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RiverWatch Housing Association    

November Board Meeting Minutes  



Date: Monday November 21, 2011  

Time: 7pm  

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689  

Room: Social Room  

1.        Call to Order (Ed)  7:02 PM  

2.        Establish Quorum  (Ed) All Board Members and Property Manager Sue Marino of PMS Management Services Present 

3.        Introduction of PMS (Ed) Ameri-Tech is no longer the management company of RiverWatch in Tarpon Springs Florida.  Our New Management Company is PMS Management Services and our Property Manager is Sue Marino.   

4.        Read or waive and approve meeting notes from 10/17/11 ~ Frank Motioned to waive reading and accept, Kathleen 2nd – notes are now minutes.   

5.        Florida Friendly Presentation By Doris Heitzmann the Community Outreach Coordinator of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Program what is Florida Friendly and what is NOT Florida Friendly (NOTE: Erosion is a Very, VERY BAD Thing) and ways to maintain a HOA Approved Florida Friendly Beautiful Yard. (Evelyn)   Doris had many different hand-outs available for members at the meeting.  Evelyn adding links … WaterMatters.org  

5.1.     Brief comments from community on FFL (2 minutes per person) Main concern community members had was long standing issue.  Erosion of soil is NOT Florida Friendly.  Landscaping of ALL yards must still be approved by the Architectural committee in Deed Restricted communities. 

5.2   Every landscaper must now be GIBMP certified (Green Industries Best Management Practices)  Evie will work to get links on the TarponRiverWatch.com  

5.3  Suggested for committee to form to compile landscaping design examples for future issues.  Grasses should be a list of 3 or 4 and options for areas too shaded by trees to grow grass.  Grasses approved are St. Augustine, Floratam and Empire Zoyga is under winter review.  Nick of NIK’S will have more suggestions at the December meeting. 

6.        Financial report (Kathleen)  we are on budget 

6.1.     Delinquencies    

6.2.     Budget   

6.3.     Key Deposits – deposited as “other income” while under Ameri-Tech.   $250 ( May $50 June $100 August $50 September $50) WRONGLY deposited into INCOME when the KEY DEPOSIT is a LIABILITY … Sue to address this. 

7.        Violation Status (Sue)  

7.1.     Discuss status of Fined Property (Fine that was given 60 (SIXTY) days to correct the violation)  Demand letter sent - $1,000 fine to stand if work not completed by end of the month (November 2011) 

7.1.1. Discuss types of violations received 1st , 2nd and 3rd letters The dates of the letters, next step after letter. Give general discussion of how the violation letters are administered. What are the violations, for example commercial vehicles, lawns.  Ask the community to send violation complaints to PMS.   

8.        Old Business   

8.1.     To-Do List (which is brand new to our New Property Manager/Company)  

8.1.1. Culvert issue Ameri-Tech refused to acknowledge past paying for work not done.  

9.        New Business   

9.1.     Meeting at the park 12/12/11 9:30am to approve 2012 budget of $557 per unit for the year 2012 (Due Jan. 2012) 

10.    Maintenance Report   

10.1. Landscape Report - Trees at the entrance are having issues … NIK’s says the arborist said the trees are dying because of two reasons.  They are planted too close to the wall and they have Anthracnose Disease and missile toe   

10.2. Architectural Report  (community members doing work to their home or in their yard)  If you are having yard, home, any work done APPROVAL from the architectural committee MUST be obtained FIRST.  If you are doing work and have not done your paperwork, PLEASE submit it.  

10.3. Discuss alternatives for repair of leaning wall at south side of entrance (we have estimate for $7,500) The wall continues to lean more faster.  It very much appears erosion on the property south of our wall is causing the wall to lean.  

10.4. Repair of railing (we have estimates for their repair) Looking to start over with the process with Sue as our manager as answers we were getting from Ameri-Tech management got cloogier and cloogier.  

10.5. Cut back the tops of leaning bushes at the entrance to RW (north side)  …  

11.      Board of Director Comments  - WELCOME SUE !!!  Already we are THRILLED with the swiftness of your communications and “Getting the Job DONE!” 

12.    Open Questions From the Floor … soliciting – RiverWatch is a NO SOLICITING COMMUNITY.  If you have something you wish to alert the RiverWatch Community to PLEASE send an Email to  and I will put your information on the website.   

13.    Adjourn Meeting  - Motion:  Bill   Second: Evelyn   Time:  8:20 PM 





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