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RiverWatch Housing Association  

August 2012 Board Meeting Minutes 



Date: Monday August 20, 2012 

Time: 7pm 

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.      Call to Order 7:00 PM 

2.      Establish Quorum – All present – Ed asked for comments to be kept to 3 minutes or less. 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from 7/16/12 Frank Motioned, Bill 2nd – notes are minutes. 

4.      Financial report –on budget 

4.1.   Delinquencies – 12 still delinquent 

5.      Community ~ Committee Status ~ Purpose of Home Owners Covenants and Deed Restrictions.  When purchasing it is one of the boxes checked saying you have read, understand and will abide by those covenants and restrictions – in which the purpose of them are to assist in maintaining value of our community. 

5.1.   Community Action Items – most listed in unfinished business. 

5.2.   Architectural Review Committee – anything? No. 

5.3.   Violation Spreadsheet Update 

5.3.1.      Fining Committee – one issue with lawn, community member granted more time to continue the repair underway. 

6.      Unfinished Business 

6.1.   Concrete pillars and blue poles at entrance – give FINAL go ahead and begin work approval to the bid accepted at this meeting.  Bill motioned, Kathleen 2nd Ed signed contract, Bill co-signed … Flatworks given the contract for $31,800 + Permit + Irrigation.  

6.2.   Storm drain update (see community concerns at the bottom of the notes from the meeting 7/16/12) Pasco County easement issue.  Make contact to continue discussions that were postponed due to Tropical Storm Debby.  This is still with the Pasco County Legal and real estate departments.  Ed asked Sue to follow-up with the “alternative 2” possibility (extending the drain to the area west of River Watch between River Watch and River Watch Center. 

6.2.1.      If we do the repair ourselves – we will be reducing the flow, because we would do an internal repair to the drainage pipes (Pasco wants to expand the flow to reduce flooding) 

6.2.2.      Storm drain discharge point has dropped 17 inches since it’s installation for the creation of River Watch itself. 

6.2.3.      Ed will scan and send flood issues to Pasco County. 

6.3.   Playground – Ed and Pete to meet to put swings back up.  At the meeting to put the swings up it was noted two other posts have cracks (part of the bad batch) replacements ordered (?)  Awaiting repair to the posts before re-installing the swings. 

6.4.   Back area trees (wall along the open area near Northern Tool) what about erosion issues?  How about watering issues – who will do it when?  What if the trees fail to thrive?  Evelyn motioned to table this issue, Bill 2nd … Tabled. 

6.4.1.      Erosion of soil from under wall between River Watch Center and River Watch.  Get with Property Manager of River watch Center – see if they will address … 

6.5.   Pavers at boat ramp – update – need low water low tide to do the repair (BOATERS RAISE YOUR MOTORS!!!  The LIMIT of size of boat is 22 feet – do NOT launch or come back in during low tide !!!! ) 

6.6.   Tree Raising Fence (by the boat club) update?  (just watching?)  Bill motioned to table, Evelyn 2nd – Tabled. 

6.7.   Work along “EMERGENCY Entrance/Exit” – monitoring wells. 

6.8.   Common area clean-up … Monarch has taken over this task – feedback? 

6.9.   Painting block wall on Phoenix Avenue.  Get attorney opinion – is the wall surface on the Pasco side our issue? 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Community landscaper – hit and miss as to blowing off clippings from sidewalks, edging, etc.   

7.1.1.      Community member asked if only around her home the community landscaper is lax about. 

7.1.2.      Sue to talk with landscaper. 

7.2.   Community member asked about grass types.  When he purchased his home ONLY Floratam or St. Augustine was allowed.  Since then Florida Friendly has come to be … 

7.3.   Our reservation for the meeting room has been extended another year. 

8.      Board of Director Comments 

8.1.   Scam happening to steal air conditioning units … Air and Heat vehicles (they look official – many are not) If you see one parked somewhere – get curious.  Legitimate air & heat contractors know what is going on and will not be offended if you question them. 

8.1.1.      Numbers to know  911 and Tarpon Springs NON-Emergency # 727-938-2849  

9.      Open Questions From the Floor – see #7’s 

10.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion:  Evelyn   Second:  Bill  Time: 7:53 PM 




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