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RiverWatch Housing Association 

November 2010 Board Meeting NOTES 



Date: Monday November 15, 2010

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689

Room: Social Room


1.      Call to Order – 7:04 PM 

2.      Establish Quorum – Ed Z, Bill P, David P, Evelyn C (Board) Tony T (Ameri-Tech) 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from 10/18/10 – No Changes – Evelyn Motion, Bill 2nd notes are now minutes. 

4.      Financial report – we are doing well, but that is because of being reimbursed most of our expenses in a settlement that started ~over (?) 10 years ago.  David P – Treasurer pointed out that if not for our expenses finally being reimbursed, we would be running in a deficient (as of about the middle of LAST month)  Keeping the dues for another year at $557 is not only unrealistic, but will almost surely be cause for a special assessment next year (right about this time )-:   I see it needing to be a minimum of $575.00 (in which the dues are DUE NLT Feb 1st 2010 … Remember send in your proxy, give it to a member that will be at the meeting, If I can get it uploaded and linked I will put a copy here and you can print it out, sign and send.)  I forgot to ask how much the mailing cost to send out to everyone.  

4.1.   Delinquencies – total of  

4.1.1.      $10,187.12 from three homes, one of which appears to have been sold (1160 was Rubio and is now Steele) How do we get the money owed by the unit now ($2,414.78)?  Don’t know ~ the lawyer is researching this (Tony to Follow-up) 

4.1.2.      1916 - $5,272.56 (Bank is refusing to take possession of the home – how do we find out if it is worth of the risk of taking the house (restoring it to livable and then trying to recoup our costs.)            Tony says there is nothing we can do to force the bank to take ownership of the house ~ but the house will cost $ AND labor to get it livable. 

4.1.3.      1910 - $2,499.78 – the real-estate sign has a number that is DISCONNECTED.  How do we get contact information? 

4.2.   Budget – see financial report above and discussion below. 

4.3.   2011 Budget – Discussion to be voted on at December 2010 meeting.   

4.3.1.      This budget takes into account possibly having to write off dues that will not be paid next year.  The amount is for four units ($2,228.00) we are currently sitting with a TOTAL of NINE unpaid from 2010 …?  And many more that can very likely be added to the number next year. 

4.3.2.      Additional costs incurred by community member for website – Hosting $15 monthly - $180 annual – Domain Registration $11.00 annual – Updates $30 monthly $360 annual ($551.00 annual) 

4.3.3.      Minute taker $50 per meeting $600 annual (what Ameri-Tech charges for the taking of minutes) 

4.3.4.      $1,151.00 needs to be added.  (Not to mention all the volunteer labor when we have a community “work / bar-b-que / pot-luck”) day. 

5.      Website – any input?  None …  

6.      Violation Status ~ No violations were sent out.  The violation assistant is on vacation (not joking) if you need to get work done on your home ~ PLEASE get it done, the violation assistant costs a lot of money. 

7.      Old Business 

7.1.   Entrance Sign – saw color pallet – it is good – make the sky color (background of RIVER WATCH a darker blue than what we were shown – we do not need to approve it (NOT as blue as the sky blue) 

7.2.   Blackrush Pond electric – we should be able to apply for a meter by the end of the week.   

8.      New Business 

9.      Maintenance Report 

9.1.   Landscape Report – nothing  

9.2.   Dock needs to be addressed.  $1820 to get done  

9.2.1.      Get pricing for replace. 

9.2.2.      Get pricing for “Durable Deck” 

9.2.3.      Gate wheel (hard plastic ~ not working~ get heavy duty rubber) 

9.2.4.      Gate rusting ~ see if it can be repaired instead of replacing 

9.3.   Metal poles along the entrance – river side ~ rusting and need to address.  After rust addressed, maybe pain the color of the sky or water from the entrance sign colors.  The cement pillars may be  

10.  Architectural Report  

10.1.                    When is the orange house going to be painted?  A color pallet is being sent to them. 

10.2.                    Member wants to install retractable screening to the front of their garage.  Arch committee is OK with it, picture shown around.  Good, go for it. 

11.  Board of Director Comments – Daivd P. resigned from the board :-(  David and Donna look forward to getting to be neighbors and not board members ~ and wonderful ~ neighbors they are :-)  Discussion came up about Ed, Bill & I needing to make sure we were at all meetings, since it appeared we were it again … Ed pointed out by-laws say miss three meetings you are off the board … and then we nominated John and Frank :-)  We suggested tabling it for the month (REMEMBER ELECTIONS FOR THE BOARD ARE IN FEBRUARY :-)  check it out for three months ~ see how you like it.  See ya next month 

12.  Open Questions From the Floor  

12.1.                    Light at the park.  Do we want to have light at the park?   

12.1.1.  If so, do we want it to be on certain hours?  

12.1.2.  How many lights?   

12.1.3.  Is solar an option? 

12.1.4.  If we put up lights, do we want to have electricity also be put in (it would need to be under lock however and only for community events. 

12.1.5.  Putting in lights would affect the 2011 budget. 

12.1.6.  What are the safety issues?  How do the neighbors around the park feel? 

12.2.                    Getting a large banner for out front of our community when we have our Bi-Annual (Spring and Fall clean-up) sales. 

12.2.1.  This would also be a great time for open houses and such. 

12.2.2.  What is the cost? 

12.2.3.  How to get more participation. 

12.3.                    Vendor (business) recommendations how to make these.  Send an e-mail to 

 with all the information one would need to get a hold of them … if you have pictures and or video you would like to share ~ attach it or send me the links.

13.  Adjourn Meeting - Motion: David P.  Second:  Evelyn C   Time: 7:46 PM   




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