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RiverWatch Housing Association    

January Board Meeting Minutes   

Date: TUESDAY January 17, 2012  

Time: 7pm  

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. 

Room: Social Room  


1.      Call to Order – 7:01 pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – all board members present, PMS Management represented by Carrie. 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from December (Any feedback on the notes – get it to me IN WRITING by NOON 1/17/2012 ) Frank motioned to accept, Kathleen 2nd – notes are now minutes.

4.      Financial report - Evelyn will get as much as possible posted on the website.  Financial Statements are also available upon request; call Sue at (727) 216-3217 

4.1.    Delinquencies - 30 day grace period ends Feb. 1st 2012 

4.2.    Budget – on budget – financials were sent after the meeting. 

5.       Violation Status   

5.1.    Long standing violation – move forward with lawyer & courts for compliance - vote.   Sue has tried to contact the homeowners several times, in person, phone and mail – no response.  Several neighbors said they have offered to help only to be rebuffed in a manner the offer will not be made again.  Vote to move forward legally to get home-owner to comply with the Deed Restrictions of our community.  Evelyn motioned, Bill 2nd. Unanimous 

Community member brought up the subject of the cost of going through the legal channel – yes it costs money – what are all of our options how much could each cost? Etc.  Evelyn pointed out that getting the answer to these questions will in itself COST money – but get these questions answered we will – but legally we MUST move forward.  Homeowners have been in the home almost a year and a half and have yet to even give a plan as to how they will rectify their violation. 


5.2.    New home owners with property not in compliance – plan review.  Vacant home’s not in compliance.  New owners will have four months (with a plan) to rectify any violations of our deed restrictions. 

There are a lot of yards with brown grass – we had a recent freeze, so there has been a bit of browning, but St. Augustine grass does not turn brown during the winter (a reason THAT is a grass we require)  

6.       Old Business – way old question about the pump house (by the playground) this is owned AND operated by the City of Tarpon Springs.  They are the ones who also pay for the electricity for the pump house.  If there are any issues with the pump house, please call the number at the pump station (Evelyn will get this information and post on the website) 

6.1.    Leaning wall (south wall along entrance / exit) Dawson – the owner of the property that has the dirt has not been able to be contacted – Sue has sent a registered letter with our complaint to him.  As yet there has been no response. 

A neighbor has said he will take a look at the wall and see if he can assess the situation as well. 

6.2.    Blue poles along entrance – Ed to talk with contractors (but he is very busy at work currently) 

6.3.    Culvert clean out – a basic clean-out of the culverts has been done, but the retention areas need to be fully graded.  At least one dry retention area the center is higher ground than the culvert, which could lead to flooding in a large rain event. 

7.       New Business  

Depressed area in utilities area(?) – Ed to talk with the attorney about liability and if RiverWatch Home Owners association is liable for the repairs, if so, is this something we should contact insurance about? 

8.       Maintenance Report  

8.1.    Landscape Report – Landscaping ideas for shaded areas.  Link to page with resources

New trees for the front, we are waiting until the rainy season to replace them To get adequate water to the trees before then would mean volunteers taking water to the trees … so IF YOU would like to be the volunteer to ensure they are watered – send me an e-mail and we can get it done sooner. 

9.       Architectural Report  

10.   Board of Director Comments  

11.   Open Questions from the Floor – key’s to the back emergency fence.  Several home-owners near the emergency gate would like to have keys … the keys are for use ONLY in an emergency where we are not able to access the front entrance.  Neighbors to get with Sue for their key. 

Blocking of the side walk with vehicles or other obstacles, is this permitted?  No.  The sidewalk MUST be assessable by things such as wheelchairs and strollers. 

Welcome pack  

Trees destroying the fence at the emergency exit - have been removed as of 2/12/12

Emergency responders have access through the Knox Box onsite. 

12.   Adjourn Meeting - Motion:   Frank, Second:  Bill  Time:  8:03 pm 






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