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RiverWatch Housing Association  

August 2011 Board Meeting Agenda 

Immediately After Special Meeting 



Date: Monday August 15, 2011 

Time: 7pm 

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.      Call to Order – 7:00pm  

2.      Establish Quorum - all board members present, Steve K and Mike P represent Ameri-Tech Property Management 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from July – Frank motioned to accept, Kathleen 2nd, all in favor.  Notes are minutes. 

4.      Financial report  

4.1.   Delinquencies - $17,490 (this includes $6,441.71 for one property that has been vacant for years(?) and in very bad disrepair.  Fear is RiverWatch takes over the property and sinks tens of thousands of dollars into it to make in inhabitable so RiverWatch may rent it out until the bank forecloses on the property as the paper holder of this liability. 

4.1.1.      Mike P to research this. 

4.2.   Budget – We are $837 over budget for month of July, but $4,552 Under budget for the year (so far) 

5.      Old Business – jumped into the to-do and project list 

6.      New Business – the to-do list (Evelyn give’s up and will create based on the list Steve sends – I will fill out the notes by going down the To-Do list.  From now on agenda’s will be created from such.  However using the “To-Do” list isn’t very up to date – so ….) 

 7.      Manager’s Report taken from our To-Do’s & Projects List - link to list that Steve uses.

Between the lines was the agenda we went into the meeting with - but did not follow this and instead followed Steve's list.  After three weeks of putting this off as to how to address it and trying to avoid it - it IS what it is and this is what I had - SO ... I'm leaving below as it was, and I've added a link to the list above.

7.1.   Committee’s 

7.1.1.      Architectural Report            House painting – STILL Not Done – Evelyn asked if it is it time for the fining committee. Not yet says Steve … Steve is making sure the family super duper, really truly understand what to paint where with which color … (?)                  This *issue* began June 2010 September 1st is 14 months. 

7.1.2.      Fining and Violations – does fining committee get violations?            Board last update rec'vd 8/1 from inspection 7/20 notices sent 7/22 (next recv’d list 8/16, board to walk property and do a separate inspection to level set expectations) 

7.1.3.      Welcome Committee - Steve put together blurbs sent by Kathleen and Evelyn. Evelyn posted to website.  This IS the letter to use.  Do we have volunteers yet for welcoming committee … Please e-mail  if you would like to join the committee or if you would like a visit as a new neighbor. 

7.2.   Community Updates - spreadsheet 

7.2.1.      Entrance – railing are rusting – we are looking at replacement, we are awaiting a fourth and possibly fifth bid.   

7.2.2.      Dock            Bulletin Board – it is on property just waiting for installation.            Covering over current dock – Ken Avery bid accepted.  We are waiting scheduling of the job and this will close the dock for three days – this will be during the WEEK. 

7.2.3.      Playground – Light should be installed NLT 8/22/11 

7.2.4.      Ponds & Culverts – Culvert’s that were not cleared, however business that “did the work” (Stan C.) was paid …  

7.2.5.      Landscape – Fallen dead tree and sign in water by the dock Steve contacted Richard Hague who deals with arborist issues in Tarpon Springs. 

7.2.6.      Rules, Regs, & Violations            Amendment to our rules and regs – 33 currently still needed.            Overnight parking (considered midnight to 5 am) violations continue to be issued.            Rust on sidewalks – slowly being addressed Check out The Rust Store (http://www.theruststore.com/Concrete-Rust-Removal-FAQ-W46C2.aspx) 

7.2.7.      Signage - Concern about the “different” signage, poles and posts. … still not addressed this month, although on the agenda for last month. 

7.2.8.      General members communications with Board or Community – home owner with easement issue / question … diagrams should be at meeting.            Steve says there is no easement for any reason, so stay off this home owners property (?)

7.2.9.      Community – Misc            Pressure wash walls and fencing along our entrance and bordering Crest Ridge 

7.3.   Misc. 

7.3.1.      Outside Neighbors            To the south (our entrance) Pile of dirt … the dirt we were told was going to be removed is getting larger and now we are told we have to “deal with it” (basically) so our lawyer has sent a C&D letter.                  Attorney contacted for update 7/28 - dirt began to be removed 8/2            To the north (Crest Ridge)                  Pasco wants a drainage easement from Crest Ridge THROUGH RiverWatch (across Sawgrass and along Anclote Vista between the homes and the playground pond for a total of 7 home owners DIRECTLY affected) into our wetlands for drainage.                        The board gave a unanimous NO months ago – Pasco has said they want to attend a board meeting.  Steve has been told their project is on hold. 

Below the line the to-do list as it was presented. 


8.      Board of Director Comments 

9.      Open Questions From the Floor 

9.1.   Vacant property with weeds that are knee-high … NIK’s is to start mow and go and will send bill to Ameri-Tech to be billed to the property.  This particular property is empty and has been for a while, is this properties mail being delivered to the owner?  No Answer from Steve. 

9.1.1.      There are several other properties with issues.  A list will be drawn up and NIK’s will begin mow & go on those properties as well – and then billing the property. 

9.2.   Property owner wants 60 day grace period for his lawn.  He was told he would be given 30.  Asked for 60 again and gave his reasons.  30 days was given and the reasons are the yard has been in this shape since the purchase almost ONE year ago.  RiverWatch IS a deed restricted community even if the price to entry is currently very low. 

9.2.1.      What is cheaper – replacing your lawn or paying empty fines? 

9.3.   Property with boat trailer in driveway and has been for weeks.  Can’t miss it anytime you enter or leave the community unless you are oblivious. 

9.3.1.      Steve will take a look. 

10.  Adjourn Meeting - Motion: Evelyn    Second: Frank   Time: 8:17pm 





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