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February 2012 Board Meeting Minutes 

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Date: TUESDAY ~ February 21, 2012 

Time: 7pm 

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.      Call to Order – 7:02 pm  

2.      Establish Quorum - Present: Board Members Ed Z, Bill P, Kathleen R, Evelyn (Evie) C, Property Manager Sue M  

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from January – edit to say “minutes” …  Bill motioned to accept, Kathleen 2nd Notes are now minutes. 

4.      Financial report – Evie had questions about work NIK’S is doing listed in “Bad Debt” This is for the work NIK’S does (mow & go) on properties that are empty or not being cared for (maybe we need to start this on the homes that continually do not care for their property? To discuss in March)  The amounts in “Bad Debt” will either be paid when sold or when the association has foreclosed and we are able to have short term renters until the property is sold by the bank (minus any expenses and fees not yet recovered by possible renters)  The home being done is it behind in the maintenance fees?  Yes.  Foreclose … I didn’t see a vote for this on my notes :-( 

4.1.   Delinquencies – 60 home owners have not paid their dues as of the end of January, of these, 11 homes are multiple years delinquent.  Late fees for 2012 have started. 

4.1.1.      It was asked what happens if the delinquent home owners do not pay their dues, who ends up having to pay them?  The home owners who DO pay their dues – but this year we ARE going after delinquent dues even if it means having to foreclose on a home.  When a home sells, any delinquent dues are paid at the sale of the property … and thanks to the amendment that was passed even banks must now pay all delinquent fees. 

4.1.2.      Currently there are 22 or 23 homes that are in Bank Foreclosure. 

4.1.3.      Note – Not all homes in bank foreclosure are delinquent and not all delinquencies are in Bank Foreclosure. 

4.2.   Budget – On Budget 

5.      Violation Status – basketball hoop that is still where it always is … send letter to have it removed or it will be impounded (at the owners expense – if they choose to get it back – be aware it will be impounded anytime left out when not in play. 

5.1.   Evie and Kathleen to walk the neighborhood Saturday 10 am – watch for updates

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Welcome Letter – Thank you James and Margaret P :-)  Welcome letter to be sent to all new neighbors. Bill motion, Kathleen 2nd ~ unanimous.  

6.2.   Emergency access gate – keys – should Home Owners be given keys?  Which home owners?  How many?  Security?  Who is responsible if opened?   Bill told of the time he got to witness how it all worked during Hurricane Charlie – he strongly advised against messing with what has been tested and works. 

6.2.1.      The gate is too heavy for MOST to be able to open by themselves.  Gloves would be needed as well.            The ONLY people with keys are First Responders and our property manager and the locksmith (who lives in the neighborhood) Evie motioned, Bill 2nd, Ed and Frank agree.  Kathleen disagreed and felt any homeowner who wants a key should be able to have one.  The motion passed and only 1st responders, property manager & locksmith have access to opening the emergency ingress, egress. 

6.3.   Fence repair at emergency exit.  Now that the invasive trees have been removed the area fence looks VERY bad.  This needs work.  Ed Motioned, Bill 2nd unanimous – get quotes to repair and extend the fence. 

6.4.   Sod replacement by the emergency exit.  Bahai sod to be installed to keep erosion from occurring.  This will be included in NIK’S regular maintenance of the grounds. 

6.5.   Hole repair status – done 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Concrete Pillars and Blue Posts – Emergency fence has been installed.  Quotes are being collected to repair/replace the entrance fence, railing and post. 

7.1.1.      During this incident we were made aware we do not have “Property Damage Insurance” on much of our Reserved items (playground, gazebo, etc) 

7.1.2.      Sue to get information about this insurance, what it would cover and cost. 

7.2.   Home given approval for work that should not have been approved – what happens when sold? Return back to what the documents say properties in Riverwatch are to be. 

7.2.1.      Sue to contact home owner. 

7.3.   With the amount of open items this month – the board will be communicating via e-mail (so watch for it and reply promptly) so work can move forward quickly instead of having to wait until March. 

7.4.   ANNUAL MEETING – Where we elect the board (even if it is just a formality)-:  STILL NEEDS TO BE DONE.  Want to be on the board?  Email Evie & Sue (Evie to post info on website as well) 

8.      Maintenance Report 

8.1.   Landscape Report  

8.1.1.      NIK’S will put in Bahia sod at emergency access area once fence repair is completed.   

8.1.2.      Island by the boat dock is looking “ratty”  NIK’S putting together ideas and costs. 

8.2.   Tilting wall … contractor Dave will come up with ideas and costs for stopping the tilt.  If something is not done, we may drive in or out one morning / evening and see it has fallen completely. 

8.3.   Fence over tree roots before the riverside railings is raising more due to tree roots at the Boat Club. 

8.4.   Sign at the RiverWatch boat dock still has Ameri-Tech Property Management information.  Sue to get this changed. 

9.      Architectural Report – none noted. 

10.  Board of Director Comments 

10.1.                    Level set what are violations walk through the neighborhood Saturday Morning 2/25/12 10 am  

11.  Open Questions From the Floor 

11.1.                    Overnight parking on the streets is on the rise again.  One homeowner said they are regularly blocked into or out of their driveway, by a car parked on the street. 

11.2.                    Problem neighbor – what to do?  Document, document, document, if neighbor is doing things against the Deed restrictions of the community contact Sue and CC TarponRiverWatch.  If the neighbor is doing criminal activity contact the police – Non-Emergency or 911. 

11.3.                    Mailboxes in disrepair – will be noted during walk on the 25th and Evie will put info on the website. 

12.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion:  Bill   Second: Kathleen   Time:  8:11 PM 




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