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May Board Meeting Notes 



Date: Monday May 16, 2010

Time: 7:15 pm

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689

Room: Jazzercise Room

Thank you Kathleen for the notes (Evie comments in this color :-)


1.      Call to Order – 7:15 pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – Ed Z, Kathleen R, Bill P 

2.1.    Tony Toscano spoke to the delay in completing “to do” items due to personal family issues.  Tony introduced Steve Kornacki who is now our primary contact.  Tony is the contact if no resolution with Steve or if there is an item that Steve is not up to date on.  Steve will do all the calls now and communicate with the Board.  Outstanding items will be reviewed daily.  Today, Steve and Tony were in our neighborhood to familiarize Steve with the RiverWatch area and issues.

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from April 25, 2011 – Approval of meeting notes 

4.      Financial report  

4.1.   Delinquencies: Steve to contact attorney for a report on each lien or foreclosure property.  Post meeting note - 22 delinquencies, with  6 in Foreclosure or Lien status   

4.2.   Budget:  

4.2.1.      Income: $3,549 in April; Year to date collected &79,624 

4.2.2.      Operating Expenses: Spent $5,663 in April on a budget of $6,611; surplus of $948 

4.2.3.      Year to date spent $21,246 on a budget of $26,444; surplus of $5,198 

4.2.4.      Operating Account Balance: General $140,910 + Money Market Reserves $19,791  = Total of $160,701;  Delinquent fees $19,427 

5.      Violation Status  

5.1.   Tony has given Steve the format for the violation process steps.    

5.2.   Fining Committee - Board of Directors to be notified of the Fining Committee meeting date/time.  Provide Synopsis of issues to the Board.  

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Weekly Updates – Continue to provide updates via email 

6.2.   Jacaranda Tree – Decision to wait for the rainy season before planting the tree, e.g. 1st or 2nd week in June 

6.3.   Banner for Special Events - Dark Blue background, Gold lettering ... still waiting for it.

6.4.   Boat Ramp and Dock Area 

6.4.1.      Dock – Put on new decking; Tony/Steve to solicit bids 

6.4.2.      Gate – Material ordered and should be available by 5/20 

6.4.3.      Condition of boat ramp – Shifting of structure; sign in the water.  Nik to evaluate during low tide 

6.4.4.      Bulletin Board – Approval for a waterproof bulletin board ... $700 for new bulletin board.

6.5.   Lien Subordination – Amendment Letter to be sent this week to community members.  Need 120 “yes” votes.  May need to go door to door to engage homeowners. 

6.6.   Entrance Railings – 50% of the railings are rusted on the bottom.  Tony/Steve to get a quote for steel materials 

6.7.   Culvert Status – This work was never completed.  Needs to be done. 

6.8.   Playground Light – Ed Z to check for original plan & send via scan to Tony/Steve ... done.

6.9.   Side walk portion replacement – Tony/Steve to contact City of T.S. regarding sidewalk replacement on Sawgrass between 1137 & 1149 

6.1. Mail boxes – need to be cleaned and painted; letters to be sent to homeowners as applicable.   

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Beautification Committee – Kathleen scheduled meeting for 5/17 with Nik, Kerry and Susan Davis.  Report at June meeting (suggested recommending recognize three best yards and three worst yards ... not much competition for the three best, but the three worst has several contenders ... is this something we can do?  I am all for spotlighting those who do not follow the rules and regulations and are making our entire community look bad)

7.2.   Boat Club / Canoe Rental sign at entrance, can something be done?  Nothing much can be done.  The sand pile is on private property.  Tony/Steve to call City of Tarpon Springs Code Enforcement. 

7.3.   Sand Pile ~ when is the due to be gone?  See 7.2 

7.4.   Drainage easement request – Pasco County asking for access to easement near Anclote Vista for water drainage.  Plan is to install a culvert, using a 54 inch culvert vs. a current 24 inch culvert.  Pasco requesting this to ease flooding on Phoenix, just north of our subdivision.  Board recommendation – We do not want this!  Tony/Steve to contact City of T.S. 

8.      Maintenance Report 

8.1.   Landscape Report 

8.2.   Boat and Playground parking lines – Work will be done 

9.      Architectural Report  

10.  Board of Director Comments – Graffiti on the external white wall near Northern Tool Equipment.  Needs to be repainted, Tony to contact property manager of that property.

11.  Open Questions From the Floor –  

11.1.        Oak tree near entrance of subdivision is dead.  Monitor to determine if removal warranted.  Nick of NIK's will apply for permit and follow up with Steve (Ameri-Tech contact) 

11.2.        Post meeting note – Thanks to Nik for the two signs in the park – “Park closes at Dusk”. 

12.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion: Bill  P   Second: Kathleen R    Time: 8:15pm  




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