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2010 Updates Made

December 31, 2010 - Friday

NOTES from the 20th :-)  I was starting to become afraid I may not get them done until next year ... yikes.  I still need to add links and edits (I am sure) but TODAY is the last day of 2010 and I plan to enjoy it :-)  Send Feedback with the subject line ALL IN CAPS ~ Thank You ~ Evie

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Please be safe and also be aware others may not.  May 2011 be ~AWESOME~

December 26, 2010 - Sunday

Updated front page for hard freeze warning.  Please protect your pets, plants, pipes AND people. Hard freezes can be (and frequently are) deadly.

Please excuse the lack of meeting minutes so far ... I expect to have a quiet afternoon tomorrow and will be able to focus. ~YAY!!!~  :-)

OH!!!  AND Banging the ANNUAL MEETING drum again :-)  I know it is a whole year away, but ... it IS only the month after next.  If planning to go out Friday evening (12/31/2010) please plan ahead who is the designated driver and STICK to it, then drive very ~very~ safely.

December 15, 2010 - Wednesday

I've done a few updates the past couple of days (garbage days and very blustery days do not mix well) A few additions to the agenda (final agenda will be posted NLT Saturday 6pm - if you have anything you would like to add - drop me an e-mail Subject Line: RIVERWATCH AGENDA all in CAPS

I created a new page on the blog ~ is there something you would like to find, create, start, join, do ... whatever ... go here and see if someone else has said they do too - or post it - if you are first.

I also jumbled up the navigation of the left hand side - to our frequent visitors - sorry ... I am mixing it up a bit ... what do you think?

December 10, 2010 - Friday

Added the warning about having packages delivered to your home ... a neighbor has had some vanish :-(

Added the turkey vulture issue on this months agenda. People leaving food out in bags is like setting the buffet line on Thanksgiving and saying serve yourself ... cheese & rice people ...

The budget, the budget, the budget ... we will be approving the 2011 budget for RiverWatch at the 12/20/10 meeting. Please attend or get your proxy to the meeting.

Also ~ banging the annual meeting drum, have you thought about volunteering for the board?

December 9, 2010 - Thursday

So much for getting the agenda posted - huh? :-( Updating today. Added a link to Bay News 9 Real-Time Traffic 

I am working on the agenda. I have to add in the 2011 budget vote meeting to the regular monthly meeting agenda. Until then – I have the “working agenda” posted.

Do you still have your proxy? Have you filled it out and sent it to Ameri-Tech? Given it to a board member? Are you coming to vote in person?

One home, one vote … please make sure your voice is heard … December 20, 2010 we will vote approve our 2011 budget and thus our dues, which will be due Feb. 1, 2011 (if there is any issue you MUST contact Tony (Ameri-Tech) ASAP)

Our property management company has suggested we keep our dues at the same level they have been since 2007 ($557.00) ~ However I think that would be rather foolish, considering had we not been reimbursed for MUCH of our legal fees this year from our past ten year battle, we could VERY well be looking at a special assessment … and I think that would … not be nice … for anyone.

NOTE: That too is coming up in two very short months ~ our ANNUAL MEETING where we elect our board for the New Year ~ how have things been? Do you have ideas of things you would like done? Do you know of a way to do something better? Would YOU like to be on the board? Please think about it. Come to a meeting and see what fun they are (IF you are considering being on the board ~ you will REALLY want to be at the December 20, 2010 meeting :-)

November 15, 2010 - Monday

woot~woot~woot !!! I ~love~ when I get the notes done right away :-) I also plan on putting up the working agendas for December and January.

November 6, 2010 - Saturday

Twelve garage sale arrows were put out this morning along with a bigger sign at the entrance to RiverWatch for our Fall Community Garage sale. By 9:00am there were MANY cars cruising the neighborhood.

Our next community garage sale will be held in the spring (as soon as we know the spring-clean-up day, we will know our garage sale day ;-)

I will pick up the signs put out this morning by 3:30pm this afternoon. The signs all have RiverWatch Community written on them. Five of the signs also have TarponRiverWatch.com on them as well. Please do not take any of these signs as they are reused with each garage sale (we lost one this past spring - but then I didn't ask for people NOT to take them then.)

