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RiverWatch Housing Association  

January 2013 Board Meeting Minutes 



Date: January 30, 2013 (Wednesday) 

Time: 7pm (Fining Committee Meeting at 6:30pm) 

Place: Tarpon Springs Recreation Center 400 South Walton Ave. Tarpon Springs FL 34689 

Room: Social Room 


1.      Call to Order – 7:00 pm 

2.      Establish Quorum – All Present (Frank H, Kathleen R, Bill P, Ed Z, Evelyn C – Manager Sue M) 

3.      Read or waive and approve meeting notes from Dec. 17, 2012 – Bill motioned to accept, Kathleen 2nd – Notes are minutes. 

4.      Neighborhood Watch presented by Officer John Ulrich – Neighborhood Watch, also known as Crime Watch is a neighborhood owned program.  www.TSPD.us  

4.1.   If you see something out of the ordinary – call the police.  www.TSPD.us  

4.1.1.      Even if “it is probably nothing” calling the police to something out of the ordinary gives the police officers Probable Cause to be able to “check it out”. 

4.1.2.      Tarpon Springs Police KNOW we have an issue north of us and those north of us KNOW all they need to do is get back into Pasco.  If you see something, SAY Something. 

4.1.3.      BE aware and involved, but do NOT get involved (Neighborhood / Crime Watch members are NOT vigilantes) 

4.1.4.      It is OK to call the police for something that appears to out of the ordinary and to be wrong.  It is better to err on the side of over cautious, and call over “nothing” than to think someone else MAY call. 

4.2.   Door to door solicitation is not allowed without a permit (per Tarpon Springs)  RiverWatch is signed NO SOLICITATION (but we still have them coming through our neighborhood) 

4.3.   Painting numbers on the curb – NOT sanctioned by the TSPD – If emergency personnel are responding for to a call they are NOT looking at the curb, they are looking on the mail boxes (Per Officer Ulrich) 

4.4.   Each neighborhood watch consists of a Director, block captains and crime watch members. 

4.4.1.      Once a month Directors meet at the Tarpon Springs Police Station. 

4.5.   TSPD offers vacation home checks (if you will be away contact the police department – Links to follow – they request one week of notice to begin drive-bys) 

4.6.   LOCK YOUR CARS – garage door openers are VERY popular – most do not realize theirs is missing until after they come home and find their home has been burgled  … 

4.7.   LOCK YOUR HOUSE – EVEN the sliding glass doors and windows. 

4.8.   Maria volunteered to be Director, Kerry volunteered to be Co-Director. 

5.      Financial report  

5.1.   Delinquencies – 13 (several are multiple years) 

6.      Violation Status – January “newsletter” highlighting mailboxes, sidewalks & driveways.  Violations for members who did not address these issues (who had not already received violation letters will be getting them) 

6.1.   One lawn violator said their lawn would be replaced in the spring. 

7.      Old Business 

7.1.   Storm Drain from Pasco – running document from Pasco by our Attorney. 

7.2.   Concrete pillars and metal railings 

7.2.1.      Scope – RFP – Quotes (shoot for four) … see also 7.6 … Bids coming in.  Ed (engineer) to go over specs of all and make recommendation. 

7.3.   Wall between River Watch Center and River Watch – erosion?  Ed said no footings were installed before the RiverWatch Center wall was built.  Disagreement over what is the cause of the erosion.  Jose (property manager for RiverWatch Center) will assess the wall further. 

7.4.   Playground Posts so swings can be re-installed – Final & Last Leg.  Should be soon.   

7.5.   Boat Launch Pavers – Pavers are down properly but the rebar that had held them down were churned up due to a boater.  Do NOT launch or come in during low-tide.  RAISE your motor.  Ed to look at again during low-tide. 

7.6.   Gazebo’s need to be re-painted.  Since the rails and posts will all need to be painted and so does the gazebo tops – is this the time to do it all?  See 7.2  

7.7.   Leaning tree south side of entrance, before the curve into the community.  Get permits that need to be done and remove the tree … (as of these notes, the tree has been removed) 

8.      New Business 

8.1.   Collision at Entrance – damage to “No Soliciting” sign and several trees.  Working with driver’s insurance company and getting estimates for repairing the damage.  Damaged:  One young tree (planted several months ago) two large philodendron’s (?) and one large mature tree’s trunk severely scarred. 

9.      Maintenance Report – Sign at the entrance has sinking soil issue.   

10.  Architectural Report – none received. 

11.  Beautification Committee – secure electrical at the entrance sign. 

11.1.                    Trees in distress or dying that need to be addressed.  Follow-up at Feb. meeting. 

12.  Board of Director Comments – ANNUAL Meeting Monday March 18th – VERY IMPORTANT!!! 

12.1.                    Would you like to serve on our Home Owners Association Board? 

12.1.1.  Contact Sue 

12.2.                    Watch for the home owners notification of the ANNUAL MEETING  

12.2.1.  Intent to run for the board will be included.  

12.2.2.  If you cannot attend the meeting PLEASE send your Proxy back to Monarch OR give to someone who WILL attend the meeting. 

12.2.3.  Last year took THREE MONTHS before we had enough returns to have a Quorum of members … this costs us all. 

13.  Open Questions From the Floor 

13.1.                    Community member requested our landscaper to not be rude to her 

13.2.                    Landscaper will weed whack common areas. 

14.  Adjourn Meeting  - Motion:  Bill   Second: Kathleen   Time: 8:22 pm 





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