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RiverWatch Housing Association  

May 2012 Board Meeting Minutes 



Date: Monday May 21, 2012 

Time: 7pm 

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.      Call to Order – 7:06 pm  

2.      Establish Quorum – Present:  Ed Z. Kathleen R. Frank H. Evelyn C. Property Manager – Sue M. of Monarch Association Management (absent Bill P. ~ Director at Large :-) 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from 4/23/12 Feedback – please send to TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com– Frank Motioned – Kathleen 2nd ~ unanimous notes are minutes. 

4.      Financial report  

4.1.   Delinquencies – total delinquent 20 – one home is closing this month(?) so it should be brought current upon the sale.   

4.1.1.      Attorney present – go forward with what needs to be done to collect monies due or foreclose.   The process of foreclosure and rental process … suggested opinion of seven month leases.  Shorter than our documents allow IS allowed as this is to the benefit of RiverWatch.            Foreclosed property would become “common property” and renters would obtain renters insurance to cover their property inside the home.  No further insurance needed on the association’s part.                  Renters in foreclosed homes are given a minimum of (90? Days – if foreclosed by the bank.)            One home that has been vacant (and filled with trash and left behind belongings) for YEARS, the home that has open 2nd story windows, the home numbered 1916 Anclote Vista.  The AC Unit has been stolen from beside the home … EVEN though neighbors DO keep an eye on the property AND the association does drive-by mowing.                  NOTE:  Phone Number for Code Enforcement: (727) 937-0017     the Code Enforcement Board meets once a month on the 2nd Thursday at City Hall, 324 Pine Street.  (Next meeting 6/14/12 – anyone want to car pool – drop me an e-mail at TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com)                  What are our options?  Cost versus loss potential?                        Foreclose, repair (probably TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars PLUS a new Heat & AC Unit) and then rent out until the bank FINALLY forecloses.                        Condemn and demolish – what needs to happen?                        Have the taxes on this property been paid and if so – who paid the taxes?  Can we go after them to attend to the property?                        Tax Deed Sale?                        Other ideas?  Drop an e-mail to TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com 

4.2.   Budget – on budget 

5.      Violation Status (see 7.1 & 7.2 below) 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Concrete pillars and blue poles at entrance 

6.1.1.      The adjuster wants to pay off the claim and walk away for less than $9,000 – we have two estimates for the repair $31,000 and $36,000 – The attorney will be contacting the insurance company.            Also alert the insurance company (AAA) to the safety hazard our community faces with because of the breach to the wall.            The legal documents and all should be out and on the way to the insurance company no later than mid-week of Memorial Day week 2012. 

6.2.   Property Damage Insurance – we don’t have, but the cost of having are quite high (the fact that we do NOT have this insurance came up when the damage to the concrete pillars along the entrance to the community occurred) 

6.3.   Playground 

6.3.1.      Swings & splitting posts – under warranty – awaiting replacement – Should be done within six to eight weeks from the date of the meeting. 

6.4.   Broken and dilapidated sign south of the entrance of RiverWatch – nothing we can do – it is on his property … although it is sad use for the space.  Hey – maybe a sign for our local community Real Estate Agent?  I wonder what that would cost … hmmm … there are a lot of expenses to this profession, but also a lot of benefits too.  Maybe share the sign space cost with the boat club, canoe rental, vet clinic …?  Don’t mind me – I’m just thinking out loud. 

6.5.   Tree issue at wall near Northern Tool – we have NO access to putting irrigation out to that space.  According to Nick of NIK’s there is not enough oomph to get the volume of water to the area it would be needed (?) 

6.5.1.      Member suggested a pump he could provide temporarily …  

6.5.2.      Sue will get with the Florida friendly lady to see if she could suggest a few variations that can survive with no care (NOT Pepper Trees – which thrive anywhere ~ and KILL everything around it)  

6.6.   Easement issue – two homeowners have said absolutely positively NO (plus one of the affected homes is 1916 – and we would also need a YES from this property and that doesn’t appear imminent) Does NOT mean that the pipe that IS THERE now does not need repaired.  If it does – WE (RiverWatch) are the entity that will bear (?) the expense of repairing it. 

6.6.1.      What is the easement issue?  A drainage pipe from Pasco County THROUGH RiverWatch (three homeowners on Sawgrass and five on Anclote Vista – one of which is 1916) into the wetlands south of Anclote Vista – West of the playground – North of our entrance.            Pasco county said they would take care of the pipe (currently it IS our issue – the way the developer wrote our documents) but the only way they would do it is if the easement was widened … two home owners have said absolutely – positively – no way (plus there is 1916) so … it IS our issue to have to correct if it needs to be done. 