I look forward to walking the neighborhood to see what treasures there are ... once it warms up a bit.

October 25, 2010 - Tuesday

Added the letter sent from Ameri-Tech - I hope our logo shows in color on my letter (cost = $zero.zero) compared to the Ameri-Tech sent letter. I don't know the cost of the mailing yet ... I wish I knew how used (useful?) this site ~really~ is. I have metrics on it ... but ... ~whatever~ ...

Back to my updates today: The letter sent from Ameri-Tech, the letter is showing a bit funky, I copy pasted from word so now I have to muck around in WAY TOO much code :-(

Monday December 20, 2010 we will vote on and approve our 2011 budget. (I'll add link to the agenda when the agenda's are added to the site) I added a blog post right here, you may register and leave your comments about the 2011 budget.

October 21, 2010 - Thursday 

Posted the notes from Monday the 18th meeting, edited the notes from 9/20/10 and they are now minutes. We are working on a mailing we hope to have out Monday.

The mailing will cover the architectural form (to use for project’s BEFORE starting – I will compile a FAQ – send me your questions) … fines to start for NOT submitting paperwork and gaining approval of projects BEFORE projects begin.

Halloween (Sunday 10/31/10) – want to participate? Turn on a light, or sit in your yard or driveway … or lurk about your resting place in wait of the ghastly ghosts and goblins, princesses, super heroes and more who come to visit. If you choose not to participate, leave your front light off … and hide safely away.  ... bwahahahaha ...

Community yard / garage sale (Saturday Nov. 6th) – Our 2nd bi-annual community sale (Spring and Fall to coincide with Tarpon Springs Clean-Up) want to participate? Email your address and Evelyn will ensure a sign is pointed your way. An ad for the event will run Thursday (11/4), Friday (11/5) & Saturday (11/6) – Start time will be listed as 9 am (be prepared for early arrivals?) End time 3 pm 

Tarpon Springs Fall Clean-up (Sunday Nov. 7th)

Proposed budget (I hope it will make this mailing) we will be voting on the budget in the December 2010 meeting. 

The annual meeting is Feb. 2011 and is when our Board of Directors are elected for the year the term begin directly after the election, when the elected group take on the role they will serve. If you are interested – please e-mail Tony and TarponRiverWatch 

AND {… drum roll please …} this website

I will get an accounting of how much the mailing costs compared to the website. Then again, I guess for those without Internet access (or who do not know of the site) this site is worthless. 

Oh - while I was doing the Fall Clean up page, I figured I may as well get the waste collection information posted.

Please remember that currently this entire site is being done and paid for by one volunteer.

October 16, 2010 - Saturday

Finalized the agenda for Monday night. I will be posting it at the boat launch bulletin board later today when I put out the sign.

The exterior of our home is in need of being cleaned, but getting the sofats and trim clean is hard work, it takes a long time, even after scrubbing - it still looks dindgy ... excuses are plentiful ... but still it needs to be done ... enter Tom' Exterior House Cleaning (727) 815-0986. The price quoted was awesome, so excuses for not doing it melted away. We scheduled for Monday morning.

~ I will take pictures and video before, during and after to share ~

October 5, 2010 - Tuesday

The website is being updated today (Goals are as follows and links will be active once each item has been completed and posted - so check back or refresh often :-)

Working Agenda for October 2010 meeting, Turkey Vultures Meet Trash day (which will be on the agenda) ... We have an issue with Turkey Vultures and they KNOW what day trash day is. From neighbor feedback the vultures are beginning to target those juicy garbage bags just sitting there like an endless buffet ... Trash bags are NO barrier to the vultures claws and beak ...

We will be discussing and voting on the fine amount for unprotected trash to be removed from our community.

What else? I'll let you know as I work through the site ... you let me know if you know of something ~ Thank You. Waiting now for input ...

September 29, 2010 - Wednesday 

A new neighbor has moved to our community, and wanting to do some work on their new home contacted me to see what needed to be done, for the work they wish to do.

