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RiverWatch Housing Association 

Board Meeting Minutes 

 December 21, 2009 

 RiverWatch Home


Date: 12/21/2009

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689


1.      Call to order – 7:04 pm  

2.      Establish Quorum – Present: Bob M, Ed Z, Bill P, John D, Evelyn C, Tony T Property Manager 

3.      Read and approve minutes from 11/16/09  – Edit 4.2 to say “including prior years” – Bill P motioned, Evelyn C 2nd – minutes approved. 

4.                  Matt King (running for mayor to address community – Matt King talked with Riverwatch members attending the meeting.  The vote for Mayor is March 9th 2010 (The other candidate for Mayor is David Archie – Matt King is against Walmart on the Anclote, David Archie is for Walmart on the Anclote River.) 

5.      Chris Alahouzos – (running for City Commissioner) “ “ “ – To be rescheduled 

6.      Financial report 

6.1.   Delinquencies – 6 still outstanding (for a total of $5013.00 – three of the delinquents are in their second year) Four of the six are liened, two are in foreclosure. 

6.2.   Budget - going into the new year we have a surplus of $28,000 including prior years (dues paid in advance of the year due) 

7.      Violation Status – four violators have been turned over to code enforcement (fining committee is Frank and Pat – anyone else like to volunteer?) 

7.1.   Riparian / Wetland areas protected or not?  Some say yes, some say no … this has been turned over to SWFWMD 

7.2.   http://LowCostPressureCleaning.com – (727) 207-9176 – *Special Rates* for RiverWatch homeowners. 

8.      Old Business 

8.1.   Attorney update – Foreclosure hearing set for March 4th – 9am  

9.      New Business 

9.1.   Website – possible revenue generation – yes, we have EIN number.  TarponRiverWatch.com may be used to generate revenue.  

9.2.   Website – ProfitGate.net sent advertisement to do site - $499 set up – hosting is $21.99 monthly with one update a month.  Evelyn was asked if she wanted to continue with the website maintenance – yes, she does want to continue.  Why was this on the agenda?  Ad for ProfitGate was in our monthly mailing from Ameri-Tech. 

10.  Maintenance report 

10.1.                    Landscape Report – awaiting list from Nik’s 

10.2.                    Benches at the pond by the playground … when will they be addressed?  Our volunteers have been too busy to do this as well … contact our handy man to see if he will be able to get them replaced using the same materials as the other benches have been replaced with. 

11.  Architectural Report  

11.1.                    How are projects approved?  Forms are submitted, the committee reviews and then approves or disapproves … we have recently lost one of our Architectural review committee members and are in need of more volunteers 

11.1.1.  Jerry W volunteered and will be put in touch with Richard C. 

11.1.2.  Unapproved *tree house* to be addressed 

11.2.                     Approval process to be addressed.  Approval of last project to be reviewed. 

12.  Board of Director comments 

12.1.                    Jan. 2010 we will have a neighborhood/crime watch briefing – Q&A 

12.2.                    Chris Alahouzos will be invited to address the community at the Jan. meeting. 

13.  Open questions from the floor 

13.1.                    Why didn’t we decorate the entrance to RiverWatch?  

13.1.1.  No decorations or volunteer’s to do so. 

14.  Adjourn meeting – Bill motioned, Bob second – 7:59pm meeting adjourned. 


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