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RiverWatch Housing Association  

October 2011 Board Meeting Minutes 



Date: Monday October 17, 2011 

Time: 7pm 

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.      Call to Order – 7:01pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – Kathleen, Ed, Evelyn Present.  Representing Ameri-Tech Judi  

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from September – Evelyn brought up: bullet vs. numbering – member’s present said numbers.  Format is back to numbers. 

3.1.   (#4 Sept meeting – red) Does Judi have the amount we need to take from “Other Revenue” and create the Liability account we need for these funds?  No 

3.2.   (#6.1 Sept Meeting – red) Is Ameri-Tech going to address this any further?  Judi & Ed said no.  See 6.1.3 below. 

3.3.   (#7.1) Mail Box info – on the website 

3.4.   (#7.2) Nothing to be concerned about – most likely sprinkler issue. 

4.      Financial Report  

4.1.   Has the deposit / other income / liability issue been resolved?  No – Evelyn will decipher the amounts wrongly deposited as “Other Income” in the Revenue section of our financials.  I know Accounting 101 was MANY years ago, but Ameri-Tech PLEASE take notice a DEPOSIT in which one person pays is NOT INCOME to the one holding the DEPOSIT ~~~> It IS a LIABILITY <~~~ and if accounting has changed that much since I received my degree – someone PLEASE give me some feedback. 

4.1.1.      Evelyn’s concern is what else may we find?  

4.2.   Delinquencies: We have six who still have not paid. 

4.3.   Budget – being the month we were to discuss budgets and the fact our budget has stayed the same for six or seven years … $557 … I proposed a $38 increase to $595 which was soundly shot down.  I guess that is what had to sway many of those who didn’t know rather to side with the banks or the association – and were told the dues for 2012 will stay at $557 for another year.  

4.3.1.      We have a lot of unbudgeted things community members want done and some that HAVE to be done and the volunteers that have always done what needs to be done are a bit … tired … of the assumption that it has always been freely given so why change now.            The budget we currently use is NOT real and many of the things done freely by volunteers of our community DO cost money; and I must mention time, effort, headaches, and tempers … Evelyn apologizes for her outburst 5.1 this meeting but it has been a year come November.   

4.3.2.      Member brought up if RW should be paying electric for the pump house if we pay for this in our utility bills?  Is this not included in individual Home Owner sewer bill - Is RiverWatch as a community paying twice? 

5.      Violation Status  

5.1.   Yard needing grass – does it have grass? There is a strip and nothing else done since last month.  Including the wheel-barrow lawn fixture(?).  

5.1.1.      Discussion of grass types came up again and the fact there IS no grass just weeds and sand that continues to wash down into our drainage system.  The Home Owner stated they were putting in Florida Friendly landscaping and a garden … The home owner became agitated and unfortunately so did Evelyn saying “have a yard that meets our by-laws by the November meeting OR The Fine DOES stand – It HAS TO – And then I threw up my hands and said I would NEVER purchase another home in a deed restricted neighborhood” … I later refuted that statement as we BOUGHT in a DEED RESTRICTED community for a reason.            Unfortunately the affecting home owner stormed out before we finished this discussion - Homeowner left AFTER Evelyn stated the fine WILL stand if the yard is not in compliance. We ARE Deed Restricted and the VAST majority of Home Owners BOUGHT here because of those restrictions.                  Board members get to hear the frustration of neighbors who WANT those restrictions upheld. 

6.      Manager’s Report taken from To-Do List 

6.1.   Old Business 

6.1.1.      Sidewalk Issues – told we may have to deal with what we have? 

6.1.2.      Entrance railing – start over and look at replacing all metal poles compare with aluminum and steel. 

6.1.3.      Culvert Work – while Ameri-Tech is no longer willing to address this issue – RiverWatch must.  Having a dry retention pond greatly affected by the culverts, I shall watch and video. 

6.1.4.      Blackrush Pond Landscaping – Ants – Suggested buying a bag of Andros and volunteers can sprinkle it on the ants in the area.  Any volunteers jumping on board?  E-mail TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com 

6.1.5.      Street rust – nothing … did Nik’s get the SNOW CAP from Ameri-Tech?  Do not know. 

6.1.6.      Community Volunteers ~ THANK YOU 

6.1.7.      Damaged section of wall at our entrance - We have an estimate for $7,500 or so to replace the wall.  A better way would be to convince the owner of the property to place fill against the wall (he has fill and front loader) and then repair the wall, also the debris at the base of the wall needs to be removed and the foundation repaired from the erosion that has occurred in this area.  Due to the raised elevation on the south side of the wall. 

6.1.8.      Overnight parking – back on target  

6.1.9.      Grass Issue –  Maria has the name and contact information for the Pinellas County Florida Friendly person.  She got the information to Evelyn and Evelyn will contact Doris to have her speak at our November meeting.            Ed will get with our legal counsel for what exactly what Bill 2080 means to RiverWatch if we state particular Florida Friendly grasses and THEIR equivalent. 

6.2.   New Business 

6.2.1.      Halloween Monday 10/31/11 6pm until 8 or 8:30pm (it usually does not get started till at least dusk) If you want to participate Leave your lights on.  If you choose NOT to participate turn your lights off.            If you would like to have pictures of your decorations on TarponRiverWatch.com send an e-mail to TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com 

7.      Board of Director Comments 

7.1.   Effective 11:59pm October 31, 2011 Ameri-Tech will cease being the property manager of RiverWatch.  Property Management Services (PMS) will be taking their place. 

8.      Open Questions From the Floor 

8.1.1.      Why did we leave Ameri-Tech?  The increasingly poor service received from Ameri-Tech that started at mediocre and plummeted to no longer tolerable. 

8.1.2.      Sprinkler out of whack at the south side of our entrance has a sprinkler that is spraying out into US 19.  

9.      Adjourn Meeting  - Motion: Kathleen   Second: Evelyn  Time: 7:42pm 




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