Our new neighbor is also a sign professional ~ and what are we currently working to make awesome ... some call them coincidences, others miracles ... anyway ~ if you have sign needs of the electronic outdoor type, check out Tampa Bay Signs at TampaBaySigns.net

What do YOU think of our entrance and sign? Have a say now ~ or forever ~ (-: you know what they say :-)

  ~ Subject: ENTRANCE SIGN
May you have a week of awesome.
I intend to have pics of the current iteration posted this afternoon (-: check back later :-)

September 28, 2010 - Tuesday 

Yikes - my updates didn't update last Friday and then half of them didn't make it here, for the first update today - sorry about that :-(done for now - I may update more later in the day - if I do, I'll say "HEY!" here :-)

Feedback is ALWAYS welcome.

September 24, 2010 - Friday

Updating the site today - goals are: minutes from August, notes from September, projects page ... and many more ... ?

Meeting date for next meeting should be October 18th and the time should be 7:00pm, the location as always the community center - and until the past six months or so, the Social Room ~ but I see we are currently still TBD ~ :-(
September 18, 2010 - Saturday

Holy Smokes!!! Where did the time go? Updated landing page with today's date, link to the meeting notes from August and added the agenda for the meeting this coming Monday (day after tomorrow, Monday!)

August 23, 2010 - Monday

Meeting is tonight. Agenda here.

I woke with a voice not quite my own today - as the day has progressed it is feeling not so good either ... probably because I keep trying to talk :-( So - I have an e-mail out to the board & Tony asking if any will NOT be able to attend tonight - and if it doesn't look like we will have a quorum ... I'll go - otherwise - I'll not.

August 19, 2010 - Thursday

Added the working agenda - if you have anything you would like to address during the meeting please e-mail me and it will be added. The agenda will be final Saturday afternoon (whatever is there then, that is the meeting agenda)

August 17, 2010 - Tuesday

August meeting will be held Monday August 23rd.
August 12, 2010 - Thursday

omg (Oh My Goodness) what a day :-( Stress is a bad companion ... STOP IT :-)

Gosh I LOVE this ~ Thank you those who made this (Thank You ~ Thank You ~ Thank You :-)


The meeting that was supposed to be the 16th will now probably be on the 23rd (Happy Birthday EVIE !!!) Check back to see what we are doing when and where.

~Wash Hands Frequently~

July 23, 2010 - Friday

Ok - working on it now :-( I will add what is updated as they are here. Front Page Update Date - check.

June's meeting minutes - Pretty much the stuff that was red I am still waiting for ... Tony read off a bunch of names and phone numbers in the July meeting in answer to my questions from June - I asked for the information to be sent via e-mail in June - so the notes could be corrected BEFORE the July meeting. I asked again during the meeting - Please send me the information via e-mail ... haven't received it yet ... so the notes are minutes as they are :-(

Working on the notes from the July meeting this past Monday now. Stay Tuned. They are posted but it is really a raw first draft - so it will probably change quickly :-) and REALLY no hurt feelings at all is someone wants to re-write my notes to be succinct meeting minutes ... one thing I have NEVER been accused of is being succinct.

July 20, 2010 - Tuesday 

Updated main page with next meeting date. I will work on notes and the website tomorrow.
July 19, 2010 - Monday

WOW!!! Time flew - our July meeting is tonight. I hope to you see at the meeting tonight :-) Have an awesome day.
July 6, 2010 - Tuesday 

I was approached by a community member who would like to bid for jobs we are currently paying others to do. This totally makes sense as keeping the money as close to the community as possible is an economic boost.

I will work to compile a list of everything we pay others to do.

Having a community member doing the work also brings a sense of pride ... this is my home ... and my assumption (you know what happens when one assumes )-: is a community member doing the job a non-community member was doing, the job would be done better.

Anyway - trying this out: RiverWatch Services Needed Webpage and Blog Entry.

July 5, 2010 - Monday

Gosh I hate when links change and I have no idea when they did :-( Watering restrictions on the front page no longer resolves. Tarpon Springs changed their URL!!! Watering Restrictions no longer http://www.ci.tarpon-springs.fl.us/water%20restrictions.htm resolves ...

New City Website Address: http://ctsfl.us ... great ... how many websites extolling the features, benefits & things to do in Tarpon Springs now have dead links? Way to go Tarpon Springs?

