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RiverWatch Housing Association    

March 2012 Board Meeting Minutes  



Date: Monday March 19, 2012  

Time: 7pm  

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689  

Room: Social Room  


1.      Call to Order – 7:00pm  

2.      Establish Quorum – Ed, Bill, Frank & Kathleen present.  Representing PMS Property Management – Sue Marino   

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from February – Review of the minutes.  Motion to approve – Bill; Second by Frank 

4.    Financial Report   

4.1.  Sue Marino presented a verbal summary.  Cash in the bank - $82,146.67; Total Assets - $208,768.54; Pre-paid maintenance fees - $1,503.05; Reserves 435,393.03; Total equity - $171,772.46; Total Liabilities and Equity - $208,768.54.   All bills have been paid. 

4.1.1. Delinquency letters sent.  Board reviewed a letter from a homeowner disputing the validity of the $557 assessment fee per homeowner; (159 lots) vs. 160 lots.  This has been previously discussed.  There was prior communication with the developer who confirmed that the home sitting on two lots would pay only one assessment fee.  Sue will check the prior minutes for that discussion and/or check the letter from Cianfrone. Then Sue will send a letter to the homeowner with a reminder of the final outcome. 

4.2.   Delinquencies: Sue, I don’t have any notes on the number. 

5. Violation Status 

5.1 Basketball hoops – Need to use a towing company.  Also need a sign stating that vehicles and visible portable equipment will be towed at owner’s expense.  Sue will check if we have a towing company.  If no, she will pick a towing company from her list of contacts.  

     5.2 & 5.3 Violations list – Sue presented a flyer that will be inserted with the Annual Meeting & election of Directors Notice.  The most common reasons for the violation are dead lawns, weeds in lawns and weeds in flower or rock beds.  Flyer includes notice of the refurbishing of mailboxes 3/23 – 4/29 


6.0 Old Business 

6.1 Fence repair at emergency at River Edge Dr.  Dol-Fan has provided a bid $2,950.  Awaiting bids from CPR and Construction Pros.  Sue will send two bids when available.  Purpose is to salvage and renovate. 


6.2 Sod replacement at location – RW (see 6.5) 


6.3 Concrete pillars & blue poles at entrance.  The necessary information is at the insurance company.  Waiting to hear from them; one bid okay; in a holding pattern 


6.4 Property Damage Insurance 

We have no coverage.  Sue has gathered information from an insurance company seeking clarification on what should/shouldn’t be covered.  Sue has a quote. 


6.5 Home approved for work that shouldn’t have been approved.  Sue has sent a letter acknowledging that this was an error in allowing the concrete lawn and that the property must be returned to sod. 


6.6 Annual meeting notice sent 3/20/2012 with information about being considered as a candidate for the Board of Directors and instructions to submit proxy vote if unable to attend the meeting in person. 


7. New Business 

    Homeowners at 1821 RiverEdge - rental business in a residential area.  Confusion occurred for the Hermans as there are more than one River Watch HOA in the Tampa area.  Once they received Sue’s letter, he ceased advertising of the rental property.  He has a couple of scheduled rentals, which we will allow to continue because they are in a legal contract with the renters. 


7.1 Front Entrance Tree replacements: Nick recommending three trees; $300/tree.  Board approved of this expenditure.  Motion – Bill; Second – Frank 


7.2 Getting deed restriction information to new owners … (NOTE:  BEFORE Buying is the time for prospective owners to read the Deed Restrictions.  When we bought our home (Evie) we had to check a box saying we did in DEED read the Deed Restrictions.) … how to get the information to prospective home owners … http://www.tarponriverwatch.com/rules-regulations-and-stuff.html  Sue, this wasn’t discussed at the meeting.  Please add this to the April agenda.   Discuss ways to get our rules in front of new homeowners.  A brochure was developed.  


8. Maintenance Report 

    8.1.1 (see 6.5) 

    8.1.2. While pest control is an appropriate piece of maintenance for lawns, the Board cannot force homeowners to apply pest control treatment. 


    8.2There are a number of code enforcement changes occurring at the City of Tarpon Springs.   As soon as these changes are addressed, we expect movement to address the damaged wall with Dawson.  Need to confirm costs. 


8.3 Fence over tree root (Dawson)  Nik’s cost  is $300.00 


8.4 Sue Marino removed Ameri-Tech information from the community bulletin board. 


9. Architectural Report – Question from homeowner in the Blackrush loop with concerns of the visibility of a blue tank from his home.  Ed suggested that Sue contact Richard C. (Chair of our Architecture Committee


10 Board of Director Comments 

     10.1 – Status of the property homeowner is selling the home.   There is a lien of $1,000 because of failure to maintain the lawn sufficiently.  He had consulted with his lawn service in 2011 who told him to water per drought guidelines.  He is asking for release of the fine.   Our preference is that the homeowner pay for  the entire fine.  Board is willing to split the difference; homeowner must pay $500.


11. Open questions from the floor 

11.1 Keri mentioned the ugly sign at the Marine facility next to our subdivision. Suggest that we have a conversation with Mr. Dawson 


12. Adjourn Meeting – Motion: Bill; Second: Frank; Time: 7:45pm ET 







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