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July 2010 Board Meeting NOTES 

Send feedback to Evelyn via E-mail – SUBJECT LINE:  MEETING NOTES FEEDBACK – getting feedback or answers to questions that are a MONTH old is not helpful to anyone. 


Date: Monday July 19, 2010

Time: 7:15 pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689

Room:  Main Hall


1.      Call to order – 7:15 PM 

2.      Establish Quorum – All Board Members and Tony are Present 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from June 21, 2010 (Any feedback on the notes – get it to me IN WRITING by NOON Monday 7/19/10 - Email) I received NO feedback or answers to my questions.  Answers I did get during this meeting I requested to be sent via e-mail (a lot of names and phone numbers) as of the posting of these notes – names and phone numbers have still not been received.  The notes from June are minutes. 

4.      Financial Report – David gave a run-down of our financials and suggested we look into a money market account or CD – David to make recommendations at next meeting. 

4.1.   Delinquencies – (as of 6/30/10) – Five in the first year – Three in the second year – One in the third year (this home is now vacant and was supposed to have been auctioned 6/21/10 – but was not?)  Four homes have sold – two of which were delinquent and have been paid. 

4.1.1.      Payment of 1916 past dues and fines?  Nothing yet – total due $5,272.56 and is the unit in its third year.  This home needs code enforcement BADLY.  Cindy Sanner – (727) 937-0017 Please go by take a look and give her a call with your concerns. 

4.2.   Budget 

4.2.1.      Ameri-Tech SOP for #4 from 6/21/10 meeting (How will the REIMBURSEMENT of legal expenses and payment of past dues be handled when reporting on River Watch taxes?  Tony to get this info to David for review            Ameri-Tech SOP for delinquencies – Tony gave us a page and a half print out that explains precisely what happens / when – awaiting softcopy to copy and paste to the website – watch for link.  If I don’t have the softcopy in a week – I will type it out and post it. 

5.      Website – InfoLinks $ 1.78 (Total)  Google $ 2.73 (Total) Both have a $50.00 pay-out level 

5.1.   Video – I have three Riverwatch video’s posted – I will make more and get them online and linked. 

6.      Violation Status  

6.1.   What is happening with the home painted without approval of architectural committee and disapproved by neighbors?  The home owners are awaiting an approved color pallet? 

6.1.1.      Three community members will compile colors. 

6.2.   There is a MAC truck parked in River Watch 

6.2.1.      NOT ALLOWED – Notification to be sent 

6.3.   There is an RV type trailer parked not far from the MAC truck 

6.3.1.      NOT ALLOWED – Notification to be sent 

6.4.   NO Commercial Vehicles are to be parked overnight on the street or in a driveway.  If it cannot fit in the garage – it cannot be parked in River Watch. 

6.5.   Main community issue: 

7.      Old Business 

7.1.   Where are we with #4.3.5 from 6/21/10 (or #4 from 5/17/10) One home (original to the community) on two lots … has only ever paid one assessment, as far as any records we have the home has never paid two assessments … community member who brought this up has lived in River Watch since at least 1999 and has known this home was paying one assessment since at least 2000 – why is this member bringing this up now?  What does this member want?  What will be the new issue when this one is done? 

7.1.1.      Tony was able to get hold of Michael Bronson.  Michael Bronson said the issue with the home on two lots was addressed in a meeting – The builder who held lot’s 5 and 6 – none of the homes they were building would fit on either lot, so they were combined for one home.  It was part of the meeting minutes that the home would only be assessed one assessment per year and would only have one vote.            Where are the minutes?  That was over ten years ago and two property management companies ago … the law says we must keep records for seven years.                  Michael Bronson does not want to sign anything to this affect since he has had prior legal issue with the questioning member.                  The intent of one home / one assessment will be sent to the community member who raised the issue. 

7.2.   Homes for Sale or Vacant (needing a family) see 5.1 of this meeting – Evelyn hasn’t gotten around to showcasing for sale homes yet.  TBD 

7.3.   Entrance Sign (# 6.2 from meeting 6/21/10) – Contractor got caught up in another job – but will be on our sign as his next job. 

7.4.   Playground and Park: 

7.4.1.      Grills – with people who use our park and playground and destroy it (see #’s 7.4.2 & 7.4.3) how will these hold up? Are these kids? Are they YOUR kids?  Are they Crest Ridge kids? – the grills are to be delivered to David’s (delivered 7/21)            Now to determine where to place them as they will be cemented.  The grills have a five year warranty. 

