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Board Meeting Meeting Minutes 


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Date: Monday May 17, 2010

Time: 7:15 pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689

Room: Main Hall


1.      Call to Order  - 7:15 pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – Present Bob, Bill, Evelyn (Tony Ameri-Tech) Ed arrived during meeting (was away on business, David is away on business) 

3.      Read (or waive reading) and approve minutes from 4/19/2010 – Bob motioned to waived reading and accept, Evelyn second – 4/19/10 notes are now minutes. 

4.      Financial Report – Although we expected our legal fees to go down with the settling of the long standing law suit, our documents are ripe for the member who looks to find something else so we must put our money back into legal fees.  River Watch is a community with 159 homes.  There are 160 lots in River Watch.  One home is built on two lots.  As far back as we have documentation for (2000 – the document was supplied by the member raising the issue); this home has always paid one assessment.  When this issue is solved, there will be other issues.  We have kept our dues at $557 for several years, the difference between 159 homes and 160 lots is $3.48 per home ~so – even if you had lived here 13 years (how long ago this house was built … and ALL things had stayed the same (which they did not) any reimbursement would amount to $45.24”~ The cost of the legal research so far … approx. $600 … the cost of informing you, the community – Zero … )   

4.1.   Delinquencies – Total 14 – (1 just paid) 8 in 1st year – 4 in 2nd year – 1 in 3rd year (member in 3rd year delinquency has not lived in the home in several years – home IS occupied and in foreclosure – but bank is not moving forward?) 

4.2.   Budget – approx. $600 over budget for the month.  

5.      Violation Status – 7 violations went out – 4 second notices 

5.1.   Statues on trees – are they ducks?  Are they swans?  The trees are growing back and will soon cover them.   

5.2.   Evelyn will put together a list of all the homes for sale with Realtor contact info and we will enforce realtor to do their jobs ensuring possible community members are aware River Watch IS A DEED RESTRICTED Neighborhood (neighbors Tony has approached have all pled ignorance that River Watch IS A DEED RESTRICTED Neighborhood) 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Website Google ads $1.07 and InfoLink $4.79 (double underline green links) Total $5.86 … with the payout levels, we should get a check by 2020 ;-)  Do NOT click links you are not interested in. 

6.2.   Entrance Sign – there is a sign under the current sign.  The sign on the north side of the entrance/exit will be removed to see what is under it (River Watch USED to be called New Haven before they broke ground – I think?) 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Grill possibility at the park – the grills will cost approximately $400 each – we are looking at putting in two.  Evelyn brought up needing 75% of the general members to vote for the grills.  Tony said we are working on an existing area (Playground / Picnic / Park) adding something one would expect to picnic. 

7.1.1.      It was brought up how much better the park looks to a few years back … does anyone have some before pictures we can post? 

7.2.   Benches – they need to be addressed … sealed?  Painted?  It was suggested paint.  Dark Green.  It could be a weekend project … 

7.3.   Pump House – who is responsible for the wall?  Tony will get with the city to find out. 

7.4.   Main culvert (1st in the community) who is responsible for the pipe under the road?  Ed said the pipe is settling. Tony to find out. 

7.5.   Approved Color Pallet for painting NEEDS TO BE DONE 

8.      Maintenance report 

8.1.   Landscape Report – Nik’s has submitted a bid of $3,500 to elevate, thin, trim, tend, etc. for all of the trees on communal River Watch property. 

8.1.1.      Nik’s will begin to do drive-by cuttings of the homes in foreclosure, empty, or the owners just don’t do it – the property will be charged for the maintenance.   

8.2.   Culverts need to be addressed again – but when Tony contacted Richard Hague, he said wording was put into documents 1990 and later that the developments were the ones to tend the culverts … Not sure what all of this meant – stay tuned … 

8.3.   Several street lights are burnt out.  There is a website one can go to report street lights that are out.  Evie to link, list and create a way for us to know what has and has not yet been reported. 

8.4.   Light at the end of River Edge has not yet been done. 

9.      Architectural Report  

9.1.   Unapproved Work – what can the community do to STOP IT !!! (see 5.2) 

9.1.1.      Notices similar to the violation notice will go out.  1st, 2nd, Fining Committee 

9.2.   Unapproved Work – colors – The home must be repainted, the color pallet must be APPROVED. 

9.3.   Because of the watering issues yards may be Xeriscaped – but you MUST first get approval.  GRASS must still be St. Augustine. 

10.  Board of Director comments  

10.1.                    Evie - it is TIME to address our documents (Tony interjected it will take 75% of our community to agree … it’s either we address our documents or allow the member whose goal it is to suck our community dry, to do it.) 

11.  Open questions from the floor  

11.1.                    New member asked about bahiagrass (due to needing less water) There are some beautiful Florida (Florida Friendly Landscaping links to follow) but grass must be St. Augustine (per our doc’s ~ see 4, 9.3 & 10.1) properly cared for is lush and beautiful year round usually – but does take regular water.  

12.  Adjourn meeting Bill Motioned – Evelyn 2nd 8:20 pm  




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