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RiverWatch Housing Association 

Board Meeting Minutes



Date: Monday April 19, 2010

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689


1.      Call to order – 7:07pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – Who is representing? (Tony will be out of town. Judi from Ameri-Tech will be present)  Everyone present and accounted for (Ed, Bill, Bob, David, Evelyn & Ameri-Tech Judi) 

3.      Read and approve NOTES from 3/15/2010 (please send feedback to ME NLT NOON 4/19/10 – day of meeting) No feedback received, none given at the meeting, everyone has read the minutes that are on the website – Bob motioned, Bill seconded – Notes are now minutes. 

4.      Financial report – David went over the financials. We are in good shape – other than the member who has cost so much in legal fees (which most were reimbursed) are costing our community MORE … Come to our meetings so you can find out the who, what, where, why and HOW can this keep happening. 

4.1.   Delinquencies – Total of 15 deliquencies (Past due breakdown – 10 are in their 1st year – 4 are in their 2nd year – 1 is in the 3rd year … all are with the lawyer) 

4.2.   Budget – we are hovering right over 90% of budget – which is good due to the outstanding homeowner’s dues which are delinquent. 

4.3.   Foreclosure by Riverwatch on community properties (Ameri-Tech to address) 

4.3.1.      How much? Approx $2,100 per unit 

4.3.2.      Process?  Process can take about six months 

4.3.3.      Who, what, where, why & how? Riverwatch would foreclose, then Riverwatch would be a “landlord” for month to month tenants until the bank foreclosed – all rental fees would be income to Riverwatch … and we need more information. 

4.3.4.      Benefit?  Need more information 

4.3.5.      ROI?  Need more information – but this seems to be a very costly endeavor.  

5.      Violation Status (Ameri-Tech) 

5.1.   Fining Committee and Status of those fined (Ameri-Tech) – two delinquent units have been to the fining committee due to violations per our documents – one unit fined $1,000 – the other has $3,000 in total fines (not expecting to see the dues or fines from this, since the owners have not been heard from in over two years) 

5.2.   Who enforces our documents (Ameri-Tech)  Ameri-Tech 

5.2.1.      What is the process (Ameri-Tech)  Ameri-Tech notes violations during weekly inspections:            1ST Notice:  Friendly reminder sent to notify the owner of the violation            2nd Notice:  Owner is notified the violation will go to the fining committee if the violation is not corrected.            3rd Notice – Fining Committee:  Two week notice for owner and fining committee to meet to discuss and if not corrected the owner is fined per occurrence, or daily, depending on the committee.                  Fines do not go as a lien against the property – but can be collected when sold.                  Code Enforcement:  Pinellas County Code Enforcement is a section of the police department that will help enforce violations.  At two week intervals they will check on ongoing violations reported.  They are less strict that the association rules.            NOTE: Violation Notifications go to the owner on record – not the address of the home in our community … SO … in instances where the “owner” has skipped and “whoever” lives in the house … who ever living in the house can do whatever they want – because we did not have enough member say “RENTERS MUST ABIDE BY OUR DOCUMENTS” BUT the owner is still responsible – BUT in the case of the owner who doesn’t give a …. We, the community, are SOL?  PLEASE if someone knows differently on this we need YOUR help!!! 

5.2.2.      How neighbors are made aware that something is being done? (Ameri-Tech) – to be addressed by Tony … I (Evelyn) have asked if I can place violation statuses on the website – but have been told no.            Maybe this would be a good place for a secure log-in and only registered owners in Riverwatch would have access? 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Website ad placement (Evelyn) – still have only made 73 cents from Google ads – but we have made $2.20 from InfoLinks (the double green underlined links) … is this worth the ads being on the site?  Consensus during this meeting was leave them up and see what happens. 

6.1.1.      What is happening where and what should we keep?  Get rid of? – If you can’t attend the meeting please send feedback to ME            No Feedback :-( 

7.      New Business 

8.      Maintenance report (Ameri-Tech) – Wheel at the dock has been replaced.  The light pole at the end of RiverEdge drive will have the amperage of the bulb increased to see if this solves the light issue in this area.  This should be completed by the end of the month. 

8.1.   Landscape Report (Nick / Ameri-Tech) Nick has requested a wish list of what we would like done (I thought we requested a list of recommendations of what should be done during what time of year?) 

8.1.1.      What would YOU like to see done? Send your wish list to Tony AND to

9.      Architectural Report  

9.1.   Architectural Requests (Ameri-Tech) – none 

9.1.1.      Board member asked about a house that is being painted – is there a request for that?            Nope – don’t think so (Judi to get with Tony            Can we fine members who do work without proper approval?  Follow-Up 

9.2.   Architectural Process (Ameri-Tech) 

9.2.1.      Get the architectural form 

9.2.2.      Fill it out 

9.2.3.      Submit it 

9.2.4.      Get approval (is usually a very quick turn-around) 

10.  Board of Director comments  

10.1.                    David (new board member AND general member) asked for a key to the dock.  The key’s can be gotten from Tony at Ameri-Tech … I have Boat Dock Stickers – David signed for his sticker (must get with Tony for a key) 

10.2.                    Community Yard Sale – very good turnout.  It was requested we do this again in the fall in conjunction with Tarpon Springs fall clean-up AND maybe have another community pot-luck. 

10.3.                    It was brought up about possibly adding grills to the park – would we need 75% of the community to vote yes to have this done? 

10.3.1.  Judi said this was a capital improvement that did not require approval of the general membership … to be discussed further … and Tony is to get the cost of two in ground charcoal grills.  

11.  Open questions from the floor – John asked if we can adjourn the meeting. 

12. Adjourn meeting Evelyn Motioned / Bill 2nd 7:48 pm




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