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RiverWatch Housing Association  

July 2012 Board Meeting Minutes 

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Notice is hereby provided that a regular meeting of the Board of Directors of THE RIVER WATCH HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC., will be held as follows: 


DATE:           Monday, July 16, 2012 

TIME:           7:00 PM 


PLACE:         Tarpon Springs Community Center – Social Room
400 South Walton - Tarpon Springs, FL 






1.      Establish Quorum and Proof of Notice – All board members and property manager present and accounted for. 


2.      Call Meeting to Order – 7:00 pm – Ed requested all members keep input / replies to three (3) minutes or less. 


3.      Minutes of Last Meetings 

A.                June 18, 2012 – Frank motioned, Kathleen 2nd – notes are minutes.  

4.      Report of Officers 

A.                Treasurer’s Report – Two $25k CD’s with a TOTAL 175k assets – all bills paid.  (Expecting some LARGE expenses, if not mediated by the source) 
1.      Delinquency Update – five 2012 – seven multiple of which one is 1916.  The history of this property is not good and its future even more … not.   
a.      When out and about in the community take note of it – report ANY thing suspicious.  911 if emergency, (727) 938-2849 (non-emergency) … last, but certainly not least is City Code Enforcement (handled the Tarpon Springs Police department) at http://www.tspd.us/violation.html  


5.      Committee Reports/Violation Spreadsheet Update 

A.                Architectural Review Committee – no Architectural review forms submitted. 

B.        Fining Committee – Minutes of 6/18/12 Committee Meeting   – Fining two units. 

C.        Violations Spreadsheet Update – sent out – Good – This month closed two violations, three are being fined.  Two units to be brought in next month (08-20-12) for fining if not in compliance or have an approved plan to rectify the violation in place.  (GET UPDATED LINK OF PROCESS FOR VIOLATIONS) 

D.        Action Items Spreadsheet Update – sent out – Good – See unfinished business below.   

E.         Other items as may be introduced by a Committee Member. None (?) 


6.      Unfinished Business 

A.                Crash Site Update Attorney Letter & Flat Works Email – we are getting a check from the insurance company. We are not tied to the vendor who gave the estimate the insurance company accepted. Getting an apples to apples bid for the job on the repair … RFP (Request for Proposal – with scope of work expected) to go out. 

·         Community member expressed concern about the railing.  Since the beginning of River Watch two vehicles have gone through the railing. He feels the railing should keep anyone from going into the marshy area. 

o    The speed limit is 20 mph there. 

o    Not meant to STOP cars as a safety measure (?) 

B.                 Storm Sewer Update & Bids for Repair – Three bids: range is $77k to $196k (k= $1,000)  Pasco county is still working through issues “uncovered” during the last big “rain event” … Rather Pasco addresses the drainage (and pays for it) or River Watch as a community does, the issue MUST be attended to sooner ~ rather than later. 

C.                 Playground Equipment Update – Sue feels we are being very nicely “jerked around” by the seller of the Playground equipment, suggested we have the attorney send a letter.  Yes – make it so.  

D.                Back area trees – Live Oaks – How many?  Sue to get with Nick for suggestion, convey by e-mail.   

E.                 Pavers at boat ramp – Several of the rows of brick have been churned up and the connective poles chewed up by one or more boat owners (ALWAYS raise your motor and there IS a length limit on size of boat that can go in and out AND do NOT launch or come in during low-tide !!!) 

·        The bricks have been laid back down – but they are just LAYING there.   

·        Repairs currently tabled since we are having high tides (even at low tide)  Weather and water begin to get cold late September / early October … get bids as able. 

F.                  Tree Raising Fence Update – the tree has been growing where is growing for many years. Cutting the roots on our side of the fence will kill (destabilize) the tree. Sue is working with the owner of the property about the tree.  

G.                Wall behind Northern Tools Soil Erosion – Tabled for now (?) 

H.                Common Area Clean Up Update – Current trash removal is done twice a week but it can be anytime that it occurs (ex: Tues & Fri)  Sue said she could add this as a service Monarch provides.  Agreed price - $20 a week – Sue providing a service $30 less than currant provider and has direct accountability.  


7.      New Business 

A.                Painting Block Wall on Phoenix Avenue.  To be looked at by members of the board and property manager … as community members – the wall is the south boundary of Crest Ridge and is located on Phoenix Avenue in Holiday Florida – Feel free to take a look and attend the meeting in August – or e-mail Sue @ and CC B.                 Other items that may come before the Board Members 

·         Sign contract with Sue as Monarch 

·         (6.B.) Concern by community member about the amount of water Pasco wants to send into RiverWatch wetlands … 

o    The amount of water ends up being the same – however increasing the size of the pipe decreases the amount of time the same amount of water flows. 

o    The amount of water that comes now is more than the current pipe can handle. 

o    Community member asked who is liable NOW is there is failure of the pipe – RiverWatch. 

o    Community member asked who has liability in future if we are able to get approval for Pasco to replace the pipe – Pasco.  


8.      Adjournment – Motioned Kathleen – Bill 2nd 7:55 pm 




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