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RiverWatch Housing Association  

July 2011 Board Meeting Minutes 



Date: Monday July 18, 2011 

Time: 7pm 

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


NOTE:  Project “#” ‘s may change but Category (first #) and Area (.second #) shouldn’t 


1.      Call to Order – 7:00pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – Ed Z, Bill P, Kathleen R, Frank H, Evelyn C ~ representing Ameri-Tech: Steve K, and Gary M 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from June- Kathleen Motion, Bill 2nd, Unanimous June notes are now minutes.  

4.      Financial report  

4.1.   Delinquencies – we have a total of 16 homes in arrears – 12 of which are for non paid dues.  One of the 12 is due to be sold at auction August 8th, 2011 … Evie will get the information for the auction online for those who may be interested.  The other 11 have all been liened.  The other four are for fees on their dues which were paid late.  When the late meter starts, I think we charge 18% interest. 

4.2.   Budget – we over spent our June budget by half, but so far year to date, we are under budget by more than $5,000. 

5.      Violation Status – Steve goes through RiverWatch twice (2x) a month.  Steve will send the board a spreadsheet of violations each time he goes through our community.  (Evie forgot to ask when the first one will be … WILL find out) 

5.1.   Seventeen total non compliance letters were sent.  Eleven home-owners complied. 

5.2.   Six were sent to fining - Fining Committee met.  

5.3.   Evelyn asked about the basketball hoop most see every day leaving or going home. 

5.3.1.      Steve said he would send a letter.            My jaw hit the table top.            HOW LONG WILL THIS BE HERE? Do I need to keep asking?  Steve, I’ve asked at least once a week “why is it still there?” 

5.3.2.      General mayhem erupted from the membership as everyone has other issues to tell of “ … how long do I have to keep looking at this?”  …. “Why should we keep busting our a** when the community looks like ker-wrap and I have neighbors who just seem to “crash” at the house near me (not taking care of their property … their BIGGEST investment) (I should stop the “” because I think I am paraphrasing now)            Attendees of the meeting – please send me feedback to TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com (I promise to check it on a daily basis) 

6.      Old Business – wrap this up with the spreadsheet and let’s see what happened. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Spreadsheet – to do’s … hmmm … not the spreadsheet I formatted from Ed’s input and sent back out to the Board (and posted to the website at the same time – but go with it.) 

7.1.1.      How often to send updates – include updates with the violations, Every TWO Weeks … UNLESS it is a MAJOR update, then update immediately.            For items we are looking at bids on: ~how many days before meetings works for the board? ~ Send out an e-mail with a spreadsheet of name of company, bid amount, date you e-mailed us the bid (maybe save some trees, and we won’t need to have so many copies?)                  Also ~ RFP’s ~ were brought up again.  RFP: Request for Proposal.  In this document we spell out what we expect.  The contractor can then make a level estimate for how much it will cost, and we get what we expected to get. 

7.1.2.      Feedback of the two spreadsheets is appreciated ~ thank you ~            Flat To-Do / Area Drill Down (link may make it here)

8.      Manager’s Report taken from our To-Do’s & Projects List 

8.1.   Committee’s 

8.1.1.      Architectural Report            House painting – Looks like house is underway for its long overdue painting of approved color.   

8.1.2.      Fining            New member – done and committee is active. 

8.1.3.      Beautification – did not discuss 

8.1.4.      Welcome Committee – we don’t have one, but need a welcome letter to send to new members of our community.  Do YOU like meeting new people?  Do you like to assist neighbors in finding things?  Going places?  Doing things?            Welcome Letter – Evelyn and Kathleen have sent in their “Why I like RiverWatch” answers.  If you would like to include YOUR “Why I Like RiverWatch” send to Steve and TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com            Communications                  Going forward communications will be 8.1.3 and things dealing with communicating to our board or members will be addressed there.                        I am creating a projects and To-Do list that is posted to our website (this is what I will be using to create the agenda’s for our meeting) if others bring their own lists ~ I hope it adds rather than detracts ~                  And the format of our agenda (SAMPLE ONE & SAMPLE TWO) I’ll make it up as I go along?  SAMPLE TWO it is. 

8.2.   Community Updates 

8.2.1.      Entrance – railing are rusting – we are looking at replacement and desire 3 bids, but a third is difficult to get.            We did get a third bid, but the bids range from $6,700 to $9,750 … and the estimates are not specific at all as to what will be done.  (RFP)  Request for Proposal  and we are waiting on another bid                  What are the possibilities of aluminum – is that even advisable at that location?  Updating Spreadsheet.                  We want painting of the poles (concrete & new) to be included. 

8.2.2.      Dock            Bulletin Board – should be installed NLT 7/23/11 (expect 7/21)            Composite covering over current dock – go with Avery Painting – Evelyn Motion, Kathleen 2nd – unanimous            Dock gate wheel – completed and Ed has extra – this can be removed from To-Do’s and moved to the done list (get date, so Evie may build a list – no date completed gotten) 

8.2.3.      Playground – Light – just waiting for it to be scheduled to be installed. (Paid in Full) 

8.2.4.      Ponds & Culverts – Culvert’s that were not cleared, however business that “did the work” (Stan C.) was paid … city of Tarpon Springs involved?  Steve K was confused … this is a vendor who was paid to do work he has NOT DONE!!! (see 2.4 #10)  Going on MANY months now … closing in on a year? 

