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RiverWatch Housing Association

June 2010 Board Meeting Minutes 


Date: Monday June 21, 2010

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689


1.      Call to order – 7:01 PM 

2.      Establish Quorum (Ed will be away on business) – Ed made it!  We had a full house with all board members and Tony present. 

3.      Read the notes from the web – yes, waive reading Bill motion, Bob 2nd approved minutes from May 17, 2010 (with Tony saying 9.3 of the now minutes from 5/17/2010, cannot currently specify what kind of grass someone puts in … NOTE: looking for this documentation on SWFWMD site – I can’t find it – Tony please send link – Pete is only finding where HOA’s CAN specify grass and plantings.)   

4.      Financial report – David gave a great report and we are sitting well so far for the year, even with our current delinquent members.  Evelyn asked about the repayment of prior year legal fees we received from the final, final, final, final … judgment.  How will this be addressed in our taxes for 2010 – we need to know this.  David said he would review Ameri-Tech Companies SOP. 

4.1.   Delinquencies – Total of 12 – 7 in their 1st year & 1 more partially paid – 4 in their 2nd year – 1 other unit was multiple years delinquent – but was just sold (see 4.1.1)  

4.1.1.      Home in foreclosure – is the bank moving forward?  The home was due to be sold today (6/21/10) the occupants of the home have packed up and moved out.  Tony can you get contact information so neighbors will know when someone should and should NOT be there – I expect a lot of work will need to be done.  Protecting one’s community that is what neighbors do.  Positive Thoughts for awesome new neighbors who are active in our community :-) 

4.2.   Budget – On track  

4.3.   Break down of legal fees in May  

4.3.1.      $265 document review for #4 from the minutes of 5/17/10 

4.3.2.      $755 collection letters (wow!!! For 15ish letters?  50 bucks a letter?) – yes it costs $50 PER letter. 

4.3.3.      $132 (my notes say BR Review? … sorry – help Tony) 

4.3.4.      $275 … I missed this too :-( - asked for this info to be sent via e-mail.  It was not - :-( 

4.3.5.      Where are we with #4 from 5/17/10 meeting?            Attorney says documents are clear – owner is supposed to pay two assessments – general consensus from members at meeting – “that is insane”.                  Documents from 2000 show the developer knowingly charging the two lots as one assessment.                  Our documents show the home has always paid one assessment.                  Tony is unable to find Michael Bronson (Last known address we have in our documents is 4320 West Kennedy Blvd. Tampa FL 33609) Developer of River Watch (formerly known as New Haven … positive thoughts the power of the Internet will bring us the answer)                        As a member pointed out – Bronson was *in charge* until everything was turned over to an active board … Was the property merged – but never changed on the land plots ~ were the lots not buildable for a River Watch home singularly … we don’t know?                  Evelyn pointed out when this issue is solved – there will be another from the unit raising THIS issue. 

5.      Violation Status  

5.1.   Homes for sale – total of 14 are for sale … the two worst looking homes; the agent is a member of our community.  Tony says it goes back to the home owner.  Evelyn asked how the homes were supposed to sell. 

5.1.1.      Evelyn will approach home sellers / agents to help market the homes in River Watch. 

5.2.   Main Violation Issues – I was after “what are our main issues” but got what is happening with the fining committee … 

5.2.1.      Fining Committee Issues            One complied today            One is going to the fining committee and code enforcement            One violating home just sold today            One *may* have sold today            One continues to rack up daily fines  

5.2.2.      The main issue I see in the neighborhood (but I don’t get out much ~ MUST needs correct that) is yards.  Many homes lawns look terrible ~ for those wondering, is she talking about ME?  I dunno – go out – look at your yard.  Does it look like crap?  Could it look better?  Then yes ~ I am talking to you.  If you can’t do ANY thing else – at least cut the weeds :-( ~Positive Thoughts~ :-) 

5.3.   General Members – are you happy with how our community is looking?  Of the people at the meeting – the things one can control, the members present are very happy with how the community looks.  Evelyn representing two member’s not present … very NOT happy. 

5.3.1.      See 8.1.1  &  8.1.2  of these notes. 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Website 

6.1.1.      Ads – infolinks $7.03 Google - $1.07 (both have pay-outs at $50 ~ so … )            Do NOT click ads you are not interested in.  That is a lose, lose, lose for everyone.  And we are in it to WIN it :-) 

6.1.2.      Easy link for street lamp issue reporting – Done – Feedback is VERY welcome. 

6.2.   Entrance Sign – Contractor bid $480 to take off the current letters – fabricate back boards of marine grade (?) board and then replace the letters – both North and South sides of our entrance sign.  ~ Evelyn Motion / Bill 2nd ~ unanimous – get it done.  

6.3.   Playground 

6.3.1.      Playground area grills – Tony ordered two at $399 and then saw them for $298 – so cancelled the $399 and didn’t order the $298.  They are cast iron, open front … what one would expect to see at a picnic area in a park. 