At least http://ci.tarpon-springs.fl.us resolves to the new site - but all the speciality links - like Water Restrictions - must all be found and created - again ... )-: grrr ... how do I feel about that ;-)

I will be looking for other dead links - if you find any (or pages that need updating) please e-mail me at:

I'm SO EXCITED!!! I just can't hide it :-) I got the Favico (look to the left of the address above :-) to show up.
I added a new video and am working on another. I may (or may not) create a page for the video's and then community members can vote on them. Hmmm ... blog idea surfacing again :-( Check back and see what happens by the end of today.
I added some more links to the Community Page - check them out. Ideas to make it easier to find stuff? Volunteers :-) ?

July 1, 2010 - Thursday

Happy 1st of July! I updated the main page that I updated the site. I added this blurb as well as the working agenda for July's meeting! ... and it is only the 1st of July :-)

As you will see from the agenda - it is pretty full. I was verbose for the members who are not able to make it to the meetings ... FEEDBACK ... do you want something added? Addressed? What are your issues? If you let things fester for years it's bound to need amputation sooner or later or the whole dies. I love our community ... let's get it (keep it) healthy.

I intend to work on the site a bit over this weekend - and then our oldest (just back from his THIRD deployment in Iraq) with his family will be here for his R & R :-) So - I will not be updating much while they are here (probably - but who knows ... )

June 26, 2010 - Saturday

I added a short picture video to the main page. I need to make the size of it on the screen smaller ... but for now it works. Feedback would be great ...  If you have a business, service, home for sale ... etc ... and you would like one made for you ~ drop me an e-mail or give me a call. Do you have pictures to be used or do you need pictures taken? Do you have a soundtrack to use or do you need one? No charge for River Watch community members - I've never made an offer like this, so I don't know if I will be able to offer this for very long.
June 22, 2010 - Tuesday (very early in the morning)

Added the FIRST draft of my meeting notes. It is currently 2:03 AM - so gentle feedback is very welcome :-)

Later in the morning - I edited and re-published my notes. PLEASE give feedback if you were there. I think next month I will start recording the meetings. This may be a GREAT place for a forum and/or blog. I may need to seriously address this.

I feel we need to be getting things done a lot quicker than they are, but that may just be my perception ... what do you think?

June 18, 2010 - Friday

Updating the agenda. Final will be posted NLT noon Saturday.

June 17, 2010 - Thursday

The meeting has been changed from the Main hall at 7:15 PM to the Socail Room (our regular room) at 7:00 PM

I may also clean up other things while I am in here ... depends if I get distracted or not :-( I will try to leave links of what ever I may edit or add) Main Page: Today's date, meeting time and place - on June agenda, 2010 Meetings ...

And that's about it for today.
June 14, 2010 - Monday (oops said Tuesday most of the day)

Oops - just realized I had the 15th as the next meeting date. Our next meeting is Monday June 21st. Our youngest son has been visiting with his son. The kids are out today so I will get the agenda posted ~ refresh occasionally.

The agenda is now posted, I added an easy to find "Report a street light" link. It is HERE and also listed on the front page.
Feedback - what do you like, what do you not, what would you like to see? 

My goodness - this website has a LOT of stale pages :-( Too much for one person who has a finite amount of time to spend, I guess ... Oh well ~ I do what I can :-)

May 18, 2010 - Tuesday

Posted my notes for the meeting Monday May 17th. Being aware of much we talked of our documentation and then ME writing the notes our minutes come from (no feedback - THIS is what you get )-:

Any feedback - please send it to  Subject Line: MAY MEETING NOTES - FeedBack

May 16, 2010 - Sunday

Main page - added the meeting is tomorrow.

FAQ added boat dock keys can be obtained from our property manager. Monday I will also turn over the Dock stickers to Tony - so the keys and stickers will all be in the same location.

I hope you are able to attend the meeting - we have a LOT of stuff coming up that you might want to be aware of.

May 14, 2010 - Friday

I added the agenda for Monday's meeting.
April 25, 2010 - Sunday

Notes have been posted - be aware they are a FIRST draft of notes ... someone volunteering to take these and make them concise minutes ... well that would just be AWESOME :-)

My frustation seem to come out loud and clear in my notes ... Makes me wonder if I am passive aggressive :-( However I am a VERY positive minded person ... however my procrastination in actually typing and posting the notes ... hmmm ... I am fed-up with people who's ONLY reason for being is to cause as much trouble and disruption as they are capable of doing. Don't get me wrong - if things are not right, or can be done better ~ or whatever ~ we need to hear it ... BUT when the only time we hear that voice, the goal is to cost our community ....

