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RiverWatch Housing Association  

June 2012 Board Meeting Minutes 


Notice is hereby provided that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of THE RIVER WATCH HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., will be held as follows:  


DATE:         Monday, June 18, 2012 

TIME:          7:00 PM 


PLACE:       Tarpon Springs Community Center – Social Room
400 South Walton - Tarpon Springs, FL 






1.    Establish Quorum and Proof of Notice – All present except for Frank (w/grandchild :-)  Still missing three proxies or bodies.  Current BoD rolls over until next Annual Meeting Tuesday FEBRUARY 19th 2013 


2.    Call Meeting to Order - 7:03pm 


Gary Schurman, Engineering Project Supervisor for Tarpon Springs, will be attending the meeting to speak to the Board about the City installing two ground water monitoring wells. 

·         Two six inch diameter wells will be drilled along the emergency access road between the playground and the pond. 

o    One well is 100 ft the other 300 ft deep 

o    The wells will be used to watch draw-down levels and water quality. 

o    The wells will be tested monthly, it takes about an hour. 

o    It takes two to six weeks to get the job done – during this time there will be drilling rigs and a temporary fence.  Everything will be restored. 

o    The finished work will look similar to a “Verizon box” and will be flush w/the ground. 

o    The work should start by third week of July. 

·         Questions and Answers (Q&A)   

o    Can water be pumped OUT with these wells – No.  Six inches is needed to monitor, a minimum of 12 to pump. 

o    Can we say “no” – yes and no … we can say no, but it will happen. 

§  Ed said in his business this is what they do, need to do, and it is OK. 

o    Could this cause sinkhole activity – This is not supposed to cause sinkhole activity, since all they are doing is monitoring the water.   

§  Water levels, water quality, help determine water use permits 

§  This monitoring ~could~ help alert homeowners to times when we MUST conserve well water to avoid sinkhole activity (?) 

·         Cities of Dunedin and Oldsmar have been doing this for decades. 

o    Can playground be used during this time – Yes. 

o    Can people walk by on the emergency access road Anclote Vista to River Watch Blvd - Yes 


3.    Minutes of Last Meetings 

A.            May 21. 2012 – Kathleen motioned to accept – Evelyn 2nd – May notes are minutes. 

4.    Report of Officers 

A.            Treasurer’s Report – Two $25k CD’s with a TOTAL 186k assets – all bills paid.  Expecting some LARGE expenses (see 6A – 6B – 6E
1.     Delinquency Update – 15 homes delinquent.  One - FOR SALE One - the HOA has begun foreclosure process.  One - attorney looking over our options. 


5.    Committee Reports/Violation Spreadsheet Update 

A.            Architectural Review Committee – nothing  

B.         Fining Committee – One property vacant and in arrears on Dues – foreclosure process started.  One property improperly putting up a gate & fence – fining. 

C.          Violations Spreadsheet Update – updated (Evelyn’s goal to figure out how to post and update easily online without having a multitude of copies floating about.) 

D.          Other items as may be introduced by a Committee Member. 

1.     NIK’s check sprinkler alignment – Sue to contact Nick. 

a.     Have Nick attend July board meeting. 


6.    Unfinished Business 

A.            Crash Site – all conversation is now attorney to attorney.  It appears they have selected the company that will do the repair work.  It appears only three of the damaged poles will be replaced … ???  Not sure how this is all working – and not liking at all. All bidders for the work need to be very specific and verbose in their bid (see 4A

1.     Attorney advised do NOT go ahead with any repair outside of the scope of his OK. 

B.            Storm Sewer Video and Update – River Watch drains were installed close to 20 years ago.  From the two storm drains that were videoed, it appears these will be in need of repair around our community.  Two drains have a current repair price of over $77k (see 4A) 

a.     Something that will need to be addressed in future as a reserve item.  

b.    If you see depressions in your yard – do NOT fill it in … have someone come in and take a look before you do.  Contact Sue. 

C.            Playground Equipment – faulty batch of playground equipment received from (China?) during this time – awaiting replacement poles. 

D.            Back area trees. Did not really go here 

E.            Pavers at boat ramp.  Because of CARELESS or CLUELESS boaters who leave their motors down (NOTE to boater – that hurts YOUR motor too!!!) the ramp needs to be repaired.  The pavers have been churned loose (NOTE – TWENTY foot limit on boats at the dock – AND do NOT launch or try to come in during LOW TIDE!!!) (see 4A) 

F.            Distribution of new boat ramp keys.  If you need a NEW dock key see Sue – Key for key exchange PLUS PROOF of LIVING in the community.  If you do not have an old key there IS a deposit. 


7.    New Business 

A.            Management/Board of Directors Relationship/Contract – 90 day probation period move from PMS to Monarch.  Period coming to a close. Bill motioned to retain Monarch and Sue, Kathleen 2nd.  Evelyn agreed.  Ed is concerned about home owners who continue to violate our deed restrictions even after being brought to the fining committee.  Also spreadsheets.  Violations and RiverWatch projects (to do’s) spreadsheet – we need REGULAR updates. 

B.        Janitorial Service for common areas.  Since transitioning from Ameri-Tech to PMS and then Monarch the service provider we had that took care of trash removal at the dock and the playground has stopped providing the service, but his bills continue to come in.  (Not paying, but Sue has been the one doing the trash removal)  If you are interested in doing this chore – contact Sue with how much per week you would charge to do this (trash removal twice a week – Monday & Thursday and very simple “handy man” type work in the common areas). 

            1.  Monday and Thursday are our community trash days – possibly we can see if Tarpon Springs Waste Management would include these if brought to the curb? 

            2.  JUST Because There IS a trash can at the boat ramp does NOT mean that is where you are to leave all of your trash after a day of fishing, boating, picnicking, Et cetera !!!  If you brought it in – take it out.  

            3.  ALSO – DO NOT clean and leave your dead fish at the dock!  This is a fining violation. 

C.        Other items that may come before the Board Members 

            1.  Looks like the wall behind Anclote Vista is being subjected to erosion. 

            2.  Benches at the playground.  Strip, sand re-stain and finish all benches. 

            3.  Home on River Edge has a fence not in compliance.  Black Wrought Iron – approved by Architectural Committee before they entered an offer on the home.  It has been and is approved. 


8.    Adjournment – 8:08pm Bill motioned, Kathleen 2nd 




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