8.2.5.      Landscape            Fallen tree and sign in water by the dock (our landscaper does not want to do this because it is a protected mangrove area (??) Steve is requesting volunteers; however is this something we want to get input from SWFWMD for?                  According to community member ~ when they joined the community 12 years ago the area was free and clear and open for kayaking.  (see projects & to-do’s list 2.5 #11)            Jacaranda tree at the playground pond … planted and now being watered by volunteers.                  Kathleen R., Evie C., Who else raised hands?  Thank you            Sod by the Blackrush pond.  Nik’s has said the area is filling in now since the new irrigation system was put in.  Waiting to see what the fill does and beautification committee may come up with butterfly garden type ideas (?)            Landscaper is to be responsible for the area at the end of the cul-de-sac of RiverEdge Dr. 

8.2.6.      Rules, Regs, & Violations            Amendment to our rules and regs (link to amendment if I get soft copy)  We currently still need 50 YES Votes.  It is being bantered about having a few days at the playground, Dock, entrance / exit with a sign (or signs) HAVE YOU VOTED?  ~Volunteers~  Watch website for dates and times.            Overnight parking (considered midnight to 5 am) six violations issued                  There are three warnings until it goes to violation status.  Board asked for update as to who is on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, (Please add this into our Non-Compliance / Violations report)            Rust on sidewalks – slowly being addressed (Evie to get info as to what the best stuff is to remove rust already present and what can be done to keep the rust FROM forming posted to website)                  What about rust in street drainage from another’s run-off?  The HOA is responsible for this ~ it was asked if the city is responsible for the streets would that make them responsible?  Steve to clarify. 

8.2.7.      Signage            Dock Sign – installed            Banner for events – received and Evie has it            Concern about the “different” signage, poles and posts.  We did not address this concern.  Have added it to projects & To-Do’s 2.7 #18 

8.2.8.      General members communications with Board or Community – home owner with easement issue / question … diagrams should be at meeting.            Steve said we do not have an easement ~ Peter begged to differ ~ our documents state access is granted.  I think this ~ put link here see section 5 ~ may address it?  Steve to research further. 

8.2.9.      Community – Misc            Pressure wash walls along entrance and Crest Ridge.  When we pressure wash shouldn’t we do the whole shebang and get the sidewalks done as well?                  Yes get bids or do we have a regular contractor we use (or do we want the lowest bid possible?  Boardget back to me.)            Striping of dock and playground – done and completed (get date – didn’t) 

8.3.   Misc. 

8.3.1.      DOT – US 19 is due to be completed Spring 2012 (move to an FAQ page)            DOT – Speed humps – could we get them along RiverWatch Blvd near the entrance, exist (near the bends would be great?)  Thank you moronic speeders!!!  ~I can imagine the imbeciles who will burn out their tires where ever the hump is~            DOT – Striping along the entrance / exit on Riverwatch Blvd.  AND All crosswalks in our community.            DOT – If the city owns our streets, why are we paying for the street lights? (added 3.2 #25) 

8.3.2.      Riverwatch Center (Northern Tool Wall) graffiti – addressed (move to FAQ page) 

8.3.3.      Outside Neighbors            To the south (our entrance) Pile of dirt … the dirt we were told was going to be removed is getting larger and now we are told we have to “deal with it” (basically) so our lawyer has sent a C&D letter 7/12 (how much did this cost?  Did not get that answer.)                  Expect update NLT 7/27            To the north (Crest Ridge)                  Pasco wants a drainage easement from Crest Ridge THROUGH RiverWatch (across Sawgrass and along Anclote Vista between the homes and the playground pond for a total of 7 home owners DIRECTLY affected) into our wetlands for drainage.                        The board gave a unanimous NO – Pasco has said they want to attend a board meeting. 

9.      Board of Director Comments 

9.1.   Board member discovered a “duplicate” unit number and other discrepancies of our unit / home data.  On projects & To-Do’s 3.4 #27 

10.  Open Questions From the Floor 

10.1.                    A neighbor has come forward with a plea of not being able to keep his yard healthy and in our regs 

10.1.1.  Other neighbors have come forward to volunteer help.  If you have a yard in need of mowing, edging, weeding and you just can’t do it alone, neighbors have volunteered to help.  Evelyn will add to Projects & to-do’s 

10.2.                    Adding cleats for the boat dock … can it be done?  Added to Projects & To-Do’s 

10.3.                    What is the dock a composite of?  Wood and plastics. 

10.3.1.  Member brought up that the dock has not been properly maintained over the years and should have had sealer put on at regular intervals. 

10.4.                    How long have the entrance railing been up? 

10.4.1.  Original to the community when it was first being developed.  1994 maybe 1995? 

10.5.                    Members adjoining properties outside of Riverwatch have reported issues with kids climbing walls and in some places just walking around any walls in the way. 

10.5.1.  Call 911   ~ Positive Thoughts the kids see this and STOP ~ but if they don’t … call 911 (or you can tell them to look here ~ because we will find and report them if they keep it up) 

10.6.                    Community member reported that Nik’s has been knocking off sprinkler heads when going through the area RiverEdge and SawGrass area (was it more?) 

11.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion: Bill  Second: Everyone (literally)  Time: 8:02pm 






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