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RiverWatch Housing Association  

December 2012 Board Meeting Minutes 



Date: December 17, 2012 

Time: 7pm 

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.      Call to Order – 7pm  

2.      Establish Quorum – All board members present. (Ed, Kathleen, Evelyn, bill, Frank – management: Sue) 

2.1.   Moment of silence requested and honored 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from Nov. 19, 2012 (Any feedback on the notes – get it to me IN WRITING by NOON DAY OF MEETING – Frank motioned, Kathleen 2nd … notes are minutes) 

4.      Financial report  

4.1.   Delinquencies 11 delinquent.  One of the 11 Sue received an estoppal (there may be a sale on the horizon) 

4.2.   2013 Budget and Dues – When is the $557.00 DUE?  How does it get paid?  Due Feb 1, 2013 (then late fees will start) it is mailed to  

4.3.   Deferred maintenance – transfer all but $11,000 to deferred maintenance – Evelyn Motioned, Bill 2nd … 

4.4.   Tax ramifications of legal fee re-imbursement “income” (?)  Moving the money to the deferred maintenance account takes care of this issue (even though the legal fee re-imbursement was RE-IMBUREMENT of fees WE paid ~ according to our property manager – this would be seen as INCOME?) 

5.      Violation Status  

5.1.   When the community has to step in.  When a violation goes on for so long that it is clear nothing will be done by the home owner, the community will address the issue and the home owner will be charged for the work done. 

5.2.   Violation status updates – more frequently?  President of the Board is concerned too many violations are dragging on for too long.  Some violations are cleared up, removed from the list and then the next month start all over again with the same issues. 

5.3.   Mail-boxes – to be addressed in the “clean up newsletter” 

5.4.   Side-walks and driveways to be addressed in the “clean up newsletter” 

5.4.1.      After the January 30th meeting violation letters for these issues will begin. 

6.      Old Business 

6.1.   Storm Drain from Pasco – Pasco working this issue (tropical storm Debby truly showed what would/could happen in a HUGE water event and Pasco is working to solve flooding issues)  Allowing Pasco to increase the flow capability, Pasco will take over all upkeep of the system they install.  

6.1.1.      Can the drainage holes in the block wall (backyards of the homes on the north side of Sawgrass) be covered once the new drainage pipe is installed? 

6.2.   Concrete pillars and metal railings 

6.2.1.      Scope – RFP – Quotes (shoot for four) … see also 6.7 … each pipe and post is numbered so all are bidding on the exact same things. 

6.3.   Wall between River Watch Center and River Watch – erosion?  Check with attorney – who OWNS the wall and who is RESPONSIBLE for it? 

6.4.   Playground Posts so swings can be re-installed – anything from installer yet?  They will be here soon (as of this writing they have been – they also did NOT know that ALL FOUR swing set posts needed to be replaced … awaiting final post replacement now) 

6.5.   Boat Launch Pavers (waiting for low water – and quotes) … nothing done yet?  Water has been very low tides … ? 

6.6.   Community landscaping for the Holiday’s – Looking GOOD! 

6.6.1.      Storage of re-usables who keeps what, where? Nic’s is storing them for us. 

6.7.   Gazebo’s need to be re-painted.  Since the rails and posts will all need to be painted and so does the gazebo tops – is this the time to do it all?  See 6.2 … waiting for bids. 

7.      New Business 

7.1.   Beautification Committee – Chairman Mark R. – working on electrical at the entrance, trees & more. 

7.2.   Dog Poop … Thank you for picking up after your dog.  Please take it home with you (requested by management company)  Dog poop in the trash cans mixed with rain make dog poop soup … 

7.3.   Annual Meeting will be march 18th 2013 … if you would like to be on the board (three current members have been on the board 6+ contiguous years (we MUST have a minimum of three board members – or the City must take over … that scenario is not pretty and it is costly) 

7.4.   Our sign is GONE … The sign that alerts members to our meetings … community alerts … etc … GONE … May the taker(s) be haunted by that lil’ ol’ sign ~forever~  

7.5.   Entrance sign has an “issue” get ground remediation out to look at it. 

8.      Maintenance Report – well-site – more sod to be added. 

9.      Architectural Report - nothing 

10.  Board of Director Comments 

10.1.                    Fining committee will meet at 6:30pm 1/30/13 

10.2.                    Burglaries in the community.  Crime / Neighborhood Watch Officer John Ulrich will be at our next meeting. 

11.  Open Questions From the Floor 

11.1.                    Community member got a letter about their lawn.  Needed to be replaced.  They replaced their lawn ~ their neighbor had yard as bad or worse … nothing has ever been done with that yard … Why does one member have to comply while their next door neighbor does not? 

11.1.1.  That member (neighbor with lawn that needs to be replaced) is getting violation letters and will be fined if the violation is not corrected. 

11.2.                    Community member selling their home.  Potential buyer wants to buy, but they have FOUR small dogs.  Can they get a variance to the deed restrictions?  They will not replace dogs as they pass.   

11.2.1.  Consulted attorney.  No variance.  (see 4.4 this was ALL because of a dog issue) 

12.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion: Bill    Second:  Evelyn  Time: 8:10 pm 




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