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April Board Meeting Notes 

 RiverWatch Home

4/29/11 updated 7.1 added 7.1.1  &

Date: Monday April 18, 2011

Time: 7pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689

Room: Social Room


1.      Call to Order – 7:00 PM  

2.      Establish Quorum – Ed Z, Kathleen R, Frank K, Evelyn C Present Bill P absent, Ameri-tech represented by Judi Pushmann, LCAM 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from 3/21/11 – Waive reading Frank motioned Evelyn 2nd, unanimous notes are minutes. 

4.      Financial report:   

4.1.   Delinquencies: We have 15 one year delinquent and 6 multiple years, one of which is many years, but the “owners” bailed out in the beginning, after renting it out and the home is now in deplorable condition.  Of which now, we are told the lender who owns the paper (?) will do nothing other than “secure it” … not sure what that means, but maybe being in my notes, I will find out?  The home that owes multiple years in past dues is WHY WE NEED YOUR YES VOTE on the issue at 6.5 (Lien Subordination ) 

4.1.1.      Late fees are being calculated at 18% and $8.36 is being added monthly. 

4.2.   Budget:  Considering our neighbors who are choosing not to pay their dues, we are doing quite well.  However if the continued non-payment DOES continue, we will not be for too much longer ~ so ~ we are actively going forward, which if they are not brought current on their dues, may become revenue streams as RiverWatch is forced to take possession :-(sorry, but dues of $557.00 annually is quite reasonable :-)   

5.      Violation Status:  Tony not at meeting will follow-up 

5.1.   1916 – Serviced by Wolverine Realty – Flagstar is the lender.  They will cut the lawn only. As of August 2010 daily fines have been racking up (by the city) and the total so far is $17,000 and growing.  Will Flagstar ever come forward?  Can we take over the property?    

5.2.   Are our governing documents now null & void?  How long does a precedent take to be? 

5.2.1.      Commercial vehicles – letters have been sent – going to fining committee 

5.2.2.      Trailers – letters have been sent – going to fining committee 

5.2.3.      Lawns (weeds, not mowed, overgrown bushes, lowering trees over sidewalks, sand washing into the storm drains …)  Tony will get back with us on this. 

5.2.4.      Sidewalk & driveway mold & rust. Tony will get back with us on this. 

5.2.5.      Mailboxes (see 6.13)  Tony will get back with us on this. 

5.3.   Fining Committee meets May 16th (letters should be sent to violators) 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Property Manager Weekly updates – when will they start?  Tony will get back with us on this. 

6.2.   Jacaranda Tree – when will this be done? Tony will get back with us on this. (There is an update on this.  I will update after getting this posted.) 

6.3.   Banner for special events – Tony said we are waiting to find out what we want to do with the bulletin board before ordering … which is good, because we missed having it for the reason we wanted to buy it in the first place. 

6.4.   Boat Ramp & Dock Area 

6.4.1.      Dock Covering (Durable Deck)  Tony can’t find the person Ed used to install his deck, so Ed will see what he can find and then David gave suggestion we talk with the company who is doing his deck. 

6.4.2.      Dock Gate – Proposal of $2,100 to replace the gate with aluminum and the wheel with a heavy duty wheel.  Evelyn motion, Kathleen 2nd unanimous  

6.4.3.      Gate Key ~ does this need to be addressed ~ still do not know.  Tony proposed a sign we like it – make it so.  It will be created about the size of the current sign posted at the parking area of the boat dock.  SEE PAGE WITH THIS. 

6.4.4.      Boat Ramp condition – not sure – Tony to get back with us. 

6.4.5.      Bulletin Board – Replacing Bulletin Board at the dock. 

6.5.   Lien Subordination ~ when is this happening? 

6.6.   Entrance Railings - Tony will get back with us on this.  

6.7.   Culvert Status - Tony will get back with us on this.  

6.8.   Playground Light – Frank motioned, Kathleen 2nd unanimous – approved   

6.9.   DOT Median Cuts – when are they to be finished.  Some are opened, even though the paving is not yet done. 

6.9.1.      Be couscous when using these however as I have seen too many people using them backwards :-(  

6.10.                    Entrance and Exit clean-up from frequent fender benders and taking out of the Barrier.  DOT is responsible for keeping this area clean (to the best of my understanding currently).  If you see an issue, please report it.  I will work to get a link on here with all the information to do so. 

6.10.1.  Remember this IS OUR community and it takes us all to keep is as awesome as it is meant to be. 

6.11.                    Fining Committee needs a member.  Member found.  New neighbor to our community.  Meetings are one half hour before our regularly scheduled monthly meetings.  Not sure how the May meeting will work as another group that meets the same night needs the projector that is only in our room, and we have to wait for Jazzercise … 

6.12.                    Side walk issues (cracks and uneven portions)  Most of the portions have been ground down, but there is still on section undone.  This section will need to be totally replaced. 

6.13.                    Mail boxes needing repainting, repair & cleaning (contractor?)  This will be included in the 2 week update we are to begin getting. 

7.      New Business  

7.1.   Beautification Committee ~ do you have an eye for design?  A flair for what looks good when?  Would you like to help make your community a beautiful place to live?  If so, please consider joining our brand new (not yet created ~ would you like to chair it) committee?  Kathleen and Kerry to meet with neighbor Susan to see if she has recommendations, ideas and would like to join.  Maybe check with neighbor Colleen too :-) 

7.1.1.      Nick of Nik’s would like to meet with the beautification committee to go over recommendations of which include adding a landscape bed, small tree and some hearty plants rather than sodding along a portion of the common area on Blackrush.            Neighbors on the Blackrush pond ~ what do you think?   

8.      Maintenance Report – included above 

8.1.   Landscape Report – it appears the grass is beginning to come in along the Blackrush drive pond 

9.      Architectural Report  

9.1.   Boat Dock Lift Install Permit for owner – Motion Frank, Evelyn 2nd unanimous approved  

10.  Board of Director Comments – Monthly report alignment is crooked (some account numbers not legible)  

11.  Open Questions From the Floor 

11.1.                    Boat Club and Canoe Rental sign, can something be done with it? 

11.2.                    Sand pile?  When is this expected to be gone? 

12.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion:  Kathleen   Second:  Frank  Time: 8:23 PM  




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