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RiverWatch Housing Association    

June 2011 Board Meeting Agenda   

RiverWatch Home  

Date: Monday June 20, 2010  

Time: 7:00  

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689  

Room: Social Room  

1.    Call to Order  - 7:05 pm 

2. Establish Quorum - All board members present.  Steve representing Ameri-tech 

3. Read or waive and approve meeting notes from May 16, 2011 – Bill motioned to waive, Evelyn second … May notes are minutes.   

4. Financial report   

4.1. Delinquencies - $17,055 (5 liens and 1 foreclosure) 

4.2. Budget - $2,442 income in May (past due, dues paid)  YTD income $82,266 Current YTD surplus $9,143  

5. Violation Status – 19 violations.  16 are 2nd notice. Fining Committee to meet 7/18/11 @ 6:30 pm.  It was brought up that we have more than 19 violations in our community. 

5.1 Street parking overnight is out of control … One home owner reported their driveway is blocked frequently … volunteer to walk our neighborhood overnight, leaving violation letters parked on street parked cars.  We will keep track of the license plates (we will be able to track who the vehicle belongs to as well) and repeat violators will have NO PARKING stickers pasted to the window of the vehicle. 

5.2 Rust is an ongoing issue – and MUST be addressed.  One home is on its 3rd notice and will be sent to the fining committee if not cleaned. 

5.3 1916 Anclote Vista – Property Manager continue to keep on code enforcement.  Evelyn will also add information to this website so concerned neighbors may call as well. 

6. Old Business   

      6.1 RiverWatch action item spreadsheet – use form sent by Ed (Landscape, with item number on the left and space for board member comments on the right.) 

           6.1.1 Send updates (to all board members) as often as once a week, but not longer than every other week. 

           6.1.2 We HAVE to see improvement in our community and responsiveness by Ameri-Tech or we are forced to seek another management company.  

7. New Business   

      7.1 Presentation by Robert Baltzer Pasco County’s Right-of-Way Agent in its Real Estate Division – Pasco county wants a drainage easement through our community (board is against this) Mr. Baltzer was a No-Show. 

           7.1.1 The drainage easement wanted by Pasco County would cut through the properties of two homes on Sawgrass, then run along the backs of the homes on Anclote Vista that border the access road pond, draining into our wetland to the south of the 1916 Anclote Vista property. 

7.1.2 List of items Property Manager is to find out ~ Some of which include: DOES Pasco County already have some kind of easement in RiverWatch, and they want to lay a bigger pipe? WHY do they not use drainage located in Pasco County? Contact our lawyer to understand our community rights and responsibilities. 

8. Maintenance Report   

8.1. Landscape Report – nothing from our landscaper 

       8.1.1 It is the time of year for Cinch Bugs and they will destroy your yard quick if let go. 

       8.1.2. Jacaranda tree ~ get it planted ~ three board members have volunteered to get water to it. 

        Bill pointed out an article that said it may be as long as eight years before the tree begins to flower.  Noted. 

8.2. Metal Railings along entrance – we still only have one bid.  Steve (property manager) said no companies will return his calls for bids.  Not sure what kind of mentality business owners of said companies in this economy have, but Evelyn will update our site with the businesses not taking new business. 

       8.2.1 Because of the scope of this job, we need two more bids and we need to know the time frame in which the work will be started and how long it will take to accomplish the work. 

        The ONE bid we got did not cover any of this information, but it was quite clear how much interest would be accrued if not paid within the specified time (which did not seem connected to the work) 

8.3. Dock Gate – completed, spare wheel for gate given to Ed to store. 

8.4. Dock resurfacing – same issues as 8.2 (8.2.1 & Also with it BEING boating season, we cannot have our dock closed for an indeterminate amount of time. 

8.5 Replacement bulletin board is on its way.  Get handy man to install new bulletin board when it arrives. 

8.6 Fill dirt just south of entrance way.  The dirt owner is liable for any damages, but be aware dump trucks are going against traffic to enter the area, and they continually drive over the entrance barriers (causing road hazards ~ BEWARE of bolts!) 

       8.6.1 DOT is responsible for keeping the area debris free (from what Evelyn has been told) 

9. Architectural Report – Steve to get with homeowner that has to repaint their home to an approved color.  Painting to be done ASAP – update board using Ed’s spreadsheet as to when this will be accomplished. 

10. Board of Director Comments   

      10.1 We miss John and Barb – unanimous  

      10.2 Evelyn, home from being away for over a month, was disappointed by the appearance of our community.  Borderline homes have slipped into full-blown violation status. 

11. Open Questions from the Floor   

      11.1 See 5.1 Night worker unable to get to their home due to street parking and blocking of driveway. 

      11.1.1 Volunteered to walk neighborhood after work – License plate numbers will be noted, and violation letters will be left. 

      11.1.2 Blocking a driveway not your MAY result in Tarpon Springs police department being called and offending vehicles being towed at owners expense. 

12. Adjourn Meeting - Motion: Kathleen Second: Bill Time: 7:52 pm 




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