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RiverWatch Housing Association  

November 2012 Board Meeting Minutes 


RiverWatch Home 


Date: November 19, 2012 

Time: 7pm 

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.      Call to Order – 7:00 PM 

2.      Establish Quorum – Present: Ed Z. Bill P, Evelyn C, Monarch Association Management – Sue (Kathleen R & Frank H away for Thanksgiving ~ Happy Thanksgiving!)  

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from Oct. 15, 2012 (notes posted on website) Bill motioned to wave; Ed 2nd … Notes are Minutes. 

4.      Financial report – Continue to be on budget.   

4.1.   Delinquencies – 11 delinquencies, of which three look to have some activity on.  Two more of the 11 are due to be sold at auction.   

4.2.   2013 Budget and Dues – Sue has checked with all vendors – none have any rate changes.  Budget sent out to community in October with dues remaining $557.00 for another year. 

4.3.   December 2012 meeting discuss

4.3.1.      Deferred maintenance  

4.3.2.      Tax ramifications of the “income” from reimbursement of expenses of law-suit. 

5.      Violation Status  

5.1.   Violation letters (how many) and then certified mail for last letter before the Community rectifies the situation and charges back to the owner.  Discuss – possible vote?  The reason this “may be” needed is due to a few owners who disregard our Deed Restrictions.   CURRENT way violations are addressed; three violation letters and then the violation goes to the fining committee.  If after the fining committee has assessed fines … we wait.  A tiny fraction of the violators continue to violate our deed restrictions.  Of our community MOST members follow the deed restrictions.  Of those who do not ~ MANY of those do not wish to violate, but feel unable to rectify the situation … if you have an issue CALL SUE.  Please do not ignore your violations.  It is very poor “good neighbor” etiquette :-)  If the community needs to address the issue, it will be addressed and the home owner invoiced for the work done.  This is being done currently in only the most extreme cases.  Which leads to the slippery-slope of what is “most extreme”? 

5.1.1.      TBD 

5.1.2.      Ed requested updated violation spreadsheet twice a month.            Could this possibly be something the beautification committee could assist on?  This is not about “ratting out” someone, this is about maintaining an awesome community … maintaining … it is much better to maintain and improve, than to kick back, do nothing and then have to bull-doze what was to start over. 

5.2.   Current issue popping up again:  To be highlighted in the notes and on the website.  Issues not addressed will start getting letters after the Holiday’s. 

5.2.1.      Mail-Box and Post – time to clean, cut back shrubbery hiding the fact you HAVE a mailbox, replace numbers & re-paint (if needed) 

5.2.2.      Sidewalks and Driveways – they should be clean, not grimy, slimy or rusty.  We will be finishing up the rest of the common areas November 27th – the work will commence approximately 10:00 am (fined homes with sidewalk issues will ALSO be addressed if they are not done by 11/27/2011 … COST $150.00

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Storm Drain from Pasco – Pasco is moving forward.  Pasco has developed an alternate set of plans.  More to come. 

6.2.   Concrete pillars and metal railings … many of the metal railings need to be completely replaced and all (except those addressed from the accident) need to be re-painted.  Shoot for getting Four Quotes to be done during the January / February 2013 time frame. 

6.2.1.      Sue to get with company that replaced our dock gate for one of the bids. 

6.2.2.      Request for Proposal to be created so all bids are bidding for the same work.            Scope of work – TBD – Evelyn (post to website (watch for Project Page Update) and into RFP) 

6.3.   Wall between River Watch Center and River Watch – erosion?  RiverWatch Center manager says the erosion is on the RiverWatch side … further inspection and meeting to follow. 

6.4.   Wall Pasco side – anything back from CR President?  If no, table.  Nothing back – do not table, close.  Closed 11/19/2012. 

6.5.   Playground Posts so swings can be re-installed – time-frame?  We are just waiting for the next time the installer comes through this area to install the new post(S?) for the swings (we were in the lot of bad plastics) 

6.6.   Boat Launch Pavers (on back burner waiting for low water – Winter)  Water levels are at LOW levels now … we need QUOTES, tide charts and expected low water table … ASAP 

6.7.   Community landscaping for the Holiday’s?  YES!!!  Mark R. volunteered to head up the committee (AS the Chairman of the Beautification Committee!  Can we do that?  Ed motioned, Bill 2nd … yes we can!  Mark R. contact information to follow. 

6.7.1.      Budget not to exceed $500 – Bill motioned Evelyn 2nd … STORAGE issue for where to store re-usable decorations after the season … TBD December meeting. 

6.8.   Area that was drilled by the city of Tarpon Springs – Needs more sod to replace what was damaged.  Sue to follow-up with the city. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Beautification Committee?  Who would like to be on it?  What is the mission of the committee?  When and where will committee meet?  Our community is worth it!  Let’s do it! 

7.1.1.      Mark R. is the new Chairman of our newly restored Beautification Committee – contact info to follow.  Until then – you can e-mail    

7.2.   Annual meeting … last annual meeting was April … we STRIVE to have them in February.  Annual meeting for 2013 will be MARCH 18, 2013 … If YOU would like to run for the Board of Directors ~ Please e-mail Sue and cc now. 

8.      Maintenance Report – The final portions of community property pressure washing will be completed 11/27/12 … fined home(s) with rusted sidewalks will be pressure washed ALSO (Cost to the homeowner will be $150.00) ON 11/27/12  

8.1.   Re-mulching of community property is also being finished. 

9.      Architectural Report – no current applications (one home is being painted) should we have a list of OPEN & Approved Arch. Requests?  TBD 

10.  Board of Director Comments – Happy Thanksgiving to ALL 

11.  Open Questions From the Floor  

11.1.                    Can we get an arborist to give us an opinion on the tree roots growing under the emergency access point on the south-side of our entrance?  Sue to follow-up. 

11.2.                    Dead lawns – what is happening?  They are noted.  Then a violation letter, another violation letter, third violation letter and then the violation goes to the fining committee.   

12.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion:  Bill   Second:  Evelyn  Time: 7:53 PM 




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