0 no excess funds roll over 

3.2.   Vote to pool reserve items (central reserve account) – 22 yes 2 no reserves are pooled 

3.3.   Board approval of 2010 annual budget  

3.3.1.      Social Meeting Room is listed as $0 – why?  It has been rolled into the Administration line item 

3.3.2.      Irrigation is listed as $0 – why? It is rolled into the Tree Trimming and Upgrades 

3.3.3.      Evelyn Motion to accept, Bill 2nd unanimous 2010 budget passes (another year with no increase)   

4.      Adjourn meeting 7:15pm 


Immediately following or proceeding the Annual Budget Meeting Minutes

1.      Call to order 7:15pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – Present: John D., Evelyn C., Ed Z., Bill P., Tony T. Ameri-Tech, Absent Bob M. 

3.      Read and approve minutes from 10/19/09  

3.1.   Edit 4.1.1 to read 8 total liened, 2 of which are in mortgage foreclosure.  

3.2.   Edit 11.1 to read the board and all present unanimous approval of John D joining the board. 

3.3.   John D Motion to accept minutes with edits, Bill P 2nd – minutes accepted. 

4.      Financial report 

4.1.   Delinquencies – 8 total liened 2 of which are in mortgage foreclosure. 

4.2.   Budget – Currently running a $6,000 surplus, expect $9,000 by the end of the year for a total of $26,000 including prior years (including $17,000 in prior years) $3,000 is added to reserves. 

5.      Violation Status – 14 notices have been sent – six calls received with plan to address the violation. 

5.1.   One property is with code enforcement and the fine is growing quickly.  Tony will get with the city to see what can be done to address the items that could affect the structure of the home ASAP 

5.2.   Tony will get Evelyn information to put on the website for contact information for the pressure washer RiverWatch is using for our communal property. 

5.2.1.      Evelyn will put the information on the website. 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Gazebo Benches Installed – Thank you John D for putting the benches together and installing them. 

6.2.   Attorney Update – we await final hearing date(?) 

6.3.   Discussion of request to paint, power wash wall on Crest Ridge side.  Bill P motioned to pressure wash the wall, John D 2nd unanimous – we will pressure wash the wall. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Stop sign at RiverWatch Blvd and RiverEdge Dr is very faded. 

7.2.   Speed limit sign at the entrance to RiverWatch is too close to the entrance – move it in further. 

7.2.1.      Tony will get with DOT for both 7.1 & 7.2 

8.      Maintenance report – the entrance sign light that was out has been fixed. 

8.1.   Sidewalks – currently being pressure washed (also addressing the playground sidewalks and gazebo’s)  

8.2.   Ponds – Ed plans to have the inspections completed by the end of December. 

8.3.   Playground mulch thickness – awaiting mulch to be laid. 

8.4.   Landscape Report – Nick was unable to attend, but he will give the board a list of issues that should be addressed in which season/month. 

8.4.1.      Trees along the north side of RiverWatch Blvd, before getting to the docks are dead/dying what can we do about them.            Tony will call county to inquire if we can cut them down. 

9.      Architectural report – Resident with tree they wish to cut down in their back yard must contact the county for the decision to cut down the tree. 

9.1.   Drainage Easements – what have we learned – the city handles easement issues (but this issue the easement is not impacted) 

9.2.   Vote for approval or denial of request to change drainage easement – non issues, no vote needed for the easement, go ahead with the project if architectural committee approved. 

10.  Board of Director comments  

10.1.                    Bill P said Matt King is running for Mayor and has asked to address the Association during our next meeting (12/21/2009) Matt King will be added to the agenda for December. 

10.2.                    Bill P brought up that the two benches facing the pond on the north side of the emergency access road by the playground need to be replaced. 

10.2.1.  Community volunteer project to be used (stay tuned) 

11.  Open questions, issues from the floor 

11.1.                    Pepper tree along the north side of RiverWatch Blvd between the entrance and the playground.  What can be done to eradicate them? 

11.1.1.  Issue – the pepper tree here do camouflage the wetland area behind it. 

11.1.2.  Tony will get with Nick (of Nik’s) to see what options we have to get rid of the pepper trees and possibly replacing them with native vegetation.  

11.2.                    Storm drain pipes from the storm drain to the opening to the retention ponds, who is responsible for them? 

11.2.1.  The city is responsible for them to be kept clear (is this what they are doing when they run the fire hydrants?) 

12.  Adjourn meeting – John D motioned Bill P 2nd 8:00pm 



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