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RiverWatch Housing Association  

February Board Meeting NOTES 



Date: Monday February 28, 2011

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689

Room: Social Room


1.      Call to Order – 7:05 pm

2.      Establish Quorum – All board members present.  Judy represents Ameri-Tech.  Twenty eight (!!!) community members attended (I am missing the proxy count – I will get that – Tony how many proxies were received?  How many were returned undeliverable?  I was too excited having so many people at the meeting we had a quorum of general members without even needing the proxies ~ WHOO HOO!)

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from Feb 16. 2010 Frank motioned to waive, Bill 2nd … unanimous waived reading – notes are minutes. 

4.      Financial report

4.1.   Delinquencies (total $27,063.31 which is made up of Three partial delinquents for 2011 ~ 25 full delinquents for 2011 (one of which is a partial delinquent from 2010) Two delinquent TWO full years, One delinquent THREE full years, and one delinquency that is FIVE (Tony’s records say four?) full years … this home has been secured, but the bank has STILL not taken possession … the home is in a very sad state and would take tens of thousands of dollars (in my opinion) to make it livable … unless we have volunteers in the neighborhood willing to do the work needed … :-(   Then all the assorted late fees make up the $27,063.31 ~ the four/five year home accounts for $6,004.46 of which we stand to gain $557.00 whenever the home is sold to a person … according to our lawyer – our doc’s give banks a break on past due amounts on homes … SEE 8.4 of THESE notes.

4.2.   Budget – so far year to date our total expenses are at 77.1% of budget – we do have some larger projects we are looking at this year (Project Management methodology will be used before they get started – 2011 resolution going forward!)

5.      Website – getting steady traffic.  Average days we see about 22 visitors … when the sign is up at the entrance we see up to 50 visitors a day.

5.1.   The website as a revenue generator is trickling in pennies using InfoLinks & Google Adsense (and with Adsense one must enter pin codes and such that are sent to the name of record – which is Ameri-Tech – and the stuff arrives looking like junk mail and if it isn’t marked RIVERWATCH, I am sure it keeps getting tossed :-( so … on the back burner (revenue so far from Google Under $11 – pay out doesn’t occur until $100)

6.      Violation Status – Board & Fining committee members NEED to be brought into the loop of WHEN property inspections are and what is found when they are done.  Please send e-mail with violations within three days of inspections to board & fining committee members.  WE NEED A NEW MEMBER for the fining committee ~ Kerry volunteered ~ can she be on the committee if Ed (husband) is on the Board?  Tony to find out and let us know.

6.1.   Street parking – Tow Stickers have been received.  One home will be receiving final notice.  We do NOT want to have to tow ~ but we MUST if it continues.

6.2.   Dog not on leash – Home owner identified and violation notice sent.  PLEASE ~ We do NOT want to have “dog on a leash” be an issue for another decade … we do NOT want to have to do this ~ but we MUST if it continues (NOTE:  Tarpon Springs DOES have a Leash Law) Tarpon Springs and surrounding areas DO have awesome dog parks if Fido must be able to run free. 

6.3.   Rules ~ Regs ~ and other assorted “stuff” can be found on the website off of this link: http://tarponriverwatch.com/rules-regulations-and-stuff.html

7.      Old Business

7.1.   Jacaranda tree for replacing the dead tree at the Playground Pond.  Tony to follow-up

7.2.   Banner for entrance for special events (such as community garage sales) should be on order – Tony to follow-up

7.3.   Light pole at playground ~ we are hearing they are talking a 400 watt bulb(?) normal street lights are 100(?)  - Tony please get info on this (I don’t think anyone wants a light four times stronger than a street light lighting up the playground all night)

7.4.   Sidewalks that need repaired.  Contractor to walk the property with Tony to address.

8.      New Business

8.1.   Kids playing in retention areas – if they get hurt, injured, infected, etc … whose insurance do the parents go after? Tony to follow-up

8.2.   Storm Drains

8.2.1.      Two locations with issues Tony to follow-up  

8.3.   2011 and getting organized – Evie & Kathleen working with Ameri-Tech to organize our documents.