PLEASE come to the next meeting. 

YOU may be the one with the solutions we need.

April 21, 2010 - Wednesday 

Notes from Monday's meeting not yet done :-( away from the computer most of the day today )-:

April 20, 2010 - Tuesday

Updated the main landing page to remove "meeting tonight" - that was last night. Changed a few links - so it looks forward, not back (dates of meetings). Added this - and I will also get the notes posted today. Check back toward the end of the day - they should be done and posted. So far - not so good :-(
April 16, 2010 - Friday

Edited the main page - it is no longer tax day ... YAY!!!

Updated the agenda - fleshing out to the one we will use at the meeting Monday :-) Which will be finalized Saturday by 7pm ... please read the NOTES from last months meeting and have feedback for any changes to me by NOON Monday 4/19/10 ... If I hear what I heard with my ears last month - said by someone (else?) this month - I will probably hear the same thing through whatever filter applied when I hear it now .... see what I mean ;-)

Remember ... I am our note taker at meetings ... READ THE NOTES and FEEDBACK

April 15, 2010 - Thursday - TAX DAY - Get your taxes in if not yet done!

I edited the main page. Added the working agenda for the meeting on Monday. Created a page for old calendar of events (I may end up just deleting old months - it depends what the update process does - this site is getting very large :-)

April 11, 2010 - Sunday

Will the weather hold out until after being able to have a meet and greet and pot-luck or picnic in the park? We shall see. My granddaughter is chomping at the bit .... PARK!!! :-)

April 10, 2010 - Saturday

First Annual Spring CleanYARD SALE DAY :-)

April 7, 2010 - Wednesday

The flyer for the yard sale was delivered today. Sorry it took so long ... the perils of volunteer labor ;-) you never know when something get's in the way that muck's up one's perfect timing.

The ad will be in the paper Friday and Saturday ... should have been tomorrow also ... but the ad placing also fell to the volunteer labor force ... Any neighbors want to help out :-)

I will be picking up yard sale signs and placing them strategically around the neighborhood ... if YOU will be having a sale - please drop me an e-mail to  and let me know your address - so I can ensure a sales sign points in your direction.

Sunday is the Tarpon Springs - Spring Clean Pick-up - so whatever does not sell and you still want to part with it - if it is on this list - Let it go :-) Sunday April 11th 2010 is also our meet and greet and possibly eat in the park / playground ... the time is 1pm - 3pm ... feel free to come out when you can and stay as long as you are able :-)

March 26, 2010 - Friday

Added a page for "things to cover in future" this came about because I found out about a conference TODAY, that is being held ~tomorrow~ for people on Home Owner Association Boards OR LIVE in Deed Restricted HOA driven neighborhoods. The workshops they are having are listed on this page.

No neighborhood can be better than what those who live there want it to be ... and all good things DO take work ...

Feedback is good ... what would YOU like to see? What do you NOT want to see? Is there something you wish we would do? Could do? Should do?  CAPITALIZE YOUR SUBJECT LINE AND BE DESCRIPTIVE - so it will stand out ... Thank You :-)

March 22, 2010 - Monday

Finally getting around to writing the notes for the meeting 3/15/10 and getting them posted here. I also posted the links to the local dog parks. Live Oak Dog Park ~ AL Anderson Park has a dog park ~ and the list of Pinellas County Dog Parks.

Added a page for the community yard sale, pot-luck, spring clean-up information. I also need to work on our projects pages. 
March 15, 2010 - Monday

Tonight is our monthly meeting. Please try to make it if you have never been, and if you always go ~ Thank You for coming tonight. Maybe we should try coffee and doughnuts, or cookies ... or something ... thoughts?