7.4.2.      Pulled out signs – Need to be anchored with cement as well 

7.4.3.      Bent rebar – Nik’s will shear them off. 

7.4.4.      Benches – awaiting pressure washing  

7.4.5.      Pump House Wall – awaiting pressure washing            While pressure washing these – also do the entrance / exit walls and sidewalk. 

7.4.6.      Ants – ants are an issue at the playground, the emergency access lane and by the Blackrush Pond – powder or spray 

7.4.7.      Swing skid marks – this happens when kids swing – the foot plus depressions need to be addressed. 

7.4.8.      Mulch in the playground / swings – Need to add 

7.4.9.      Wasps under the play equipment – are they still there? 

7.5.   Dock – Garbage Can – Need a heavier one so it can’t be thrown into the river. 

7.6.   Dog clean-up stations around neighborhood:  Pro’s  &  Con’s (and would 75% of general membership need to vote on that?  (120 … it would mean going door to door)  The con’s far outweighed the pro’s – not going forward. 

7.7.   Culverts – a few of the PCV pipes are not capped 

7.7.1.      All culverts need to be cleaned, jetted and a couple need to be graded. 

7.8.   Sprinklers – ensuring they are properly working … When is our watering schedule and the zones.  If we post this information on the website (should be readily available to our community members anyway) the community can ensure it is working when it is supposed to be (savings:  the $250 monthly quoted by Nick of Nik’s) 

7.8.1.      We have 21 zones – 18 upfront and 3 along Blackrush – the timer is broke – but it is supposed to start at 9 PM Sunday night and continue until Monday morning 40 – 45 min per zone (When we came home from meeting Monday Night – a broken front sprinkler head was shooting water straight up in the air) so info does not appear to be correct.            Do we need a SPRINKLER company?            Electric to the Blackrush sprinklers needs a permit to use the utility easement – awaiting permit. 

7.9.   Color Pallet Approval Process for Exterior Home Colors 

7.9.1.      If color names and store’s available are gotten to me – if the colors are online – I will link to them. 

7.9.2.      Three community members compiling colors. 

8.      New Business 

8.1.   Sidewalk Maintenance – sidewalk around the playground a triangular chunk is missing.  There are several areas around the neighborhood that are raised enough to be tripping hazards.  Evelyn to resend list of areas to be addressed. 

8.2.   Dock  

8.2.1.      Rules and Reg’s (what are they and who decides?)  The proposal submitted by a member last year is on the website.  David suggested one line rules that can fit on a sign.  We have a sign (now visible) do we need more than that?  TBD 

8.2.2.      New Key … ?  (Tony is currently the keeper of the keys) 

8.2.3.      Dock Stickers  (Evelyn is currently the keeper of the stickers)  Evelyn will get the Stickers to Tony – so they will be in same location. 

8.2.4.      Security cameras in locations such as the dock, playground, and end of River Edge Dr in the cul-de-sac …            Majority of board members did not see a need

9.      Maintenance Report – Wheel on dock gate needs to be replaced. 

9.1.   Landscape Report 

9.1.1.      Elevate and thin trees - $3,500 Nik’s –  

9.1.2.      Blackrush Dr – Pond area (# from meeting 6/21/10) 

9.1.3.      Sprinkler’s – see 7.7 – How do I get the watering schedule and zones. 

9.1.4.      SWFWMD contacts who say retention areas should only be mowed every other week … still waiting?  Tony gave a list of names and phone numbers verbally – asked for them to be sent to Evelyn via e-mail.            Board agrees – weather permitting the dry retention ponds are to be mowed weekly. 

9.2.   Pond and Culvert Inspections (also see7.6 above) – The culverts and ponds are inspected every 18 months (for SWFWMD specifications) Ed – our resident engineer has been saving us this substantial outlay by performing the inspections. (One of the reasons our dues have stayed the same for three years) 

10.  Architectural Report  

10.1.                    One home (approved) putting in a pool. 

10.2.                    One home (approved) moving a fence from back to front (10’ set back) 

11.  Board of Director comments – CD / Money Market (see #4 above) 

12.  Open questions from the floor – addressed along the way during the meeting. 

13.  Adjourn Meeting – 8:48 PM 




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