8.4.   Lien Subordination Amendment & Mailing – According to our Attorney the way our documents are written, bank owned properties only have to pay the one year of past due dues when property sells.

8.4.1.      We need 120 YES votes from the General Members to change our documents so BANKS will have to pay past due dues and fines on properties THEY hold the notes for.

8.4.2.      This will be a door to door effort – if you wish NOT to be visited, make sure to send in your Proxy as soon as possible.

8.4.3.      Need a volunteer to coordinate – Kerry (thank you)

9.      Maintenance Report

9.1.   Landscape Report – Nick of NIK’s will start giving a quarterly landscape report.  What should I do with 9.1 for the other 8 months of the year?

9.1.1.      What kind of things would you like seen done around our community?

9.2.   Signs down – NIK’s will reinstall the signs – Who ever thinks it is great fun to knock them down … STOP IT!

9.3.   Ponds – can we get a report from Lake Doctors?  The Blackrush pond sometimes has colors not typical of a pond.  Is there an issue?

9.4.   Poles along entrance – we received ONE estimate for $11,891.20 for full removal and replacement of the steel poles.

9.5.   Dock gate – On the same ONE estimate is a full replacement of the dock gate for $4,275 (for a total of $16,166.20)

9.5.1.      Please get more estimates full removal & replace AND Other options.

9.6.   Dock – Tony got an estimate of $32 a square foot to install dura deck over the current decking, but the installer said ply-wood needed be cover the existing deck first(?) Table this issue until next month as we need more info.

9.7.   Entrance Sign – south side of the sign has been completed.  Awaiting completion of the north side.

10.  Architectural Report

10.1.                    Four painting

10.2.                    One roof

10.3.                    Home that needs to be repainted, awaiting color selection they chose from our approved pallet of colors and actual painting.

11.  Board of Director Comments - nothing

12.  Open Questions From the Floor

12.1.                    Stock pile of sand just south of our entrance – it is being used by DOT for the US 19 road work being done.

12.2.                    When will the road work be done – SPRING 2012 !!!

12.3.                    Why so long?  Work is being batched to save money.  When the paving starts DOT will do it all at the same time and that is last (?)

12.4.                    Collisions in the area of our entrance and exit NOT being cleaned up and car parts and pieces being left in the road.  Tony to follow-up

12.5.                    People are going AGAINST traffic to exit our property (out the entrance) to save from having to drive north to the light to go south.

12.5.1.  This is not only illegal it is HIGHLY dangerous.  Please stop.        One member present said they have done this and will stop.

12.6.                    Dock ramp blocks are being dislodged – Tony to follow up

12.6.1.  This is “probably” due to people launching while the tide is out or revving the engine (?)

12.7.                    Will the tide marker EVER be repainted?  This has been on our agenda a LOT.

12.7.1.  Tony please follow-up.

12.8.                    Pepper trees – does approval need to be gained to remove them?  No – they are invasive and dangerous to the Florida eco system – remove them. 

12.9.                    The ponds contain alligators – do NOT feed or antagonize them in any way.  They are protected.  If the ‘gator in a pond close to you becomes an issue – please contact animal control (and also send an e-mail to TarponRiverWatch letting us know)

13.  Adjourn Meeting - Motion: Evelyn    Second:   Bill Time: 7:44 pm


Board Meeting Agenda 

(Immediately following the annual members’ meeting)


1.       Call to order – 7:44 pm

2.       Election of Chairman of the meeting – The five candidates are now the five board members.

3.       Election of Officers (Nominated – Motioned~2nd)

a.       President – Ed – Evelyn~Bill

b.      Vice President – Bill – Evelyn~Ed

c.       Secretary – Evelyn – Frank~Ed

d.      Treasurer – Kathleen – Evelyn~Bill

e.      Director – Frank – Ed~Bill

4.       Adjourn Meeting – 7:51 PM





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