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RiverWatch Housing Association  

Jan. 2010 Board Meeting 

Meeting Minutes 

 RiverWatch Home


Date: January 19, 2010 Tuesday 

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689


1.      Call to order – 7:00 PM  

2.      Establish Quorum present: Ed Z, Bob M, Bill P, John D, Evelyn C and property manager Tony  

3.      Read and approve notes from 12/21/09to become official minutes – Evelyn Motion, Bill 2nd … notes on the website are our minutes. 

4.      Chris Alahouzos – (running for City Commissioner) to address members - cancelled 

5.      Neighborhood Watch Program  the following is the info I found – Officer Quinn presenting a Powerpoint presentation.  Office Quinn presented the Neighborhood watch Program.  If you are IN our area the number the 911 operator calls to get a local law enforcement officer is: 727-937-6151  If you want information, you may call 727-938-2849.  To begin a Neighborhood/Crime watch, we need a community member to volunteer to be the Crime Watch Director and several Block Captains.  Training is provided, and monthly meetings are the 4th Thursday at 7:00pm.  We also need at least 50% of all members to be willing to participate (phone tree and watching out for our community).  Officer Quinn’s Office number is 727-937-8753 his e-mail address is rquinn@tspd.us Jerry W will check more into the Crime Watch Director.  Jerry will also draw up a budget so we can get the word out.  The presentation ended at 7:48 PM and we went straight into the Home Owners Meeting 

6.      Financial report  

6.1.   Delinquencies – four homes are liened, two are in mortgage foreclosure.  One of the foreclosures have people living in the home who are NOT the owners and are in violation of our deed restrictions, according to Tony, there is nothing that can be done … the people living in the home can do whatever they want … PLEASE if there are ANY members of RiverWatch who know this is NOT true – we can use your help.  TWO of the units are now into their THIRD year of delinquency … one of which is one of the mortgage foreclosures – the other one is liened and MAY be in bank foreclosure. 

     6.2.   Budget - 2009 ended on an excellent note.  $9,000 put into prior years and we have a $28,000 surplus from prior years. 

6.3.   See 8.3 - $47,000 (plus) has been added to our checking account.  See 9.3 

7.      Violation Status – 13 recent violations, two are with code enforcement, one is with SWFWMD.  

8.      Old Business 

8.1.   Pond Benches (by playground) – first person hired to replace the benches quit.  Another gave a bid of $184.00 … get it DONE.  Get the benches replaced. 

8.2.   Attorney update (see 6.1) 

8.3.   Payment of dues and other repayment of some of our HOA’s past legal expenses - $47k has been received – this is not a ~win~.  This is reimbursement for our legal expense in this issue and payment of delinquent dues. 

9.      New Business 

9.1.   Issues we could address with 8.3 (To Do’s from 6.3?) – tabled 

10.  Maintenance report 

10.1.                    Landscape Report – nothing  

11.  Architectural report  

11.1.                    Architectural Issue #1 – Circular driveway – owner did everything they were supposed to do.  Plan was approved by Architectural Committee.  Work was done.  Evelyn reiterated the project should not have been approved (but it was) this project IS what it is.  Others in the meeting said they like the driveway … Evelyn reiterated that is NOT what she moved to the neighborhood for.  It was agreed any further projects of this type will require a change to our governing documents.  Our governing documents MUST be used when approving what is or is not allowed. 

11.2.                    Architectural Issue #2 – (large, healthy) Tree’s cut down … No architectural committee approval, no permits obtained.  Awaiting further information.  

12.  Board of Director comments – the amendment we attempted to get voted in last year to have new owners or renters meet with at least one board member at the property manager’s office to acknowledge and sign they have read and will abide by our Deed Restrictions and other governing documents.  Jerry W has volunteered to go door to door to collect proxies if needed.  We will be going over all of our documents – making sure everything is complete and owners will receive a packet with all of our governing documents. 

13.  Open questions from the floor – Jerry W possible Crime Watch Director and will draw up a budget for getting the word out. 

14.  Adjourn meeting – Bob M motioned, Evelyn C 2nd 8:30 PM 




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