We will be discussing the Community Yard Sale and Community Barbeque and Pot-luck as well as other fun business stuff :-)

11:00 pm - currently working on the site. Notes from January are now our minutes ... if you would ever like to write minutes from my notes before they BECOME our minutes ... please volunteer. February 2010 Notes will be approved at our next annual meeting ... February 2011 ... I will next be working on our meeting notes from 3/15/2010. Which is CURRENTLY just our agenda (such a slacker ;-)

Updated the front page to note our next meeting (4/19/2010) - I will also be creating a page for the Community Yard Sale Info (IF you wish to have a sale - set-up is your place or if you & your neighbors want to get together - which ever address you and your neighbors choose - OR - if you decide you would like to set-up around the park ... please e-mail me (  ) if you would like to set up in a community area. Riverwatch HOA will be submitting an ad for community yard sales. This should be quite a draw for our neighhood.

I will also set up a page for the community pot-luck. If you don't want to "pot-luck" please come out when it is good for you to meet neighbors :-)

The Spring 2010 Clean-up pick-up will happen rather or not anyone participates.

Tree information page updated with the vote from tonight.

11:36 pm - updated to this point and fading fast :-( Ok - watch tomorrow for updates :-)

March 13, 2010 - Saturday

Oops - didn't get the flyer written and posted until today - but here is the information for the Spring Clean-Up pick-ups and mobile collection event.

March 12, 2010 - Friday

Added the agenda for the meeting Monday March 15th 2010. I put links to the meeting notes from both January and February on the agenda and here. Later today I will also be adding the Spring 2010 Clean-Up information we all received (the flyer says the date is in 2009?). We will discuss more about our planned community yard sale and potluck at the March meeting ... Please attend if you are able - or send feedback to

I also updated the front page to add the information about the community yard sale and potluck - great timing for the Spring Clean-up pickup huh? :-)

March 7, 2010 - Sunday

Updated the projects page with today's dates. Added google advertising to the site (PLEASE do NOT click links you are NOT interested in.

Tuesday March 9th is Tarpon Springs Voting day ... PLEASE vote for the representatives that are for NOT allowing Wal-Mart to build on the land shown here ... if Wal-Mart IS approved to build there - we will see them from RiverWatch AND exiting Riverwatch will become an even BIGGER nightmare.

Riverwatch Area's and what is happening ... this site is growing very large - if you see something that doesn't sound right PLEASE e-mail me (  ) with page (link) and what the issue is. Also updated the "To Do List"

March 5, 2010 - Friday 

Added the Tree Replacement Information page - and I am seeking out links to make it easier to see the different possibilities. The meeting March 15th, we will discuss and agree on a plan to submit to the City of Tarpon Springs for approval. Removing trees is SERIOUS business in Tarpon Springs, requiring plan approval and permits.

February 17, 2010 - Wednesday 

I am currently updating the site ... Goals for TODAY: Links will be active when each have been done. Meeting notes from last night 2010-02-16 ... Written, posted - awaiting feedback.

Progress energy links for light pole reporting. You do not need to know an account number to submit a request. Community member Jerry said Progress Energy is very responsive ... so if there is an issue - fill out this form.

Workable WIP List (it really takes TOO Long to get things done and many things are slipping through the cracks - so this wip IS a wip )-: Info to call animal control and Tony when you see unleashed animals and more ... stay tuned.

Our 2010 board and committee members.

Edited the landing page to reflect how important 6.1 is in the annual meeting notes - the amendment to our documents to have potential buyers or renters to meet with a board member and/or property manager to sign they DO know RiverWatch IS a deed restricted neighborhood and they agree to abide by the documents ... the reason they SHOULD be drawn to our wonderful community ... I would think ...

February 14, 2010 - Sunday 

Added the agenda for the annual meeting - sorry it took so long :-| but it is the same one that was sent out to all members January 15, 2010.

I have submitted TarponRiverWatch to Google for an Adsense account.

February 10, 2010 - Tuesday 

Meeting notes from 1/19/10 ... sorry they are so late :-(

I need to get the agenda's posted for the next meeting - so I stopped obsessing over them and just put them up as I have my notes written ... Feedback GREATLY appreciated.

Getting feedback to change stuff AT the meeting isn't much help when it is verbal feedback ... I heard what I heard when I wrote them originally ... saying it again ... I'm going to hear what I hear again.

I also moved information around on the main page. I also updated the To Do list. Feedback on better ways to represent what is supposed to be getting done is welcome.