6.3.2.      Playground benches – the benches need to be cleaned before they are treated.  Painting was discussed as being very tedious and needing to be done every two years.  Thompson’s Water Seal (?) was suggested.  Get it done – we can address again later if needed, but it needs to be done now. 

6.4.   Pump house wall – who is responsible – we are.  (Note: our documents DO say we are responsible for the wall – Section Six – Article Two of our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of River Watch:  “Any walls and attendant landscaping constructed by the developer as part of the subdivision improvements or otherwise, shall be kept and maintained y the Association in condition and appearance as constructed by the developer.” 

6.4.1.      While the benches are being addressed (pressure washed) – get the wall done also. 

6.5.   Culverts 

6.5.1.      Main Culvert Settling – who is responsible?            If it is a public right of way (right under the road) the county takes care of it.  Once it peeps out into River Watch – it is ours. 

6.5.2.      All culverts need to be addressed – weed whacked (Ed and John to walk the retention areas and check culverts) 

6.6.   Approved color pallet for outside painting ~ two volunteers and a new friend volunteers will get the colors together and then creativity will put them together. 

6.6.1.      Stay tuned for where this ends up on this site.            If you want to have some control over paint colors – STAY TUNED and get involved. 

6.7.   Light at the end of River Edge Dr has been amped up. (John says it’s looking good) 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Dock Area trash cans – One is needed … unless we were to get our dock documents done that say ALL trash MUST be removed from the area … oops it does say that … guess what, many don’t :-( 

7.2.   DOCK STICKERS:  If you park your boat, trailer, car … what have you in this area – you MUST have YOUR coded number which consists of your unit & sticker number properly configured displayed on your mode of transportation.  The keepers of the list know proper numbers and will be watching.  Note:  If you are a River Watch member and a frequenter of the boat launch area and would like the list of numbers, or you do not have a sticker – drop Evelyn an e-mail. 

7.2.1.      Evie added item.  Positive thought to make this a towing issue :-)   

7.3.   Park, playground area – rebar bent, signs (curb your pet & the Play Mart signs) yanked out of the ground … whoever is doing this … ~way~ not cool

7.3.1.      Ants around perimeter of the playground – look at the sidewalk and follow the trails  :-( 

7.3.2.      Skid marks under the swings need to be leveled and the mulch level needs to be increased in the swing AND playground area of the park. 

7.4.   Sprinkler head just to the west of the boat ramp broken off by lawnmower.  Gushes water when on. (see ?) 

7.5.   Dog clean up stations located strategically throughout the neighborhood? For next meeting what are the costs to put them in, costs for replacement bags – how will they be tended, pro’s and con’s. 

7.5.1.      If we DID have them – where would they be? 

7.5.2.      If we have people bending rebar poles at the park and ripping out signs – how long will the dog clean up stations last? 

7.5.3.      Is this something that would need membership approval?  Evelyn thinks yes. 

7.5.4.      Follow up June 2010 

8.      Maintenance report 

8.1.   Landscape Report 

8.1.1.      Landscape contract (dry retention areas are to be mowed weekly – they are not being done so this year – but they were last year as they were expected to be and are contracted to be – but this year is different?  Need help here for clarification because I still don’t understand.  Awaiting experts’ names and phone numbers who say retention areas should not be mowed weekly.  Pete will follow up.) 

8.1.2.      Blackrush Dr ~ Pond side issues            Current power to the area is batteries; when the batteries fail the sprinklers don’t work.                  Don’t know how long they last ~ Tony says they sometimes last a week sometimes a month, but no one knows until the grass dies.                        Nik’s gave us a bid to do a monthly inspection of the common grounds sprinkler system for $250 a month … PASS … I (Evelyn) thought that was part of what Nik’s did – since that is what Nick said at our meeting when we brought him on … ?  Tony said no – Nik’s is Mow and Go ~ but I thought that was specifically what Nick said he wasn’t (mow & go) when we brought him on.                  Tony said the estimate for power to the area would be $2500 … a member asked about other estimates.  Tony said Ameri-Tech uses three very reputable providers and they are about 6 (or war it 8?) hundred below others?                        Board vote to power this stretch of River Watch 3 – 2, passed. 

9.      Architectural report  

9.1.   One home moving an existing fence line from starting at the back/side of the home to the front/side of the home. 

9.1.1.      Approved by architectural committee  

10.  Board of Director comments  

10.1.                    Bill requested I add links to all of the Florida statutes and stuff about Home Owner Associations ~ I have quite a bit of links already posted ~ but am always looking for more and making them easy to find – but could REALLY use some help.  Do you have a good link, and where should it go – send it to me Evie.  

11.  Open questions from the floor 

11.1.                    Kids knocking out the boards of the emergency exit between Crest Ridge and River Watch … CALL 911 …  

11.2.                    Member wants to plant shrubbery in front yard where grass will not grow.   

11.2.1.  Is it shrubbery found in the neighborhood and is it FLORIDA-Friendly?  If yes, plant away :-) 

Adjourn meeting – 8:22 PM Evelyn Motion / Bill 2nd and by 8:23 the June Meeting was over.



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