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RiverWatch Housing Association  

April 2012 Board Meeting Minutes 



Date: Monday April 23, 2012 

Time: 7pm 

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.      Call to Order – 7:08 pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – All board members present, Sue – Property Manager present 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from 3/19/12 – Frank motioned to approve waive, Bill 2nd – unanimous – notes are now Minutes. 

3.1.   PMS management the company is no longer, however Sue is still our property manager.  Her new company is Monarch Association Management – (Link to her contact information here) 

3.2.   Based on attendance and proxies Sue announced we needed 24 more community members to have replied in person or by proxy to hold our Annual Meeting April 2012 – therefor no Annual Meeting this month – may we get enough by the May 2012 meeting. – (Link to proxy download) – That would be very sad to have a year we could not have an annual meeting :-( 

4.      Financial Report  - there was a $900 erroneous charge (Donovan – lawn care) backed out to Open AP – watch for in May financials.  

4.1.   Delinquencies – Total 24 of which Eight are two or more years past due (several are more than three) several of the more than two are empty homes – FORECLOSE and rent them out !!! … There was a discussion about how much delinquent dues could be re-couped if we foreclose … one year’s worth? ($557?)   

4.1.1.      We were told by Ameri-Tech (and did an amendment to our By-Laws saying) ALL past due assessments AND any income we make until the property is bank foreclosed and maintained is RiverWatch income. 

4.1.2.      Need correct info here.  Links and/or documents (soft copy that I can COPY/PASTE is the best) also please. 

4.2.   Budget - $87,515. Operating, $35,728. MM Account, two $25,000 certificates of deposit.  Delinquent HOA Dues - $28,794.94   

5.      Violation Status – STREET PARKING (many may remember years ago I said our documents are cloogy – well – from our documents (link to page here) it says. 

5.1.   Section 7. Vehicular Parking. No motorized or unmotorized wheeled vehicles, trucks, trailers, boats or recreational vehicles of any kind may be kept or parked on any Lot, unless completely inside a garage attached to the main residence and screened from view from outside the Lot, except that private automobiles of the occupants, bearing no commercial signs, may be parked in the driveway or parking area, on the Lot. Private automobiles of guests of the occupants may also be parked in such driveway or parking area. Further, other vehicles may be parked in such driveway or parking area during such times necessary for service or maintenance of the dwelling or Lot or pick up and delivery service, provided that permission for such parking is granted by the Lot owner solely for the purpose of such service. No inoperative vehicles shall be parked, repaired or maintained anywhere on the Property. No parking is permitted on the common areas, including streets, except in areas specifically designated by the Association's Board of Directors for parking. No vehicles bearing commercial signs or intended for commercial use may be parked in the driveway or parking areas on the lot or on the roadways within the Property,  …. From (Put Link Here) 

5.1.1.      Specifically dedicated parking areas are at the playground – in legal parking spaces, the dock in the single parking spaces for occasional overnights (these spaces are NOT meant for long-term parking, nor for storing of recreational equipment.)  

5.1.2.      Short-term (2 hours-ish?) day-time (5 am to 11 pm?) LOGICAL street parking is allowed.            EXAMPLE – our streets are two cars wide.  Someone parked on the street, only one car can get by.  Two people park across from either other … REALLY?  Yes – I have seen it!  Two vehicles parked kitty-corner?  Can EMERGENCY Vehicles get through?  If not?  YOU may be towed.  

5.1.3.      Blocking ANY driveway – except YOUR own is not permitted (do NOT block the sidewalk) YOU may (probably) be towed.  

5.1.4.      Street parking overnight will get you towed – unless vehicle is properly tagged (?) with reason it is parked on the street.  

5.2.   Mailbox violations – Clean, white (or covered in seasonal clean & uncracked cover), numbers … if not, violations will be mailed … this was a more than a month test; it was interesting to see who would pay attention and take care of their property.  Thank you to those who did. 

5.3.   Lawn and deadness … can we get the attorney to attend our next meeting and explain to us what we can and cannot enforce?  Weather, economy, bugs, weeds …  

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Fence Repair at the end of RiverEdge Dr – being done now. 