February 2, 2010 - Tuesday 

So much for getting the notes done :-( stay tuned ...

January 22, 2010 - Friday 

Landing page - changed the next meeting date to Tuesday, February 16th 2010 - Our ANNUAL Meeting - the one we elect our board for the new year ... We all received our proxies - but there are no names to vote for ... ?

Help our community to be what it is meant to be ... we need not only volunteers for the board, but several committees as well ... we have 159 homes in RiverWatch - with at least 10% of our communities involvement - we can make 2010 an AWESOME year. This coming February will mark the fourth year I elect NOT to sit down (I love where we live) but does the community really want a board that has basically been the same one for four years? Maybe it's time for us to serve on a committee instead of the board ... but that is your choice ... get involved :-)

Current Board Members: Ed Zisman, Bill Pantoni, Bob McDonald, John Donnell, Evelyn Conner

We need a MINIMUM of 16 homes represented at the February meeting through owner attendance and/or owner signed proxies. Be one :-)

Edited the notes from the December Meeting to become official minutes. I plan on getting the notes from the meeting this past Tuesday written and posted ... some time today :-|

January 19, 2010 - Tuesday 

Meeting is TONIGHT!!!

January 13, 2010 - Wednesday 


Updated front page to show Officer Quinn will be presenting a Powerpoint to introduce Neighborhood watch to our community. Other general clean up of the landing page.

January 11, 2010 - Monday 


Updated the working agenda for 1/19/10 - which is a Tuesday due to MLK Jr. Day on the 18th. If you would like to add something to agenda, please email  with the subject line: RIVERWATCH AGENDA ITEM FOR THE 19th - deadline to add things to the agenda is NOON Friday the 15th (01/15/10) The official agenda will be posted by Saturday evening.

Created a new page for updates June 2008 through December 2009 and have removed them from the "Evie Updates" page (which is this page ;-) and that should assist in this page loading faster. Then I realized there was only one way to get to Evie Updates which was thru the link on the landing page, and then there was no way to get to previous updates ... so for your New Year's reading pleasure ... they are available from the Nav Area on the left panel of the website. ... and remember ... I am the same one writing our notes to be used for minutes.

I have added a To Do list page in an attempt to keep us on track and {hopefully} get things done quicker than they have been in the past.

January 5, 2010 - Tuesday 

Moved TarponRiverWatch.com with Ads over to projects. It has been approved to do, the items I need for this project are listed on that page.

I also updated the "Projects Page" to add the website project. I am looking toward creating a real projects page so we know what is going on!? In my opinion, there is nothing worse than having stuff happening, but not knowing what it is! What use is technology if we do not use it?

Updated the Rules, Regs and Other Stuff You Should Know page. I don't think I have them all listed and complete ... PLEASE if you find an area that is missing - send me an e-mail (  )with the link and area that needs to be addressed ... with what is missing or needs to be added.

I added "Breadcrumbs" in the main panel headers ... these will help in tracing the path you took to where you currently are, so back tracking is easier to do. Any feedback ... please send ... as long as the feedback is more than "it sucks" ALL is good :-) Thank You>

Remember Feb. 16th 2010 is our next ANNUAL Meeting ... this meeting is when we elect our board of directors for our community. Would you like to run for the board? Send your information to ttoscano@ameritechmail.com (please cc )

January 4, 2010 - Monday

 Happy New Year!!!

What a difference a year makes! How about a decade? Seems the faster I run, the slower I go ... Time to slow down and smell the flowers along the way.

I have posted the notes from December 21st. Feedback from those who attended GREATLY Appreciated ~ send e-mail ~ Subject: DECEMBER HOA MEETING ~

Agenda items for the meeting: Jan. 19th - e-mail those as well ~ Subject: JANUARY HOA AGENDA ~

Thank You!!! and Happy New Year all Year Long

Landing page updating with the minutes from 11/16/09, the notes from 12/21/09, added the list of 2010 meetings so far AND added this blurb of Evie Updates.




~Suspicious Activity~

If you see something,
SAY something!

Call 911

Keep your vehicles & home LOCKED!

Don't be an"Easy Mark"

Tarpon Springs NON-Emergency
911 Info