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RiverWatch Housing Association

Board Meeting Agenda 

 RiverWatch Home


Date: Monday August 23, 2010

Time: 7pm (or whatever time Duffy says we can have the room)

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689

Room: The Main Hall (maybe?)


1. Call to Order -  7:06pm  

2. Establish Quorum - Quorum established.  Evelyn and Bob not present.  

3. Meeting Notes from 7/19/2010 meeting - Motion from Bill to waive reading of minutes. Second by Ed    

4. Financial Report:  

    - 4.1 Delinquencies:  9 delinquencies (1 for 3 years; 2 for 2 years and 6 within a year).  Collected on all that are in lien.  

    - 4.2 Budget: Review of each Line Item in the Income Statement and Balance sheet sections of the report for month ending 7/31/2010.

            * Net Revenue as of July $65,890.04  

            * Equity/Capital as if July $131,700.00  

      Question about "other expenses".  What does that mean?  Other expenses is anything not related to dues, e.g. interest, fines lawsuit  

    - 4.3 Investment instruments: David P. suggested looking at investment options. Some have a guaranteed floor with upside potential.  Look at short-term government bonds and maturities.  Board agreed to have Bill research and bring a summary to the next meeting.  

5. Traffic and ads: Discussion Tabled  

6. Violation Status: 29 violations - 14 have complied; 3 are with Code Enforcement.  Six of the 29 are in 2nd notice.  Reminder to the meeting attendees: if you see a Code violation please call Tarpon Springs Code Enforcement.  

7.  Old Business:  

     - 7.1 Playground - thanks to John  

       7.1.1 Grills - thanks to David, Graham and Bill ~ Thank You Volunteers!  

       7.1.2 Ants – Nik’s took care of playground and Black Rush areas  

       7.1.3 Pulled out signs: one is gone (the one hanging from the tree); other sign missing too.  Sign messages: Clean up your pet's waste and Keep your pet on a leash.  

       7.1.4 Rebar: Cut Out  

       7.1.5 Benches: Sealed and pressure washed  

       7.1.6 Pump House wall: Done  

       7.2 Paint Pallets: Donna shared a pallet of color options from Home Depot for home exterior.  Color scheme in the neighborhood has been the same for about 15 years.  Donna recommends that a flyer be developed to inform residents of the new paint options and to post the color scheme (once approved) to our RiverWatch website.  Next step is for Donna to speak with the Architectural Committee members (Richard, Sharon and Walters) for their adoption of the proposed color pallets.  Update at the next meeting.  

      7.3 One Home on two lots, original home in the community.  Paying one assessment.  Status – no follow-up response from Michael Bronson.  Sent issue to the attorney regarding conversation with the original developer.  

     7.4 Irrigation System/Service: Have a new timer; irrigation runs on Mondays and Fridays.  Need to build a box around the timer; north side of exit will.  Is a commercial box available?  *Amended – Ed said the enclose for the timer looks new, so this may be done already – need to follow-up. 

8. New Business   

9. Maintenance Report - all is completed as noted above  

     - 9.1 Landscape Report  

10. Architectural Report  

    - 10.1 fines for violators not getting approval: For anyone not submitting a request before work begins, there was discussion about $50 and $100 fine options.  Suggestion made that If the homeowner submits the report request within a certain time period, the fine could be removed.  A draft letter outlining the suggestion will be brought to the next meeting for review.   

11. Board of Director Comments: Discussion about improving the shrubbery at the entrance to have some conformity.  Additional bushes to be added.   

12. Open Questions from the Floor  

      12.1 RiverWatch signage - Donna reviewed 4 options:  1. Keep as is.  2. Gradation of several colors using exterior paints.  3. Totally different sign.  4. Same sign, sunset not sunrise.   

             Most attendees favored #2.  Donna to submit a cost estimate to the Board by 8/30.  

      12.2 Non-residents in the neighborhood, kayak missing from one resident's home.  Residents are urged to report any suspicious activity immediately to the Tarpon Springs Police Department.  

13. Adjourn Meeting: Motion and second made.  Adjourned 8:05pm  


Notes By Kathleen R.  (Thank you Kathleen!)  



~Suspicious Activity~

If you see something,
SAY something!

Call 911

Keep your vehicles & home LOCKED!

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