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October 2010 Board Meeting Notes

RiverWatch Home


Date: Monday October 18, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 (Maybe)

Room:  Social Room


1.       Call to Order – 7:00 pm

2.       Establish Quorum – Board Members: Ed, Bill, Evelyn, David present – Bob out of town – Tony from Ameri-Tech 

3.       Read or waive and approve meeting notes from 9/20/10 at the meeting,Tony pointed out notes 4.1 to read 3 units (not 2) are into their second year on non-payment of dues.  Hmmmm … done.  PLEASE send feedback on notes BEFORE the meeting. Ed motion to accept notes to minutes with edit, David 2nd unanimous. Edited notes are minutes. 

4.       Financial report

4.1.    Delinquencies – 9 (5 – 1st year, 3 – 2nd year, 1 – 3rd year … this accounts for $14,584 in outstanding collections approx $8,000 in dues, the rest in fines and fees, David suggested we consider fines be placed in a capital improvement account.)

4.1.1. How are we going to address delinquencies in the upcoming year?              Tony to draw up foreclosure process and timeline to foreclose on non-payment of dues.                     Detail out costs of:  rental Insure, Liability Insure, etc.

4.2.    Budget – we are doing very well.

4.2.1. 2011 Budget – several accounts are being moved into a central account … watch for mailing of proposed 2011 budget.  Annual budget meeting scheduled for 12/20/10

5.       Website – ideas, traffic, revenue (compare to pay-out limits) send ideas to  , traffic is steady with 15 to 25 visitors a day.  Most visitors are repeat visits. Revenues: Google $9.18 (pay-out is $100) Info-links $11.70 (pay-out is $50) the revenue accrues until pay-out level is reached.  Website is still at absolutely no cost to the community and done with volunteer labor.

6.       Violation Status – 10 have complied, 2 called and said they would be complying, one home in violation status is bank owned and the bank is refusing to take possession of the home – which is racking up city code fines day by day.

6.1.    One home was assessed $85 for cleaning the sidewalk and driveway.

7.       Old Business

7.1.    Entrance Sign (When we see the sun across our river, what does it look like? As RIVERWATCH – what should the entrance into our community look like?  Do YOU like the sign?  Members at the meeting to have final input as to what we will do going forward?) It was determined the sign was a folly of miscommunications, the sign will be done as originally set out to be done.  Repair and repaint it as it was.  Lettering to be gold?  Like that of the “Welcome to Tarpon Springs” signs? 

7.1.1. If you have ideas but cannot attend the meeting – Please e-mail TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com Subject Line: RIVERWATCH ENTRANCE SIGN IDEA (all caps – so it stands out) had input saying basically – give us back our sign.

7.1.2. THANK YOU volunteers for the work you put in

8.       New Business

8.1.    Garbage Day Issues – Turkey Vultures ripping into bags, trash strewn around the neighborhood.

8.1.1. Easy Solution – Trash will be in cans with lids ONLY – Vote of members present at meeting to decide if this will be?  We are currently going with recommending cans with lids for any trash the turkey vultures may find tasty – if this does not solve the issue, it will be addressed further.

8.2.    Mailing to Community: Covering the architectural form usage, Halloween, website address,  budget, annual meeting and electing board members, fall clean-up and community wide garage sale.

8.3.    Home Depot is offering a 20% discount on Behr exterior paint for RiverWatch residents.

9.       Maintenance Report

9.1.    Landscape Report – postpone any new plantings for now.

9.2.    Poles / Pillars along entrance – rusted and needs paint.

9.3.    Electricity to the sprinklers on the Blackrush pond is soon to be installed.

10.   Architectural Report

10.1.Home that needs Architectural Committee sign-off – signed off.

11.   Board of Director Comments

12.   Open Questions From the Floor

12.1.Is a trash can from the playground/park missing?

12.2.Playground sign is broken

12.3.Dog Waste sign is also down

12.4.Question of what happens to the garbage from the cans provided by the community –for the community.

12.5.Could we get a light for the playground?  Tony to follow-up

13.   Adjourn Meeting  - Motion:  Bill    Second:  Evelyn  Time: 8:14 pm




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