6.6.2.      Possible, probable, maybe issues if not repaired are way too many to list here by myself.  Feel free to let your imagination run free for a bit … send feedback to TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com 

6.6.3.      Get an appointment to have the pipe “camera’ed” to be done (as of note writing it costs $750 – get it booked and let’s find out what we are dealing with) 

6.6.4.      Send notice to affected home-owners. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Members and violation letters (who should not have gotten – taken care of?)  Final Notices have been sent – next step fining committee – scheduled for June 18th 6:30pm … Sue to send out notices to “Final Notice” violators – if you get one GET IT CORRECTED (or call Sue and say “oops, not my issue” – if it isn’t) or you WILL BE fined 6/18 6:30 pm – if plan for correction is not presented and accepted. 

7.2.   Street Parking – our streets are public streets, anyone can park on them (except overnight) USE SOME COMMON SENSE our streets were NOT made to be parked on!!! 

7.2.1.      Only the city can post “No Parking” signs. 

7.2.2.      Blocking someone’s driveway WILL get you towed.            FIND and POST Florida Statute 715 about towing (probably will be done by end of Memorial Day Week)            We have FULL and COMPLETE Tow-Ability for the dock.  NOTE: the boat dock LOCK WILL BE CHANGED JUNE 29, 2012 – to get a new key it is an OLD key for NEW key exchange … OR $50 deposit for a NEW key only.                  The keys are supposed to be NON-Duplicable … so this WILL cut down on unauthorized use of the boat dock.                        If you sell and leave RiverWatch – your key (if you have one) BELONGS to the purchaser of your home.  Once you no longer OWN in RiverWatch you are no longer entitled to the use of the amenities.  

7.2.3.      Street parking violators – document, document, document – Report, Report, Report … Sue@monarcham.com – (727) 204-4766 & CC TarponRiverWatch@gmail.com  Law-suits can be brought against violators. 

7.3.   Trash removal from the dock and the pavilion (and minor general repairs as needed) 

7.3.1.      Had been done by an Independent Contractor ($50 a week) in the past, but past few months has not been consistent.            According to users of the dock, on the weekends the garbage can become over-flowing.  This is to be expected as more people use the dock and avail themselves of the trash can that is there.  This is something that has been added as a benefit to the community that may not actually be a benefit?  Thoughts?            Sue to get with the contractor, we need twice a week on a regular basis. 

8.      Maintenance Report – concrete posts above to repair we are looking at $31 to 36 thousand dollars – insurance company (AAA) sent adjuster who gave under a $9,000 quote. 

8.1.   Landscape Report  

8.1.1.      We have SEVERAL sprinkler heads that are out of alignment.  One (or more) at the entrance to RiverWatch – specially the one along US 19 – Evie assumption is it gets hit frequently when people come into the neighborhood too fast.            Evie will send e-mail to Nick asking NIK’s to check the alignment. 

8.2.   KEY for KEY Dock Lock Change – June 29th 2012 the lock will be changed … key for key exchange OR $50 deposit for a NEW key. 

9.      Architectural Report  

10.  Board of Director Comments 

10.1.                    Evie’s findings about being on our HOA board as a Real Estate Licensee.  A-OK to be on the board.  It is a good way to be active and “give back” to a community :-)  I do so much like the brokerage firm I chose.  The FIRST Goal is Win~Win~Win … 

10.1.1.  We are still lacking FOUR proxies or members to get the required number to VOTE for the board members who will continue through the rest of 2012 until the ~Next ANNUAL Meeting~ … 

11.  Open Questions From the Floor 

11.1.                    Street lights – if the city owns the streets why do we pay for the street lights? 

11.1.1.  According to attorney – that is just the way it is in associations.  The electricity for the lights goes to Progress Energy and the city does not have anything to do with it. 

11.2.                    Cost of the pump station?  Paid for by City of Tarpon 100% completely.  Electricity, upkeep, cleaning out, etc.  I will get the information FROM the pump house and post on the site – until then, the info IS on the pump station if there is an issue. 

11.3.                    Where to get CURRENT & COMPLETE Hard Copy Documents – County Courthouse (correct?)  Sue said she may have access to soft copy – if so I will upload for people to be able to download a full and complete copy of all of our documents. 

12.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion: Frank ~   Second:  Kathleen ~  Time: 8:20 pm     


2012 Annual Meeting Election of Board  


Sent via hard copy to all home owners - not re-typing it here – not sure if annual meeting will be able to be held. 


WE NEED TO ELECT OUR BOARD FOR 2012 !!!!  We Need YOU at the meeting! 


Contact SUE if you need a proxy!  



Thank you to all of the members who attend the meetings, and who have recently attended ~ BUT ~ We still need FOUR MORE members who have not attended or sent their proxy to do so before we can have our ANNUAL meeting. 


Our next meeting is June 18th.  If we do not have four more proxies in hand by June 12th – we may come knocking on your door :-) 




Board Re-Org Meeting Agenda   

(Immediately following the annual members’ meeting – purpose is to determine the roles of each board member) 


Did not happen as there was no Annual Meeting  


1.         Call to order –  

2.         Election of Chairman of the meeting –  

3.         Election of Officers (Nominated – Motioned~2nd)  

a.         President –  

b.        Vice President –  

c.         Secretary –  

d.        Treasurer –  

e.        Director –  

       4.         Adjourn Meeting –  





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