6.2.   Sod replace in that area when fence complete? Yes – wait about a week after the fence has been installed and painted, Cost?  Did not address – we will see in the next months financials. 

6.3.   Concrete pillars and blue poles at entrance – we are getting bounced around to different adjusters … “the project is too big” … this I agree.  It is much more than just reseat the pillars – the incident has rocked our foundation.  The wall / pillars / poles were built solidly, but they seem to have been built upon itself interlocking … like? 

6.3.1.      See if we can get attorney to prompt them to move faster. 

6.4.   Property Damage Insurance – did not address 

6.5.   Home approved for driveway that became a brick-yard – reset to APPROVED YARD and plantings upon sale of home.  Yes. 

6.6.   Home owner renting out home as vacation rental – final contract is early June 2012.  Once that contract has been completed this home will not be used for someone else’s Home Away from home. 

6.7.   New Home Owners and Deed Restrictions (home owners are to have READ the documents before purchase – for those who did not – “ignorance of the law” is no excuse – RiverWatch in Tarpon Springs Florida is a DEED RESTRICTED community)  In the agenda so I could re-iterate during the meeting. 

6.8.   Sign at dock removed because it had Ameri-Tech information on it – when will it be replaced?  Will be replaced first week of May. 

6.9.   Playground 

6.9.1.      Swings – Bad Plastic – under warranty repair process started 

6.9.2.      Splitting plastic – Bad Plastic– under warranty repair process started 

6.10.                    Broken and dilapidated sign south of the entrance of RiverWatch – Sue to follow-up with owner, Mr. Dawson 

6.11.                    Unauthorized people using the boat dock launch … Boat Dock Lock & Key 

6.11.1.  Re-key – get 50 keys – Key exchange New Key for Old Key – Sticker system will be put in place.  After notification process - violators will be towed.        Motioned – Frank 2nd Bill ~ Locksmith being contacted.  NOTE THIS ON TarponRiverWatch landing page. 

6.12.                    Drain pipe from Pasco through RiverWatch has issues.  Issues NEED to be addressed.  Eight home-owners are directly affected.  Getting with all parties involved.  To be addressed during the month – next steps. 

6.12.1.  Existing easement – compared to easement wanted for work that needs to be done. 

7.      New Business – PMS is no more Monarch rose in its place. Link to Contact Page.  Ratifying stay with Sue at Monarch as we assist in the wing drying and we will assess in three months. 

8.      Maintenance Report – have spreadsheet with all going on … will work on … 

8.1.   Landscape Report – no thing – is this something I need to remove? 

9.      Architectural Report – Trees south(?) of Anclote Vista that are lacking water.  We need to extend the watering system to them. 

9.1.   Trees to help cover wall and giver more separation from RiverWatch Center – what would be the watering zone needs?  Get with NIK’s 

10.  Board of Director Comments 

10.1.                    I (Evie) am going to Real Estate School and I have my licensing test scheduled.  I do not know for sure what I will do with my license, but I want to ensure that I can say I know what I am talking about when I say things like “You are to be versed by your Real estate agent” when I do :-) 

11.  Open Questions From the Floor – no parking signs in cul-de-sacs? – Blocking ANY driveway NOT your own is cause to be towed.  No need for signs except in areas common sense may not be so readily available (such as along the pond, on the pond side of Blackrush Dr. – which IS signed NO PARKING and violators WILL be towed – case by case exceptions – EX: pressure washing sidewalks, driveways, yard work of YOUR property – vehicle parked pond side in front of YOUR property.) 

12.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion: Frank     Second:  Bill  Time: 8:27 PM  


2012 Annual Meeting Election of Board  


Sent via hard copy to all home owners - not re-typing it here – not sure if annual meeting will be able to be held.  NOT able to be held – maybe May?  



Board Re-Org Meeting Agenda   

(Immediately following the annual members’ meeting) – Canceled if you want to run – contact Sue ASAP.  


1.         Call to order –  

2.         Election of Chairman of the meeting –  

3.         Election of Officers (Nominated – Motioned~2nd)  

a.         President –  

b.        Vice President –  

c.         Secretary –  

d.        Treasurer –  

e.        Director –  

       4.         Adjourn Meeting –  







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