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RiverWatch Housing Association 

Feb. 2010 Annual Meeting 

Meeting Notes – To be made official Feb. 2011

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Date: February 16, 2010 Tuesday 

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689


1.       Call to Order – 7:00 PM

2.       Certifying  of Proxies & establish quorum – 8 proxies were received – 10 General Members present and signed in :-)   All current board members present:  Bill P, Bob M, Ed Z, Evelyn C & John D – we have a Quorum of members & Board

3.       Establish proof of notice – 159 proxies were mailed Jam. 15th 2010 – none were returned undeliverable (sent regular mail, no return receipt or certified)

4.       Read or waive minutes of last members’ meeting – notes have been posted to the website since Feb. 2009 … wave reading … Bill Motioned ~ Bob 2nd – they’re official

5.       Reports of offices and committees

5.1.    Financial:

5.1.1. Jan. budget – 6,647 actual 6,473 (Great start :-)  We currently have $125,000 in our general operating fund – Tony suggested looking at a six or 10 month CD … John pointed out CD’s were looking at 8/10th for a CD for the length and amount we would be looking at and warned about tying up RiverWatch funds for a negligible amount.  The reason for the surplus is reimbursement of legal expenses ~ not some windfall we have *won*

5.1.2. Delinquencies – 33 currently not paid – 5 liened – 1 mortgage foreclosure – 1 bank foreclosure March 15th attorney demand letters for lien on the balance of the 33*

5.2.    Violations :

5.2.1. Tree’s cut down – March 1st Compliance Board – must replant 36” caliper of tree(s) to replace … either on his property (not enough property to actually be able to do it – these were LARGE healthy trees) donate the trees to Tarpon Springs OR RiverWatch could claim them … I say we go for this solution!              The *Treehouse* / *Observation deck* must also be removed and the stumps of the desecrated trees ground out.  Tony will get on this. 

5.2.2. Boats at locations without docks (Riverside) according to what Tony said at the meeting:  Lauren from the Department of Environmental Protection Agency said: having access to the waterline, homeowners may park two small craft (even if growth must be removed) as long as you do not do water displacement (?) even if they do not have a dock (?)  I think this is something we want to follow up on   

5.2.3. Dogs off lead or roaming loose – Contact Tony and also contact Animal Control.  The things they will want to know are:  Date, Time, Location, animal breed, home owner if you know, basically as much info as possible – pictures are awesome … BUT … Do NOT confront any individuals to do so.              Phone Numbers to be added prominently on the website. 

5.2.4. General areas:              Benches at the pond by the playground have been repaired.              Pipe at the emergency access point between RiverWatch Blvd and Anclote Vista was repaired this morning.  It was tapped, so the kids will find it harder to rip it off again :-(              Dock – Lauren at the Department of Environmental Protection said to hire one of their environmental people to do the job of marking our staff gauge (that we have been saying to get done for well over a year now – GET IT DONE!)              Tree along the north side of our entrance / exit … Eleven that have been looking bad for YEARS (smaller ones) we have a list of tress approved for the City of Tarpon Springs.  I will be listing these with links to the different species.                     Nick of NIK’s will draw up a plan and we will get that submitted to the City of Tarpon Springs to approve – so this is something we will want to get done rather quickly.                     Aerials of our area … Google Maps ROCKS - Let’s see what we can do using this tool.   This topic will be continued between meetings via the website and e-mail. 

5.2.5. Fining Committee: Frank, Rosemary & Pat 

5.2.6. Architectural Committee: Richard, Jerry, Sharron & Margaret  

5.2.7. Tony to send board members contact information for all committee members  

6.       Old Business

6.1.    Amendment to have new buyers and renters meet with a board member and or property manager to acknowledge they understand RiverWatch IS a deed restricted community and they and their tenants are bound by our documents.

6.1.1. The board recommends the approval of this amendment.              We need 75% of the general members (that means if you live in RiverWatch we NEED your vote) Translated to numbers, it means we need 120 yes votes to pass this amendment.              This amendment is meant to PROTECT YOUR Investment – by NOT voting or voting no – it could very well make it harder to ensure the neighborhood you chose to move into STAYS the neighborhood you chose :-( but that is your choice.

6.2.    Neighborhood watch – a neighbor had issue with a particular location in our neighborhood.  When the police were called the issue the police noticed was lack of light.  A resident of that area requested to ask Progress Energy to access the need for another pole (the association pays for the street lights) Evelyn made motion to call Progress Energy – John 2nd – unanimous.

7.       New Business – Neighborhood watch – Jerry W said by calling Progress Energy and reporting the pole number and what the issue is, they will respond within three days to correct the issue.

7.1.    We need a community garage sale day (Spring Cleaning – and draw to the community) – We are going for Saturday April 10th

7.2.    We need a community pot-luck bar-b-q – We are going for Sunday April 11th

7.3.    Evelyn will get ALL of this information featured prominently on the website (add it to the WIP list)

8.       Open floor for nominations – There were five turned in nominations … John D’s floor nomination not heard(?)

9.       Candidates read and agree to abide by Association Documents – all nominees signed they have read association documents and will abide by them.

10.   Introduction and Q&A session for new nominees – David P (new member to RiverWatch and board nominee) introduced himself

11.   Collection of votes – Tony said we have five nominees and five positions – no vote needed

12.   Election of Directors (Vote tally) (5 positions) Bob, Bill, David, Ed, John

13.   Select nominating committee for the year (1 board member – 2 residents)  Evelyn, John & Chris

14.   Adjourn Meeting – 7:43 pm Bill motion Evelyn 2nd


Board Meeting Agenda 

(Immediately following the annual members’ meeting)


1.       Call to order – 7:44 pm

2.       Election of Chairman of the meeting – Ed (?)

3.       Election of Officers (Nominated – Motioned~2nd)

a.       President – Ed – Bob~Bill

b.      Vice President – Bill – Bob~Evelyn

c.       Secretary – Evelyn – David~Bill

d.      Treasurer – David – Evelyn~Bill (David is a CPA :-)

e.      Director - Bob

4.       Adjourn Meeting – 7:46 pm




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